Ancestors of Alexander Thomas Fisk


64. William Fisk

The Norfolk Pubs site ( has a William Fisk as the licensee of the King William IV at 20A Quay Road, Brush Quay, Gorleston between 1865 and 1869 and again in 1875.

Harrod & Co.'s Royal County Directory of Norfolk and Lowestoft, 1877 has:
Fisk William, "William the Fourth", Pier road, Gorleston

White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Norfolk, 1883 has:
Fisk William, beerhouse, 69 Nelson Road, Great Yarmouth.

I believe that he is entered incorrectly as the father at the marriage of his grandson Henry Albert on 4 Nov 1886.

He committed suicide by hanging aged 86 on 6th March 1891 at No 16 Row 51, Great Yarmouth. His occupation was Retired Publican. The inquest was held on 10 March 1891.

~Free BMD (Jan 2007)
Look for his second marriage between 1861 and 1871.

~NBI (2nd Edition)

The index has a memorial for him (a gravestone?).

There is Maria Hewett a niece who is probably a niece of Elizabeth rather than him:
Maria Hewett Niece U F 17 Domestic Servant " "
In 1861:
Row 2, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Alfred Hewitt Head M M 32 Shoemaker Norfolk Gt Yarmouth
Maria " Wife M F 35 " "
Alfred " Son M 11 " "
Richard " Son M 9 " "
Maria " Daur F 6 " "
Joseph " Son M 3 " "
and the IGI has:
Marriage: 20 JUN 1847 St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

65. Elizabeth Fuller

The witnesses at her wedding to William were William Fuller and Mary Ann Fuller. These may be a brother and sister (or sister in law).

~Burial 1869 Q2 Gt Yarmouth, Nfk, v4b p1

Her parents are from the IGI. But the same couple from that batch were having children in Earsdon By North Shields, Northumberland, England, including another Elizabeth christened on the same date. This may be a mistranscription.

~Free BMD (Apr 2004)

~NBI (2nd Edition)

68. Joseph Philipson

~Free BMD (Apr 2005)
Deaths Sep 1866
PHILIPSON Joseph 71 Hexham 10b 183

Good Fellows Syke

~5 Jan 1841
On John's birth certificate the informant is Joseph Phillipson, the occupier of Swinhope Shield.

69. Margaret Thirlwell

~Free BMD (Apr 2005)
Deaths Sep 1871
PHILIPSON Margaret 65 Hexham 10b 224

Christening: 07 JUN 1840 Allendale, Northumberland, England

70. Matthew Varty

Matthew was living at Green Pits, Allendale in the 1881 census and the 1841 census has his parents Matthew & Mary living at Green Pits. On 1 Jun 1841 he married Elizabeth Hutchinson and was residing at Green Pits.

In the 1891 census his brother Joseph is residing at Green Pit.

~Free BMD (Oct 2004)

~1841 (Apr 2006)
The 1841 Census for England was taken on the night of 6 June 1841. This is 5 days after his marriage to Elizabeth Hutchinson.

~1851 Facts
There are 6,417 people in the civil parish of Allendale (includes Catton, High Forest, Allendale Town West Allen Low, etc.). This includes 50 VARTYs and 5 TINGATEs. In Feb 2006 this database had 27 VARTYs records with 1851 census events (no TINGATE 1851 census events).

~NBI (2nd Edition)

71. Elizabeth Hutchinson

~Free BMD (Mar 2004)
Deaths Mar 1901
Varty Elizabeth 81 Hexham 10b 235

~1841 (Feb 2007)
She should be there as Varty as the census was taken on 6 June 1841.

76. George Turner

He was living in Harker when he married Ann Birket. There is a village of this name about half way between Kirklinton (his birth place) and Rockcliffe (her birth place and where they married). In 1868 Harker village consisted of a railway station, Low Harker and Harker Lodge.

~Free BMD (July 2006)
Marriages Jun 1857
Dixon Margaret Newcastle Tyne 10b 189
Turner George Newcastle Tyne 10b 189
Deaths Jun 1871
Turner George 50 Newcastle T. 10b 11
Deaths Jun 1881
(late for the 1881 census)Turner George 65 Newcastle T. 10b 5

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~1881 (July 2006)

77. Ann Birket

She was the informant for the birth of Susannah in Dec 1848 and was living at Lawson Main, Byker. This is probably Lawson's Main Colliery, Byker (

~Her surname may be also be spelt BIRKEL

~Free BMD (Jul 2007)
Deaths Sep 1849
Turner Ann Newcastle T 25 296

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~IGI (May 2004)
There are:
Christening: 04 JUN 1805 Rockcliffe, Cumberland, England
Mother: SARAH
Christening: 17 JUN 1821 Rockcliffe, Cumberland, England
The first seems too early (I need the death certificate to confirm Ann's age) and Ann did not name any of her children Sarah. Thus I am using the second.

78. John Hindson

Blackwell is now a suburb of Carlisle.

The informant on his death certificate was his grandson Donald McGee.

~The IGI supplied his parents (the only John Hindson born about 1821 in Carlisle).

~Free BMD (Jan 2007)

~IGI (Jan 2006)
No marriage

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~Newcastle Evening Chronicle Death Notices(
HINDSON, John 16 Jan 1901 83 Gateshead
HINDSON, George 5 May 1891 65 Newcastle
HINDSON, Phillis Ann 15 Feb 1898 51 Gateshead
HINDSON, Phillis Helena 4 May 1886 17 Gateshead
HINDSON, Robert 4 Mar 1901 63 Jesmond
HINDSON, Robert Wm. 21 Jan 1901 28 Akenside Terrace
HINDSON, William 11 Feb 1890 71 Gateshead
HINDSON, William 12 Feb 1890 71 Gateshead
HINDSON, William 9 Jul 1896 50 Whitley
HINDSON, William 7 Jul 1896 50 Whitley

79. Ann Gibson

~Free BMD (Jul 2006)
There is:
Marriages Sep 1842
BARON Jane Kendal 25 389
GIBSON Ann Kendal 25 389
SHORT John Kendal 25 389
STOREY William Kendal 25 389
STRICKLAND Phebe Kendal 25 389
WARRINER William Kendal 25 389
but no sign of John Hindson yet (or in the Ancestry BMD Beta)

~IGI (Oct 2004)
Christening: 19 AUG 1821 Kendal, Westmorland, England
Note her children William and Frances.
Possible siblings:
WILLIAM GIBSON - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 26 DEC 1830 Kendal, Westmorland, England
JAMES GIBSON - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 01 FEB 1829 Kendal, Westmorland, England
ESTHER GIBSON - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 25 MAR 1827 Kendal, Westmorland, England
Her mother in 1861 with a sister?
Kendal, Westmorland, England
William Pickthall Head M M 41 Wollen Weaver Westmorland Kendal
Aster " WIfe M F 35 Wife " "
James " Son U M 6 Scholar " "
Mary " Daur U F 8 " " "
Henry " Son U M 3 " " "
John " Son M 1m " "
Frances Gibson MLaw Wid F 64 none " "

~NBI (2nd Edition)

80. James Davis

Author: Pauline Poustie (January 17, 2003)
"More news on my Davis research, it seems that our Davis ancestors have been more middle class, I have discovered only this last week or two that great grandfather William's mother was called Porter ( not Parker) and she was from Hampshire, and William had a brother called Francis (I would bet that is who your dad was named after) and Francis had at least two sons both of whom became Church of England clergymen."

The 1841 census for Reading has the following family:
Thorn Street
James Davis male 40 porter not born Berks
Eliz Davis female 40? not born Berks
Ann Davis female 12 born Berks
Francis Davis male 7 "
Hannah Davis female 3 "
Philip Davis male 1 "
but where is William?

Philip also died of scarlet fever on 17 Nov 1844 in Reading (James is deceased on the death certificate).

~Free BMD (Jul 2007)
Deaths Dec 1844
DAVIS James Reading 6 170

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~IGI (member submission, member information in the Pedigree Resource File):
James Davis
Spouse: Elizabeth PORTER
Marriage: 03 JUL 1824 Tunworth, Hampshire, England
~IGI (imported):
1. JAMES DAVIS - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 04 NOV 1829
2. JAMES DAVIS - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 27 DEC 1829 Above Bar-Independent, Southampton, Hampshire, England
3. JANE DAVIS - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 21 NOV 1824 Tunworth, Hampshire, England
ELIZA DAVIS - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 25 DEC 1839 Saint Mary, Reading, Berkshire, England
(mother Eliza not Elizabeth)

~Free BMD (Feb 2004)
Davis's born in Reading to 1844:
Births Sep 1837
DAVIS Male Reading 6 176
Births Jun 1838
Davis Hannah Reading 6 214
Births Sep 1842
DAVIS Sarah Julia Reading 6 220
DAVIS Female Reading 6 220
Births Jun 1843
DAVIS Charles Reading 6 222
Births Sep 1843
Davis Thomas Reading 6 226
Births Mar 1844
DAVIS John Reading 6 251

81. Elizabeth Porter

Pauline Proustie:
Elizabeth Davis b in Tunworth, her death certificate states that she died on the 15th of April 1859 aged 63,cause was Cancer Of The Breast which she had for 10 years, the address was 31, Zinzan St, Reading St Mary and the informant was Olive Lake of Marsh's Yard Friars Place Reading.

~Free BMD (Mar 2008)
Deaths Jun 1859
DAVIS Elizabeth Reading 2c 254

Elizabeth Porter
Birth: About 1799 Of, Tunworth, Hampshire, England
Father: John Porter
Mother: Ann FIELD

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~1861 (Oct 2005)

82. Henry Mower

Henry was an agricutural labourer and died of TB when he was 33,the death certificate was signed by Sarah Hiskey. She may be his niece Sarah Harriot Hiskey.

A Henry Mower was a witness at the marriage of his sister Elizabeth on 29 May 1855.

~Free BMD (Jul 2007)
Deaths Dec 1860
Mower Henry Cosford 4a 251

83. Mary Ann Holder

Mary died of TB when she was 24, the death certificate was signed by Elizabeth Seager.

~Free BMD (Jul 2007)
Deaths Jun 1857
Mower Mary Ann Cosford 4a 270

84. John Whorlton

The Baines's Directory of 1823 has 2 Whorltons who are Linen Manufacturers:
Whorlton Isaac
Whorlton Joseph

~Free BMD (Jan 2006)

Deaths Sep 1865
Whorlton John Stokesley 9d 347

~NBI (Jan 2004)
John WHORLTON Date 1 Aug 1865 Aged 66 Place Hutton Rudby Description All Saints Denomination Anglican County code NRY

A son?
John Whorlton
Baptism Date 02/11/1820
Place Of Baptism hutton rudby

85. Margaret Howe

~This may be her:
Christening: 07 OCT 1798 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire, England
Father: JOHN HOW
Mother: MARG.
but this does not match her age as given in the census. However it would match her age at death.

86. Ralph Dodsworth

In the 1841 census he is a "J.Shoe M". The "J' could be for Junior but is more likely for Journeyman, i.e. someone who has passed his apprenticeship and is now paid daily.

In the 1881 census, he has a new wife Elizabeth and an occupation of Shoe Maker.

He was the informant and in attendance for the death of his mother-in-law Jane Garbutt on 24 Jan 1846, in Great Ayton. He was residing in Stokesley.

~Free BMD (May 2005)

~NBI (2nd Edition)

Author: Robert L. Dodsworth
Ralph was born in 1818 at Little Dromonby, and christened on 13 December 1818 at Kirby in Cleveland. Precisely when he was born in 1818 is still uncertain. His death certificate shows him as having died on 4th February 1908 aged 90 which suggests he was born in early 1818. This is supported by the 1851 census taken on 30th March 1851 showing his age as 33. However the remaining censuses taken in April 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891show him as being 42, 52, 60, and 72 respectively. I think on balance it is more likely that he was born in the later part of 1818 and christened relatively soon after his birth.

The first positive trace of Ralph after his birth comes in the 1841 census where he is recorded as living in Ayton, North Yorkshire. The head of the household is Prudence Swan and Ralph`s occupation is shown as J.Shoe M which is presumably short for Junior Shoemaker. He would be 22 at that time although because of the rounding down to the nearest 5 years inthe 1841 census his age is shown as 20. Ralph was presumably a lodger at this address and there were two other residents also, one was William Swan 20 (presumably the son of Prudence) also described as a J. Shoe M, and the other a Jackson Adamson 15 whose occupation is listed as App Shoe M. It is not clear whether the Swan`s had a Shoemaking business or whether they all worked for another Shoemaker in the village. On further examination of the 1841 census I found another 8 shoemakers in Ayton and 2 apprentice shoemakers. This seems out of proportion in relation to the size of the village, and I wonder whether there was in fact a sizeable shoemaking business here.

Ralph married Hannah Garbutt on 19 July 1842. Hannah was shown as living in Ayton but Ralph`s residence at that time is shown as being in Stokesley. This is odd because when their first child was born, Sarah Jane, on 26 April 1843, his residence is shown as Great Ayton where Sarah was in fact born and his occupation as being a Shoemaker, and one wonders whether he did move to Stokesley or whether it was a mistake on the certificate. It may well have been a mistake because on 24 January1846 he was present when his mother-in-law, Jane Garbutt, died. This is clear from the death certificate where he is shown as the informant, and his address is shown there as Stokesley.

Ralph`s second child was John who was born on 25 September 1845 at Stokesley. It is clear that he was not expected to live very long becausehe was christened on the same day, and in fact he died some three weeks later on 17 October 1845, the cause of death described as convulsions from which he had evidently suffered for three days. At that time Ralph was resident in Stokesley with the occupation of Innkeeper.

At this point Ralph became somewhat elusive, and it was only after sometime that I discovered that he had made a move to Northumberland. This must have been quite an upheaval at that time and I wonder what it wasthat brought it about. In any event his son Thomas was born on 13 May 1847 at Hardhaugh in Northumberland, according to the certificate, but in fact I think this must have been Hurnshaugh because I can find no traceof a Hardhaugh. Hurnshaugh is a village about five miles North of Hexham. At that time Ralph`s occupation is shown as being a shoemaker. The next clue comes with the birth of Ralph`s son William on 8 December 1849. William is shown as being born in Low Warden, and whilst at the moment I cannot find this on the map there is a Warden which is about two miles North of Hexham. Then there came the birth of John on 12 September 1851 at West Boat. West Boat is a sub-district of Hexham.

After some difficulty, I did in fact track down Ralph in the 1851 census at Warden. It appears that Low Warden was not a separate place, but part of Warden. Ralph`s occupation is described as Journeyman Shoemaker. I think Journeyman in this instance means someone who has completed his apprenticeship and is competent at his trade. Hannah`s younger sister Elizabeth Garbutt is shown as living with them as House Servant. Hannah was of course pregnant at that time, but was still some six months from giving birth. We know also that she died in 1853, but it seems doubtful that she would be ill then because she did have another baby in 1853. So it seems strange that Elizabeth should be with them as a servant, particularly as by then her father was a widower and living on his own with no apparent occupation, or was he in fact the reason why she had moved away?

Some time between September 1851 and June 1853 Ralph and his family moved to Seamer, because his daughter Mary was born in Seamer on 4 June 1853. I wonder if this move co-incided with the move of his brother John to Seamer Grange Farm who moved there some time between 1851 and 1857, or whether as mentioned earlier it was something to do with Hannah`s health. 1853 in fact saw the death of Ralph`s wife Hannah on 8 November. She died of Phthisis which is Tuberculosis.

The population of Seamer in 1851 was 211, and Ralph Dodsworth is shown in the Directory for 1857 as a Boot and Shoemaker. I must check whether there were any other shoemakers in Seamer at that time. In 1857 Col. Wyndham was Lord of the Manor, and together with H. W. Yeoman esq., wasthe chief landowner. It appears that Ralph must have rented his property.

The next positive news of Ralph and his family comes with the 1861census.The entry in the census is next but one to the King`s Head Inn. This means that his abode was probably next but one to this pub, and in fact the King`s Head is still there to-day. Unfortunately Ralph`s son Thomas had died just before the census on second March 1861. He was 13, and he died of Hydrocephalus Convulsions. Hydrocephalus is evidently an accumulation of serious fluid within the cranial cavity. Presumably this was caused by a fall or a blow.

By 1861 it appears that Ralph`s eldest child Sarah Jane had left home,and was probably working as a servant in some other household probably in Hutton Rudby which is shown as her residence when she got married in1864. Still at home were William, John, and Mary who were all still at school. Also living with Ralph was Elizabeth Garbutt aged 26 ( although I think this should have been 28 ) who as mentioned earlier was the young sister of his late wife Hannah. She is shown as being his Housekeeper. There is also an Eliza Garbutt who is shown as being Ralph`s daughter and is only six months old. They are also housing an apprentice shoemaker, William Haggart, who is just 14 years old and was clearly apprenticed to Ralph.

When it comes to the 1871 census Ralph is still living next door but one to the King`s Head in Seamer, and the population at that time had grown to 244. His son William had moved away by now although as yet I don`t know where to, but I do know that he had become a joiner. William however died shortly after this on 20 December 1874 aged 25 at the family home in Seamer of Phthisis pulmonalis or tuberculosis. John had also moved away, and was lodging in a house in Great Ayton where he was working as a labourer in a flint quarry. Mary too was not living at home but so far I have not found out where she had gone. Elizabeth is now shown as Ralph`s wife although I have been unable to trace them getting married, and am pretty sure in fact that they never did, as a man was unable to marry the sister of his wife at that time. Eliza is now 10 and at school, and there are two other children at school, Hannah aged 8 and Thomas Robert 6. The family also now includes Henry aged 3, and Arthur 5 months. A point that seems to confirm that Ralph and Elizabeth never got married is that the surname on all the children`s birth certificates is Garbutt. It is interesting that whilst Ralph could write as he signed his name on the birth certificates when he registered the birth neither Hannah or Elizabeth could, and when it was left to them to register the births of children they merely made their marks.

By the time of the 1881 census Ralph and his family had moved to Carlton in Cleveland living at No. 1 The Village. This move occured some time after 1879 because Ralph was still listed in the Post Office Directory in1879 as a Boot and Shoemaker at Seamer. Both girls had left home but were still unmarried. Eliza was working in the house of a doctor in Stokesley as a housemaid and general servant. This would appear to have been a fairly wealthy household because as well as Eliza and the doctor there was his assistant living there, a cook and general servant, and a groom and general servant. The doctor incidentally, William G. Forbes, was a Scot. Hannah too was working in Stokesley as a general servant in a household where the head was a 74 year old widow Jane Simpson, and there was a lodger Martha Dixon also 74 who was a spinster. It is interesting that both ladies were born in Westerdale, and being of the same age had probably been friends from childhood, and it seems likely that Martha came to live with Jane when Jane`s husband died.

The number living at home had therefore reduced to five, Ralph, Elizabeth, Thomas Robert, Henry and Arthur. Henry and Arthur were still at school, but Thomas Robert had started work and was a Blacksmith`sapprentice. I have not yet found out to whom he was apprenticed, but I am wondering whether it was his cousin Richard Dodsworth who I know was a Blacksmith at Hutton in 1867.

The 1881 census shows that there were 70 houses in Carlton of which 61were inhabited and 9 uninhabited. This high number of uninhabited houses is probably indicative of the drift away from the land that was taking place. The population is shown as 253 made up of 122 men and 131 women.However there were 2 men and 5 women temporarily absent and 3 women temporarily present and so the regular permanent population at that time was 257. No 19 at Carlton which by 1891 was occupied by Annie Pearey was then occupied by Thomas Foster, who was a Gamekeeper, his wife and four sons. We know that this was only a four-roomed cottage, so it must have been somewhat crowded! Ralph was the only shoemaker in 1881, and there were two pubs - The Blackwell Ox Inn and The Fox & Hounds Inn.

The 1891 census is the last one available for scrutiny at the present time and Ralph was still living at Carlton then. The three boys are still shown as living at home although of course 10 years older, and all are now working. Thomas Robert is employed as a Blacksmith, Henry is a Shoemaker, and Arthur is a Gamekeeper. It is interesting that Thomas Robert`s wife to be, Annie Pearey was also now living in Carlton at No. 19. Annie was a Dressmaker who used to travel to people`s houses and stayas long as it took her to make such clothes as they wanted. She was born in Broughton and it is not clear when she moved to Carlton, but by 1891she had her own four roomed house there. In the 1890 register her father is shown as a farmer at Carlton, but in fact he died in November 1889 presumably after the register had gone to print. His wife had predeceased him and it seems probable that Annie moved to this cottage after hisdeath. In 1871 Annie was still a child living with her parents at Broughton, and I really need to track her down in the 1881 census.Living with her at the time of the 1891 census was her niece Mary Pearey aged 10. Mary was born at Haswell in County Durham and as yet I have not tied in whose daughter she was but I assume that she just happened to bevisiting her Aunt at that time.

By 1891 the number of houses had reduced to 64 of which 57 were inhabitedand 7 uninhabited, a continuation of the drift away from the land itappears. The population had also reduced to 231 made up of 118 men and113 women, a slight change in the balance compared to 1881. There is another shoemaker, Thomas Ramsdale, shown as living in Carlton with hiswife. It is interesting that his wife is shown as being born at Seamer from where Ralph and his family came. He may have had his own business but it seems more likely that perhaps Ralph was now too old for work and that Thomas was working with Henry. The two pubs shown in the 1881 census are still there, but with the reduced numbers living in Carlton business must have been a litle thinner.

Elizabeth died shortly after this on 7 June 1891 in Carlton of breast cancer, from which she had evidently suffered for two months. She was 58 years old and is described on the death certificate as wife of Ralph Dodsworth Master Shoemaker. However I still don`t think that they ever got married. Thomas Robert got married to Annie Pearey on 10 December 1892, and Henry married Elizabeth Carnegie on 28 February 1903. Ralph died on 4 February 1908 in Carlton and I think was living with Henry and Elizabeth at that time. He died of Senectus Cardiac failure.

87. Hannah Garbutt

~NBI (2nd Edition)
8 Nov 1853 Hannah DODSWORTH 31 Yorks N/R Seamer in Cleveland, St Martin

88. Thomas Proud

Burials at Stanhope St Thomas:
Thomas PROUD of Elia age 77 15 Feb 1879

See the notes for his son Robert Watson Proud

~IGI (Nov 2003)
No marriage

~Durham Bishops Transcripts (Jan 2008)
Checked Stanhope marriages 1825, 1824, 1823

Also at Hill end there is:
"Class: HO107; Piece 308; Book: 13; Civil Parish: Stanhope; County: Durham; Enumeration District: 3; Folio: 16; Page: 7; Line: 7
Hill End, Stanhope, Durham, England
William Proud M 40 Mason Y
Phoebe " F 40 Y
Thomas " M 14 Y
Margaret " F 12 Y
Abraham " M 10 Y
William " M 7 Y
George " M 3 Y"
Thomas names a son William (and this William names a son Thomas).
William Proud in 1851:
Class: HO107; Piece: 2388; Folio: 292; Page: 12
Hill End, Bishopley (Stanhope), Durham, England
William Proud Head M M 53 Stone Mason Durham Stanhope
Margaret " Wife M F 34 " "
Thomas " Son U M 26 Journeyman Mason " "
William " Son U M 17 Apprentice to Mason " "
George " Son U M 13 Scholar " "

89. Jane Dent

Thomas and Jane Proud were the witnesses at the marriage of her brother Anthony in 1852.

~Burials at Stanhope St Thomas:
Jane PROUD of Elia age 58 15 July 1862

~Free BMD (Nov 2006)
Deaths Sep 1862
Proud Jane Weardale 10a 97

91. Hannah Barron

She gives her birthplace as "Ridway" in the 1851 census. This may be Ridley which is just across the River Tyne from Bywell.

~Free BMD (Sep 2005)
Deaths Jun 1879
Archer Hannah 70 Weardale 10a 144

~Durham CC (Sep 2005)
ARCHER Joseph 1853 Durham Western
BARRON Hannah 1853 Durham Western


~NBI (2nd Edition)

92. George Cave

~Free BMD (Jan 2004)
Marriages Sep 1844
CAVE George Bedford 6 76
CHURCH Elizabeth Bedford 6 76
SMITH Elizabeth Bedford 6 76
Deaths Dec 1888
Cave George 64 Bedford 3b 186

~NBI (2nd Edition)

93. Elizabeth Church

The 1861, 1871 and 1881 census have her birth place as Wasley or Wisley, Cambridge, England (the only modern or 1860's Wisley is in Surrey) but the rest have it as Kempston. However there is a Waresley on the border between Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire about 20 km east of Bedford.

~Free BMD (Jul 2007)

~1851 (Nov 2005)
If Elizabeth was named after her mother could this be her and a brother?
Up End (Bedford Road), Kempston, Bedfordshire, England
John Church Head U M M 32 Ag Lab Kempston
Elizh. " Mother Widow F 66 "
(3 houses from Elizabeth Church & George Caves)
They are not in the 1841 census in Kempston.
But the IGI has:
Christening: 03 SEP 1818 All Saints, Kempston, Bedford, England

Next door to her is:
45 Woburn Road, Kempston, Bedfordshire, England
Harriett Caves Head Wid F 67 Lacemaker OA.AT Beds Kempston

~IGI (Oct 2005)
There is no christening for her in any county, father George, 1818-1822.

~NBI (2nd Edition)

94. William Bitchener

~His surname has various spellings, e.g. BITCHINER, BITCHENOR, BICHENER.
At his christening his surname was BILCHENDER according to the IGI.
At his marriage to Sophia Fields his surname was BITCHENER according to the IGI.

~In the 1851 census index there was a MARIA BITCHENER (58) residing with him (his mother).

~Free BMD (Sep 2003)
Deaths Jun 1873
BITCHENDEN William 60 Bedford 3b 187

~NBI (2nd Edition)

95. Sophia Fields

~Free BMD (May 2005)

~NBI (2nd Edition)