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I am trying to keep the appearance of my pages consistent. To do this I tend to use icons with standard symbols in them (their background colours differ though). The placement of the icons is also fairly standard:

As well as this, sets of related pages have the same background. For example: this page, the main page, my NZ tramping pages and my CV all have a NZ fern background.

Icon Meaning
My Homestead Go to my main home page or a major section.
Previous Go to the previous page.
Next Go to the next page.
A placeholder - you have reached the start or end of a section.
Related topicRelated topic Go to a page related to this page.
Help Come here.
Title Go to a page or a place (topic) in a page.
Next Go to the next topic in a page.
Previous Go to the previous topic in a page.
Top Go to the first topic in a page.