Descendants of Joseph Fisk


14. Sophia Fisk

She was a witness (as Sopha Bowman) at the marriage of William Charles Fisk to Mary Ann Edwards on 24 Dec 1867 in Great Yarmouth.

There is a Sophia Bowman in the 1881 census but not in the 1891 or 1901 census:
Sophia BOWMAN Lodger M Female 38 Yarmouth, Norfolk, England Charwoman at 2 Boreham Rd, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
Her husband is with his mother. There is the 3 years age difference so a bit of caution is needed.
The 1881 image definitely has her as married and 38.

She was present at the death of her mother on 4 Apr 1869.

~Free BMD (Oct 2006)
Probably not her but a grandaughter?
Marriages Mar 1910
Balls Edgar Augustus Yarmouth 4b 23
BOWMAN Sophia Yarmouth 4b 23
Norman Charles William Yarmouth 4b 23
SMITH Gertrude Spencer Yarmouth 4b 23

~Norfolk Transcription Archive (Oct 2004)

~NBI (2nd Edition)

John Bowman

~Free BMD (Jan 2005)
Births Mar 1845
BOWMAN John Samuel Yarmouth 13 37_
(unlikely)Deaths Mar 1910
BOWMAN John 70 Yarmouth 4b 12

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~1871 (June 2005)
There is a John Bowman born ~1846 but he is a seaman.

20. John Bowman

~Free BMD (Nov 2007)
Births Jun 1865
Fish John Yarmouth 4b 24

~IGI (Nov 2007)

~1871 (Nov 2007)

~1901 (Apr 2005)

15. William Charles Fisk

His birth certificate is a bit blurry but when and where born looks like "Eleventh of January ... out the South Gates".
In 1867 he was living at Row 13, Great Yarmouth which was also known as Garden Row or Lacon's Row (from
He was a witness to the marriage of his sister Sophia to John Bowman on 3 Oct 1866 in Great Yarmouth.
By 1881 he had moved across the river to 3 Albert Terrace on Cobholm Island and had moved to Newcastle by 1891. In 1891 he and his family were boarding at 241 & 243 Serbwood Rd, (Elswick) Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~1871 (Sep 2005)
No sign of him or his family in the 1871 census index or the transcript. I may have to look at the images for the birth places of William Orrey (East Street, Camden Town, Yarmouth Southern) and Arthur (South Denes Road). The 1886 map of Great Yarmouth has a street that looks like Camden Town leading down to South Beach a little above Wellington Pier.

Mary Ann Edwards

~This is not her:
Death 1908 Q2 Newcastle-on-Tyne Reg District, v10b p41]
as she is the widow of William Wood Fisk and the informant is her son William Wood Fisk.

~Free BMD (Jan 2006)
Births Jun 1841
EDWARDS Lucy Mary Ann Gt Yarmouth 13 365 (isee the 1851 census below)
Births Jun 1843
Edwards Mary Mitford &c 13 241
Births Sep 1845
Edwards Mary Ann Guiltcross 13 174
Births Jun 1846
Edwards Mary Ann Walsingham 13 363
Births Dec 1846
Edwards Mary Ann Norwich 13 232
Edwards Mary Ann Blofield 13 20
Deaths Jun 1908
FISK Mary 66 Newcastle T. 10b 41

~NBI (2nd Edition)

(see 1851 below)
HO107/793 16 -- 12 Nth District 15
All born Nfk
EDWARDS, Judith, 40 (Half Row) EDWARDS, Hannah, 11 (Half Row) EDWARDS, Sarah, 5 (Half Row) EDWARDS, William, 3 (Half Row)
See Lucy Edwards in the 1861 census below.
Row 13, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
James Edwards M 25 Bricklayer Y
Maria " F 25 Y
Maria " F 7 Y
James " M 5 Y
John " M 2 Y
Lucy " F 20 Silk Weaver Y

Is the Lucy Edwards below the Lucy Mary Ann Edwards above in Free BMD? She is the daughter of James since she appears in the 1861 census with him.
Row 12?, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
James Edwards Head M M 40 Bricklayer Norfolk Yarmouth
Maria " Wife M F 38 " "
Lucy " Daur F 9 Scholar " "
George " Son M 7 " " "
Maria " Daur F 4 " "
James " Son M 2 " "
Martha " Daur F 1m " "
William " Son M 1m " "
There is the following (But Maryann's age is actually 1 from the image):
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
Judith EDWARDS Head M 52 F Seaman's wife Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Susannah EDWARDS Daur U 26 F Dressmaker Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Hannah EDWARDS Daur U 21 F Employed at Silk factory Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Sarah EDWARDS Daur 15 F Employed at Silk factory Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
William EDWARDS Son 11 M Scholar Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
John EDWARDS Son W 28 M Gardener Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Maryann EDWARDS GDau 1 F Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Judith LAWRENCE Moth W 77 F Pauper late nurse Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Charlotte RIVETT Lodg U 21 F Employed at Silk factory Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Address: Row 84, Great Yarmouth
Census Place: Great Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
PRO Reference: HO/107/1806 Folio:86 Page: 5
The 1841 census has a John and Sophia EDWARDS, both aged 20 (other possible parents).

~1861 (Feb 2005)
8 Row 13, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Lucy Edwards Head U F 38 Silk Factory Worker Norfolk Yarmouth
Mary A. " Daur U F 16 " " "
When Mary Ann Edwards married she was residing in Row 13 and her father was not recorded.
Lucy Edwards is in Row 13 in 1841 but does not seem to be there in 1851.
Deaths Dec 1865
Edwards Lucy Yarmouth 4b 22
+ (unlikely)
Seymor Place, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Ann Jones Head Wid F 48 Lodging House Keeper Huntingdonshire
Mary Edwards Niece U F 16 Beadster "
+ 1851:
4 Seymour Place, Great Yarmouth, Yarmouth, England
Ann Jones Head Widow F 41 Lodging House Keeper Huntingdonshire Ramsey
Maria Scott Serv U F 13 House Serv Norfolk Yarmouth

Birth not in 1843-1845

~IGI (Nov 2007)

24. Annie Edith Fisk

Born 1875 Q2 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk.
She was probably christened in Great Yarmouth but the date comes from the Suffolk County BTs.

~Free BMD (Apr 2004)
Deaths Sep 1875
FISK Edith 0 Yarmouth 4b 2

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~Bef 1881

25. Charles Fisk

This directory entry suggests that he is alive in 1914, not with his parents and so probably married:
Ward's Directory of Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1916.
High Street East, 207, Fisk C. grocer's asst
And these could also be him but wih a different profession and a middle initial.
Ward's Directory of Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1910
Fisk Charles C. Butcher, 35 High st east; r 68 Laural st
Kelly's Directory of Northumberland, 1914
Wallsend, Fisk Charles, butcher, 35 High Street east

~Free BMD (Nov 2005)
Births Mar 1879
Fisk Charles Yarmouth 4b 33
Marriages Dec 1911
Bousfield Fred Newcastle T. 10b 247
Fisk Charles Newcastle T. 10b 247
Humble Georgina I Newcastle T. 10b 247

~NBI (2nd Edition)

26. Frederick Albert Fisk

His brother William has the note: "NPC - will of brother Frederick Albert 1918 - commercial traveller"

~Free BMD (Dec 2007)

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
Fisk F. No49691 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
M.I.D. L.G. 4-1-17 page 210

16. Joseph Fisk

At the death of his wife ( he was a shipwright. But in 1901 he was a Licensed Victualler Own Account so he must have returned to his previous occupation of Ship Carpenter in 1881.

~Free BMD (Jan 2005)
Marriages Jun 1869
FISK Joseph Yarmouth 4b 12
PARTRIDGE Susannah Yarmouth 4b 12

~NBI (2nd Edition)

Susannah Partridge

"Name Residence Will proved Died Profession Executors/Administrators"
"FISK Susannah Great Yarmouth 14Apr1905 28Mar1905 wife of Joseph Fisk husband, shipwright"

~Free BMD (21 July 2003)
Births Mar 1847
Partridge Susanna Yarmouth 13 391

~NBI (2nd Edition)


27. Joseph Fisk

~Free BMD (2 Aug 2003)

Death: 1937 Q1 Greenwich Reg District, London

28. James Henry Fisk

According to a James Henry (Harry) Fisk was the Licensee of the Tanners Arms (5 Union Road, Great Yarmouth) by 1903 and to 1904.

The Commonweath War Graves Commision web site ( has:
Initials: J H
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Gunner
Regiment: Royal Garrison Artillery
Age: 42
Date of Death: 07/03/1919
Service No: 105370
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: D. 435.

~Free BMD (7 July 2003)
Births Jun 1876
FISK James H*rry Yarmouth 4b 2

Spouse: Eliza Ann B. Wilson [b. c.1876 Kings Lynn, Nfk, d. 1941 Q3 Brundall nr Norwich, Nfk, v4b p304]
Death: 1919 Q1 Gt. Yarmouth, Nfk [Thetford Reg District]
Notes: house carpenter in 1901; Gunner, RGA [CWGC] NPC - died at Thetford, Nfk, buried at Gt Yarmouth; NPC - wife's will of 1941

Eliza Ann B. Wilson

The 1881 census has a possibility for her and her mother:
Mary J. WILSON Serv U Female 24 Wisbeach, Cambridge, England Housekeeper
Eliza A. WILSON Other Female 5 Lynn, Norfolk, England
The following certificate should confirm this:
Births Jun 1876
Wilson Eliza Ann B King's L. 4b 329

18. James Hurry Fisk

A James Hurry Fisk was a witness at the marriage of his brother Joseph.

VRI, St Caths v4b p3 [1871] [1881] - shipwright in 1871 & 1881; NPC - will of brother Joseph - carpenter [1901] - shipwright in 1901; NPC - will of son Frederick Charles 1917 - dockyard pensioner

~Free BMD (Jan 2005)
Births Mar 1852
Fisk James Harry Yarmouth 4b 3
Marriages Sep 1877
Fisk James Harry Yarmouth 4b 19
Henry Caroline Yarmouth 4b 19

~NBI (2nd Edition)

Caroline Henry

~From the Norfolk Transcripts Archive: 1871 census
HENRY, Joseph, 55 hd mar Labourer (Wades' Corner) Caistor Norf. pg28 HENRY, Charlotte, 47 wf mar Yearmouth pg28 HENRY, Caroline, 19 d unm Silk Winder Caistor Norf. pg28 HENRY, Frederick, 16 s cooper Yearmouth pg28 HENRY, Ann, 4 d Yearmouth pg28

~Free BMD (6 Aug 2003)

~NBI (2nd Edition)

29. George Harry Fisk

~Free BMD (Aug 2003)
Births Dec 1877
Fisk George Hurry Yarmouth 4b 29
Marriages Dec 1903
Apps Harriet Milton 2a 2062
Fisk George Harry Milton 2a 2062
Hammond Eva May Milton 2a 2062

30. Frederick Charles Fisk

~Free BMD (Mar 2004)

Noted for his father: NPC - will of son Frederick Charles 1917 - dockyard pensioner
1879 Q3 Gt Yarmouth, Nfk
1917 Western Front
NPC - sapper, Canadian Engineers

~British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
Fisk F. No49691 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
M.I.D. L.G. 4-1-17 page 210

31. Caroline Maud Fisk

~Free BMD (Apr 2004)

Caroline Maud
1881 Q3 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk Spouse: William C. Riches
1920 Q3 Wandsworth Reg District, London, v1d p1542 Source: St Caths v4b p20

32. Charlotte Elizabeth Fisk

~Free BMD (Apr 2005)
Births Dec 1883
FISK Charlotte Elizabeth Medway 2a 592
Marriages Mar 1909
COOK Edwin Albert Medway 2a 883
FISK Charlotte Elizabeth Medway 2a 883
SMALL Abe_ Louisa Medway 2a 883

~1901 (Apr 2005)

33. Amelia Anne Fisk

~Free BMD (Jan 2005)
Births Mar 1886
FISK Amelia Anne Medway 2a 596
Marriages Sep 1907
FISK Annie Bridge 2a 2001

34. Joseph Henry Fisk

~Free BMD (Jan 2005)
Births Dec 1887
Fisk Joseph Henry Medway 2a _08

35. William James Fisk

~The Commonweath War Graves Commision web site ( has:
Initials: W J
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Private
Regiment: London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)
Unit Text: 4th Bn.
Age: 29
Date of Death: 09/01/1920
Service No: 295363
Additional information: Son of James William Fisk, of North St., Southminster.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: 445.
But note the addition information

~Free BMD (Jan 2005)
Births Dec 1889
Fisk William James Medway 2a 586

36. Bertie Samuel Fisk

~Free BMD (Jan 2005)
Births Dec 1891
Fisk Bertie Samuel Medway 2a 567

Bertie Samuel
1891 Q4 New Brompton, Kent
Henry Albert = Mary Ann Chapman [?]
Gillingham, Kent in 1901; Sheppey district, Kent Death: 1953 Q2 Sheppey Reg District, Kent
Notes: St Caths v2a p567, v5b p578

37. Jenny Gladys Fisk

~Free BMD (Jan 2005)
Births Jun 1894
Fisk Jenny Gladys Medway 2a 586

Name: Jenny Gladys
Birth: 1894 Q2 New Brompton, Kent
Parents: Henry Albert = Mary Ann Chapman [?]
Resided: Gillingham, Kent in 1901
Spouse: Cyril L. Coles
Marriage: 1918 Q4 Greenwich Reg District, London, v1d p1908
Notes: St Caths v2a p586