Auckland Recorder



J.S. Bach (1685-1750) (arr.Lau)                                                                                                               Brandenburg Concerto No.2.

Allegro moderato; Andante; Allegro assai

(Soloists: Finn Schofield, Wasan Forsyth, Sophie Hoffman, Frances Lowe).

(Tenor: Ray Chang)


Dick Koomans (1957-     )                              The Jogger (1994)

Paul Leenhouts (1957-     )                            Short Wave (1990)

 (Played by 'Walkman': Sophie Hoffman- soprano/alto recorders,  Finn Schofield- alto recorder, Frances Lowe- tenor recorder, Wasan Forsyth- bass recorder).


Antonio Vivaldi  (1678- 1741)                     Concerto in d minor

(after Concerto op.3. nr.11).                               (arr. D. Bruggen)

Allegro; Adagio spiccato e tutti; Allegro; Largo e spiccato (soloist: Ryan Chao); Allegro.


Pete Rose                                                                    Tall P  (1990)

(soloists: Finn Schofield, Frances Lowe, Charlotte Airey, Sophie Hoffman).



 Christchurch Youth

Recorder Ensemble


Girolamo Frescobaldi  (1583-1643)                              Canzona

4ft instruments


Steve Marshall (c. 2003)                                 Blues Canzonetta


Jacques Moderne (1494 - 1561)            Renaissance Dances

(Renaissance recorders: Madeleine Cook, Caren Chen, Meredith Chinnery, Louise Renwick, Francis Campbell)


John Bennett (1570 1614)                            Weep O My Eyes

8ft instruments


Antnio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741) arr B Driever          Concerto in C  

(soloists: Madeleine Cook, Meredith Chinnery - altos

Jessica Scales - tenor, Louise Renwick - bass)


Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644-1704)                              

                                                                     Sonata pro tabula a 10

contrasting 2 five-part choirs 4 ft & 8ft.


Stevie Wonder arr Paul Leenhouts (b. 1957) 

Report Upon When Shall the Sun Shine


Pete Rose (c. 1994)                                              New Braun Bag  



Combined Ensemble

Joe Garland/Andy Razaf (arr.  Leenhouts)             In the Mood