Polhill Gun Emplacements
Polhill Gun EmplacementsDuring the Second World War, there was a small panic about the possibility of a Japanese invasion. The result of this was the construction of gun emplacements on various Wellington hills. The bunkers on Polhill are fairly small but their bigger brother on Wrights Hill is impressive. It is easy to walk to Wrights Hill from here since there are many fine bush tracks dropping down to the upper Karori Reservoir (now mostly empty) and up the other side of the valley.
The photo shows the ridge that drops down to Aro Street in the foreground and the Majestic Tower (on Willis Street) looming over the harbour. Poking out into the water with its pre-historic looking cranes is the main container handling area of the port. The crane in the center points off to the Hutt Valley and a misty glimpse of the Tararuas.
A nice walk can be had from here by turning your back on the harbour and climbing along a ridge to the south. A tarmac road can be followed but there is also a parallel firebreak. Both routes rise to the head of the valley containing the Karori Reservoirs with its fine stand of native bush - the firebreak gives you the chance to follow a bush track. The objective is the experimental wind mill visible on top of the next hill. This is a great spot for views across to the South Island.
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