Ancestors of Alexander Thomas Fisk


2272. John Hutchinson

From Kathy Pearson:
The earliest document that identifies a direct Hutchinson ancestor is the will of John Hutchinson (1) of Greendike, the farm adjacent to Hollin Close, written on January 3, 1684. This will and a number of others are stored at the Borthwick Historical Institute at the University of York.

The following extract from the will provides information on the family structure and the economic well-being of the family:

"I give unto my son Thomas the neather half of the Holling Close and the fore field of the fell Close belonging there unto provided that he shall pay my daughter Mary the sum of ten pounds. I give my son William the sum of fifty pounds. I give unto my son Robert the sum of fifty pounds. I give unto my daughter Mary the sum of twenty pounds. I give unto my son John the Greendike and for want of an assign of him to come to my sons William and Robert and all the rest of my goods whatsoever to Dorothy my wife and my son John..."

2273. Dorothy

From Kathy Pearson:
Dorothy Hutchinson of Greendike was buried at St Cuthberts, Allendale in 1694 and her estate, valued at forty-six pounds three shillings and seven pence was administered by her sons John of Greendike and Thomas of Hollin Close. It is interesting to note that Robert, William and Dorothy all died within a couple of years which suggests some sort of public health problem.

2656. John Holder

There is another possible daughter from the IGI:
Christening: 22 MAY 1698 Groton, Suffolk, England
Mother: MARY
but she clashes with the existing Sarah Holder. Maybe there are HOULDER & HOLDER families in Groton?

John Holder's Family by John McLinden:
The first definite mention I have been able find of the Holder family is in Groton in the 1680s when John Holder and his wife Mary started to raise a family there. They had a total of seven children, Sarah in 1683 (she died there in 1717), Martin in 1685 (he died in 1686), Hannah (1686), Martin again in 1689 (he died in 1691), Elizabeth in 1690 (she died in 1729), Thomas in 1692 and Abraham in 1694.

Abraham moved to Hadleigh where he married Sarah Driver in 1716. They had eleven children in all, three of whom married; Sarah in 1753, Abraham junior in 1743 and Thomas in 1770.

Thomas married Elizabeth Archer in the village of Elmsett where they lived for the remainder of their lives, trying hard to raise a family. They had at least ten children, John (1771), Thomas (1772), Elizabeth (1773), Thomas again (1775), Robert (1777), William (1779), Thomas - yet again - (1781), Hannah (1782), Mary (1784) and George (1787). Five died in infancy, the oldest of them being not quite six when she died. Elizabeth died in 1788 and Thomas in 1792.

Despite such an horrific mortality rate, there is no specific record of any particularly poor health or worse than usual poverty in the Holder family.

One item of note is that the Holders were living in Elmsett at the same time as Richard and Elizabeth Holland, whose grandson, Major, married their great grand-daughter, Mary Ann Garrard. With the small size of Elmsett in the late 18th Century, it seems very unlikely that the two families did not already know each other at this time.

The oldest son John, who was the parish clerk in Willisham in the early 1800s, married Mary Alderton in Willisham in 1795. They had eight children and altogether better luck in raising them! Mary was born in 1796, followed by Hannah (1797), Elizabeth (1798), Thomas (1801), William (1803), Sarah (1805), John (c1807) and Robert (c1809). Mary, Thomas, John and Robert married, all having families in the locality. Son John came to the notice of the authorities in 1852 when he was caught damaging underwood on the Willisham Hall Estate. He was sentenced to 21 days hard labour for his trouble. The Jail Book noted him as being 5ft 5in tall with a fresh complexion, brown eyes and hair, a long visage and with a scar on his left wrist.

His brother Thomas's son John also got into trouble the same year by stealing a rabbit trap in Offton and he received a similar sentence. He was described in the Jail Book as being 5ft 51/2in tall with a pale complexion, light hair, grey eyes and a long visage.

Mary married William Garrard in 1813. They first settled in the next door village of Offton and started to raise a family. Six were born there; William in 1813, Mary Ann in 1815, Benjamin in 1817, John in 1822, George in 1826 and Robert in 1828. They then moved back to Mary's home of Willisham, where Henry, Maria and Frederick were born in 1834, 1838 and 1842 respectively.

Mary Ann and John both married and had families. Mary Ann married Major Holland (junior) in 1834 in Baylham St. Peter and their first child, Mary Ann, was born in Willisham very shortly afterwards.

2660. Robert Archer

~NBI (2nd Edition)
3 Jun 1757 Robert ARCHER Suffolk Elmsett, St Peter

2661. Esther Mann

Naughton Parish Burial Records - "Esther, wife of Robert Archer, was buried May 2 1742."

2768. Matthew Hornsey

~Kate Masheder 18/09/2006
On 30 April 1725 was the burial of Elizabeth, wife of Matthew Hornsey coop. and on 14 Feb 1719, the burial of Matthew Hornsey of Sheep=? House, agr.
[N.B. later Hornseys are at Sheepfield House, e.g.
His great great grandson Matthew is at Sheepfield House in 1861 and 1841:
Sheepfield House, Stittenham, Yorkshire, England
Matthew Hornsey Head Widower M 76 Farmer of 300 Acres employing
5 labourers and 3 boys Yorkshire Stittenham

~Kate Masheder 19/09/2006
I've just found the marriage of Matthew Hornsey & Elizabeth Kirkby on 05 Nov 1684 at Dalby in Boyd's Marriage Index.
Dalby is just north of Whenby & about 3 miles from Sheriff Hutton as the crow flies, so I think this is the couple currently at the top of the tree. It ties in with the baptism of their first known child at Sheriff Hutton in 1686

~Kate Masheder 18/09/2006
Looking at the information from the marriage bond of Thomas Hornsey & Eleanor Wright, which is mentioned in Boyd's Marriage Index and the online parish register transcript of Holy Trinity Church on, it reads:
"Married in the Year 1711:
"Thomas Hornsey of Sheriffe Hutton and Ellener Wright, August the 8."
This brought me back to Sheriff Hutton so I went to the Borthwick Institute last week to look through the Sheriff Hutton parish registers. The records start in 1628, which is quite late compared to most parishes. The early records were illegible but I did find the baptism of a Thomas Hornsey on 18 June 1686, son of Matthew Hornsey. This would have made him 25 in 1711, which ties in exactly with the age of the Thomas Hornsey on the Marriage Bond to Eleanor Wright.
There didn’t appear to be any other Hornseys having children in Sheriff Hutton at that time. Matthew & his wife [un-named] had the following children:
Matthew - bur. 7 July 1689 - must have been born before Thomas because I didn’t find his baptism. The records before Thomas’s were pretty much unreadable. I meant to go back to them when my eyes had adjusted to the writing but I ran out of time [6 hours later!].
Thomas - bapt. 18 Jul 1686
Matthew - bapt. 27 Jun 1698
Ellin - bapt. 3 May 1703
Mary - bapt. 25 Sep 1704
James - bapt. 17 Jul 1707 & bur. 5 Dec 1707.
On 30 April 1725 was the burial of Elizabeth, wife of Matthew Hornsey coop. and on 14 Feb 1719, the burial of Matthew Hornsey of Sheep=? House, agr.
It wasn’t until 1712 that another Hornsey was having children baptised in Sheriff Hutton, so I’m happy that Matthew was Thomas Hornsey’s father & that Thomas married Ellin [or Eleanor] Wright in 1711 in York.

3024. Thomas Brooks

THOMAS BROOKE - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 26 APR 1640 Kempston, Bedford, England

3025. Mary Taylor

1. MARY TAYLOR - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 08 SEP 1650 Kempston, Bedford, England
2. MARY TAYLER - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 17 JAN 1657 Kempston, Bedford, England

3027. Sarah Slow

~NBI (2nd Edition)
26 Dec 1726 Sarah HEINS Beds Kempston, All Saints

3029. Mary Tapp

~The original entry had a burial date of 24 Aug 1736 but the NBI has this as a "chd"

~NBI (2nd Edition)
24 Aug 1736 Mary BARROT chd Beds Pavenham, St Peter
29 Oct 1740 Mary BARROT Beds Pavenham, St Peter
16 Jun 1746 Mary BARROT Beds Pavenham, St Peter

3030. Thomas Brittain

~NBI (2nd Edition)

3031. Elizabeth Watts

~NBI (2nd Edition)