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Tramping Summary - New Zealand, June 1993 to June 1996

Weekend Trip to Powell Hut, Tararuas (15-16 June 1996).

Saturday was great - slogging through the snow from Pig Flat onwards. The new track is good (a little less steep and a lot less eroded) and gets you to about halfway up to The Sentinel before rejoining the old track. The hut at 1200m gave its usual panoramic views to Masterton and across the Wairarapa - when the snow showers allowed. There was no chance of going up to Mt Holdsworth on this trip - people who tried said that the wind was unwalkable at the junction with High Ridge. We ended up with about 12-15 people in the hut. It looks like the Southern Crossing is going to become a Great Walk - Alpha Hut has been upgraded and Kime Hut will be soon (gas for cooking and heating!, water tanks to replace the tarns). If you want to freedom walk it get your boots on!
Sunday was very mixed. We were woken by thunderstorms passing overhead. Overnight the wind had been bad and a fair amount of snow had fallen. By the time I left (about 9:30 - the second person down the track) there was just a breeze and a light snowfall. The snow falling made the first half-hour to The Sentinel magical. The next section down to the new track was running with melted snow and the new track was clear of snow. After Mountain House, I dropped down to just above Rocky Lookout and decided to have a look at the old Gentle Annie track - this is still bearly usable; NB. no markings, some windfalls. It certainly makes the modern track look like a motorway. By the time I got down to Holdsworth Lodge the rain was bucketing down and it was much colder. A hot drink went down well.

Nelson Lakes National Park (NZ): Travers-Sabine Circuit (8-14 May 1996).

Avalanche Peak - 1833m - New Zealand (4 December 1995).

Tararuas: Waiopehu from Levin.

Tararuas: Mitre Flats Hut.

Tararuas: Mt Holdsworth and Jumbo Circuit (27-30 October 1995).

The Southern Crossing of the Tararuas (14/4/95).

A totally wonderful 4 day journey on the classic Southern Crossing of the Tararuas. Great weather most of the way (a bit of cloud on the first day and fairly cloudy on the last day).

Tararuas: Holdsworth Lodge to Powell Hut and Mt Holdsworth.

Tararuas: Kaitoke to Holdsworth Lodge (3 days).

Cone Ridge, Tararuas (April 1994)

Kaitoke to Tutuwai Hut, Neill Forks Hut (via Cone), Totara Flats Hut (via Cone Ridge), back to Tutuwai Hut and then Kaitoke.

Various Tramps in the Rimutakas:

McKerrow Track into the Orongorongo Valley (21/9/93).
Butcher Track and Cattle Ridge into the Orongorongo Valley.
Whakanui Track into the Orongorongo Valley.
East Whakanui Route into the Orongorongo Valley followed by the ascent of Mt Matthews (941m).
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