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The Munros are those separate Scottish mountains over 3000 feet (914 metres) high. The first list of these was compiled and published by Sir Hugh Munro in 1891. In the previous (1984) list there were 277 mountains recorded - this changed to 284 in August 1997. A popular "hobby" is that of Munro-bagging - undertaking to climb all of the Munros.

All except one of these can be ascended without any mountaineering skills or equipment. The exception is Sgurr Dearg on Skye with its Inaccessible Pinnacle. The 'InPin' is a blade of rock about 20 metres high and 100 metres long embedded in the steepest side of Sgurr Dearg. The traditional route is to scramble up its east ridge - using ropes due to vertical drops on both sides and a lack of good hand-holds - and then to abseil down the short west side.

The best and most complete guidebook for the Munros is the Scottish Mountaineering Club Hillwalkers Guide, Volume One - "The Munros" published by the Scottish Mountaineering Trust (SMC Munro Guide for short). The Munro Almanac is a smaller and more portable book that gives all the information that you need to bag the Munros, including a guide to pronunciation for Gaelic mountain names.

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Memorable Munros: A collection of information and great trip reports from one who has done the lot. (Paul Kennedy).
Anthony Dyer's Mountain Diary: The mountains of Scotland (and Norway) with many great photos.
Scotland's Mountains - a short guide: An introduction to the Scottish Mountains with a couple of good trip reports, photos and a good list of books.
A television show highlighted 12 of the best Munros and it is available on 2 videos: The Munro Show and The Munro Show 2 or there is also the condensed 2 hour version of the shows on DVD: The Munro Show 1 And 2 - By Muriel Gray. These were presented by Muriel Gray who has written several good horror novels (The Trickster, Furnace and The Ancient) and has written one of the most amusing books on Munro-bagging ever: The First Fifty: Munro-bagging Without a Beard.
The serious Munro bagger will want The Munros, an interactive guide to the Munros including a log book, virtual 360 degree panoramas, route planning information, video clips, proper maps and outstanding Gaelic pronunciations. As an added extra bonus it includes the English and Welsh "Munros".

My Munros

I climbed my 64 Munros in four stints:

Firstly I gave myself Ben Nevis as a belated birthday present (and gaining my first four Munros along the way).

Then I walked the West Highland Way with little stopovers along the route to do the next 3 Munros. I ended with a walk into Glen Nevis where I camped and climbed Aonach Beag and Sgurr a'Mhaim.


Before returning to New Zealand, I took 5 weeks off to travel around Scotland and bag another 45 peaks. I also did a couple of hills that I had climbed before (Ben Lui and Sgurr a'Mhaim).


I returned to Britain during May and June 2001 to attend my brother's June wedding. Beforehand I wandered up to Scotland and bagged another 8 Munros (and I also revisited Ben Nevis): Aonach Mor, Meall a'Bhuirdh, Buachaille Etive Beag, Buachaille Etive Mor, Sgurr nan Gillean, Ben Macdui and Brynack More.

While the latest revision robbed me of Sgor an Iubhair (1001m), it gave me Sgurr na Carnach (1002m, Five Sisters of Kintail) - a gain of 1 metre!

The Munros that I have bagged (in bagging order):

Stob Ban (999m) Mullach nan Coirean (939m)
Carn Mor Dearg (1223m) Ben Nevis (1344m)
Beinn Dorain (1076m) Beinn an Dòthaidh (1002m)
Ben Lui (1130m) Aonach Beag (1234m)
Sgurr a'Mhaim (1099m) Beinn Narnain (926m)
Beinn Ime (1011m) Ben Vorlich (943m)
Beinn Chabhair (933m) Beinn Tulaichean (946m)
Cruach Ardrain (1046m) Ben More (1174m)
Stob Binnein (1165m) An Caisteal (995m)
Beinn a'Chroin (940m) Beinn Dubhcraig (978m)
Ben Oss (1029m) Beinn a'Chleibh (916m)
Beinn Achaladair (1039m) Beinn a'Chreachain (1081m)
Stob a'Choire Odhair (943m) Stob Ghabhar (1087m)
Beinn Mhanach (954m) Beinn na Lap (937m)
Chno Dearg (1047m) Stob Coire Sgriodain (976m)
Stob Gaibhre (955m) Carn Dearg (941m)
An Gearanach (982m) Stob Choire a'Chairn (981m)
Am Bodach (1032m) Sgor an Iubhair (1001m)
Binnein Beag (940m) Binnein Mor (1128m)
Na Gruagaichean (1055m) Sgurr Eilde Mor (1008m)
Bidean nam Bian (1150m) Meall Dearg (Aonach Eagach) (953m)
Sgor nam Fiannaidh (Aonach Eagach) (967m) Sgorr Dhonuill (1001m)
Sgorr Dhearg (1024m) Saileag (959m)
Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe (1027m) Sgurr Fhuaran (1068m)
Sgurr na Carnach (1002m) Creag a'Mhaim (947m)
Druim Shionnach (987m) Aonach air Chrith (1021m)
Maol Chinn-dearg (981m) Cairn Gorm (1245m)
Beinn Mheadhoin (1182m) Aonach Mor (1221m)
Meall a'Bhuirdh Stob Dubh (Buachaille Etive Beag)
Stob Coire Raineach (Buachaille Etive Beag) Stob Dearg (Buachaille Etive Mor)
Stob na Broige (Buachaille Etive Mor) Sgurr nan Gillean
Ben Macdui Brynack More
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