Above Aro Street
Above Aro StreetAro Street is a quaint avenue leading up into the hills from the end of Willis Street. Despite the foliage around this viewpoint, it is less than 5 minutes up from the busy Aro Street. To get here, walk up Aro Street to the Polhill Reserve (a grassy shelf with bush at the back) just before Holloway Road. At the far end of the reserve, a clay track leads steeply up a ridge through pine trees with occasional glimpses to your left into the city. This viewpoint is near the end of the track (where it turns right to an electricity pylon on top of the ridge). An interesting track departs to your left just beyond here and leads through the pines into scrubby bush. Another clay track is soon met (good views) and can be followed upwards to a housing estate - the gun emplacements on the top of Polhill are only 10 minutes up the hill from the houses.
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