Ancestors of Alexander Thomas Fisk


32. William Charles Fisk

His birth certificate is a bit blurry but when and where born looks like "Eleventh of January ... out the South Gates".
In 1867 he was living at Row 13, Great Yarmouth which was also known as Garden Row or Lacon's Row (from
He was a witness to the marriage of his sister Sophia to John Bowman on 3 Oct 1866 in Great Yarmouth.
By 1881 he had moved across the river to 3 Albert Terrace on Cobholm Island and had moved to Newcastle by 1891. In 1891 he and his family were boarding at 241 & 243 Serbwood Rd, (Elswick) Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~1871 (Sep 2005)
No sign of him or his family in the 1871 census index or the transcript. I may have to look at the images for the birth places of William Orrey (East Street, Camden Town, Yarmouth Southern) and Arthur (South Denes Road). The 1886 map of Great Yarmouth has a street that looks like Camden Town leading down to South Beach a little above Wellington Pier.

33. Mary Ann Edwards

~This is not her:
Death 1908 Q2 Newcastle-on-Tyne Reg District, v10b p41]
as she is the widow of William Wood Fisk and the informant is her son William Wood Fisk.

~Free BMD (Jan 2006)
Births Jun 1841
EDWARDS Lucy Mary Ann Gt Yarmouth 13 365 (isee the 1851 census below)
Births Jun 1843
Edwards Mary Mitford &c 13 241
Births Sep 1845
Edwards Mary Ann Guiltcross 13 174
Births Jun 1846
Edwards Mary Ann Walsingham 13 363
Births Dec 1846
Edwards Mary Ann Norwich 13 232
Edwards Mary Ann Blofield 13 20
Deaths Jun 1908
FISK Mary 66 Newcastle T. 10b 41

~NBI (2nd Edition)

(see 1851 below)
HO107/793 16 -- 12 Nth District 15
All born Nfk
EDWARDS, Judith, 40 (Half Row) EDWARDS, Hannah, 11 (Half Row) EDWARDS, Sarah, 5 (Half Row) EDWARDS, William, 3 (Half Row)
See Lucy Edwards in the 1861 census below.
Row 13, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
James Edwards M 25 Bricklayer Y
Maria " F 25 Y
Maria " F 7 Y
James " M 5 Y
John " M 2 Y
Lucy " F 20 Silk Weaver Y

Is the Lucy Edwards below the Lucy Mary Ann Edwards above in Free BMD? She is the daughter of James since she appears in the 1861 census with him.
Row 12?, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
James Edwards Head M M 40 Bricklayer Norfolk Yarmouth
Maria " Wife M F 38 " "
Lucy " Daur F 9 Scholar " "
George " Son M 7 " " "
Maria " Daur F 4 " "
James " Son M 2 " "
Martha " Daur F 1m " "
William " Son M 1m " "
There is the following (But Maryann's age is actually 1 from the image):
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
Judith EDWARDS Head M 52 F Seaman's wife Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Susannah EDWARDS Daur U 26 F Dressmaker Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Hannah EDWARDS Daur U 21 F Employed at Silk factory Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Sarah EDWARDS Daur 15 F Employed at Silk factory Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
William EDWARDS Son 11 M Scholar Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
John EDWARDS Son W 28 M Gardener Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Maryann EDWARDS GDau 1 F Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Judith LAWRENCE Moth W 77 F Pauper late nurse Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Charlotte RIVETT Lodg U 21 F Employed at Silk factory Gt. Yarmouth-NFK
Address: Row 84, Great Yarmouth
Census Place: Great Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
PRO Reference: HO/107/1806 Folio:86 Page: 5
The 1841 census has a John and Sophia EDWARDS, both aged 20 (other possible parents).

~1861 (Feb 2005)
8 Row 13, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Lucy Edwards Head U F 38 Silk Factory Worker Norfolk Yarmouth
Mary A. " Daur U F 16 " " "
When Mary Ann Edwards married she was residing in Row 13 and her father was not recorded.
Lucy Edwards is in Row 13 in 1841 but does not seem to be there in 1851.
Deaths Dec 1865
Edwards Lucy Yarmouth 4b 22
+ (unlikely)
Seymor Place, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Ann Jones Head Wid F 48 Lodging House Keeper Huntingdonshire
Mary Edwards Niece U F 16 Beadster "
+ 1851:
4 Seymour Place, Great Yarmouth, Yarmouth, England
Ann Jones Head Widow F 41 Lodging House Keeper Huntingdonshire Ramsey
Maria Scott Serv U F 13 House Serv Norfolk Yarmouth

Birth not in 1843-1845

~IGI (Nov 2007)

34. John Thirlwell

He used his father's suname of Philipson throughout his life.

He was present at the death of his father-in-law Matthew Varty on 6 Mar 1887.
He was present at the death of his mother on 13 August 1871 in Swinhope Shield, Allendale.

~Free BMD (Jul 2007)
He was buried in Newcastle so probably died there.
Deaths Jun 1898
(a coach builder, has a son William)Philipson John 65 Newcastle T. 10b 132
Deaths Mar 1897
(unlikely)Philipson John 69 (could this be 59?) Hexham 10b 201
Deaths Sep 1898
Phillipson John 56 Newcastle T. 10b 60

35. Rebecca Jane Varty

~The birth certificate of her daughter Mary Rita gave her maiden name as Varty. The IGI then gave a member-submitted family group that included a Rebecca Jane Varty of Allendale. This was confirmed by the 1851 census

~Free BMD (Jul 2007)
Births Sep 1850
Varty Rebecca Jane Hexham 25 309

36. John McPeak

The McPeak family moved from Moneystaghan, Co. Londonderry, Ireland to Gateshead, Durham, Engand between 1 Apr 1871 (the baptism of his son Henry) and 30 Aug 1873 (the birth of his daughter Ann).

The birth certificate for his daughter Ann has his surname as "McPake" but with an "e" marked as inserted. Sarah is "Sarah McPeake, formerly Donnelly".

At the marriage of Ann on 7 Aug 1897 he was a deceased gas works labourer.

~Free BMD (Mar 2005)
Deaths Dec 1879
McPeak John 55 Gateshead 10a 429
"Thirtieth November 1879, Backfield Square
John McPeak
55 years
General Labourer
Phthisis, Certified by Geo Douglass M.D.
X The Mark of Rosanna McGarey, present at the death, 12 Backfield Square"
His daughter Margaret was born on 1 July 1880 so this John could have been alive for her conception.
His wife was living at 29 Backfield Cottages, Gateshead, Durham, England at the birth of their daughter Ellen on 2 Jun 1878

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~1871 (June 2005)

37. Sarah Donnelly

She was living at 29 Backfield Cottages, Gateshead, Durham, England at the birth of her daughter Mary on 4 Dec 1875.

~NBI (2nd Edition)

38. William Turner

William Turner was the informant of his father George's death (present at the death and residing at Church Street, Gateshead)

~Free BMD (Jan 2008)
He was still alive in 1915 according to Isabella's death certificate.
Death Index: 1837-1983 > 1920 > Q4-Oct-Nov-Dec
Turner William 76 Tynemouth 10b 277

William Turner 55 Newcastle Northd Northumberland Cullercoats Corporation Labourer
Isabella Turner 55 Carlisle Cumberland Northumberland Cullercoats
John Turner 27 Cullercoats Northd Northumberland Cullercoats Labourer General
Thomas Turner 19 Cullercoats Northd Northumberland Cullercoats Bricklayer

~NBI (2nd Edition)

39. Isabella Hindson

~Free BMD (Jan 2008)
Deaths Jun 1915
Turner Isabella 69 Tynemouth 10b 281

~NBI (2nd Edition)

40. William Davis

William was born in Thorn St, Reading, Berkshire in 1840. His parents were Elizabeth Porter and James Davis, who was a Warehouse man. He is not in the 1841 census as residing with his family in Thorn Street but a 1 year old Philip Davis is with them.

In the 1851 census for Gloucester, William is a pupil at a school called Belle Vue, run by a William Bentham.

William was an engine stoker in 1871 at Marylebone, he and Esther with Thomas Henry aged 1 month are residing with an Elizabeth Gerrard a dressmaker.

In 1881 he is the engine driver for Mbro fire station (Road Locomotive Driver (Engine 22-2)), and later he became a steam roller driver. Their lodger is Daniel Moore (Mower), a Blacksmith Striker from Elmsett, Suffolk, England (aged 22, unmarried) and Esther's half-brother.

In the 1901 census for Middlesbrough the family are still at 12 Watson St with Florence 21, Arthur 15 (a grocers assistant) and Esther 12, but the place of birth for William and Esther is down as Monmouth which is wrong. William is described as a General Labourer.

The cause of William's death in 1910 is down as senile decay and exhaustion, he was 68.

~Free BMD (Jul 2007)

~NBI (2nd Edition)

His family is there but he is not unless he is the 1 year old Philip Davis.

~1861 (May 2005)
I cannot find a William Davis born ~1840 in Reading but there is:
28 MItchham Street, St Marylebone, Middlesex, England
George Burchett Head M M 50 Laborer Surrey
Emily " Wife M F 52 Oxfordshire
Caroline " Daur F 12 Middlesex St Marylebone
Thomas Cort Lodger M M 33 Laborer Gloucester
William Davis Lodger U M 21 " "
Joseph Lane Lodger U M 20 " "

41. Esther Ann Mower

In the 1861 census for Semer Cosford, Esther is orphaned and is residing in Semer Workhouse,along with her young sister Martha and stepbrothers Daniel Mower and Frederick Gant.

Esther died of softening of the brain and exhaustion when she was 48.

~Free BMD (Mar 2008)
Births Dec 1852
Mower Esther Cosford 4a 380
Deaths 1903 Jan-Feb-Mar
Esther Davis 49 Middlesbro' 9d 361

~NBI (2nd Edition)

Her age on the image is 26.

42. Joseph Whorlton

A witness at his 1864 marriage to Sarah Jane Dodsworth was an Anne Whorlton.
In the 1881 census he was a Whinstone Miner.
At the 1884 birth of Louisa Whorlton, he was an Ironstone Miner.
In the 1901 census he was a Quarryman Whinstone.

I have the birth certificate of a Joseph Whorlton (26 Oct 1843 at Hutton) but his father is John. On Joseph's marrige to Sarah, his father is Joseph. The 1851 census though has Joseph residing with John Whorlton.

It states that the batch C105431 covers covers Hutton Rudby, 1813 - 1856 but there are no entries for 1841-1855.

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~Free BMD (Apr 2006)

~1861 (Apr 2005)
Easby, Yorkshire, England
Joseph Whorlton Serv U M 17 house servant Yorkshire Hutton Rudby

43. Sarah Jane Dodsworth

~Free BMD (Jan 2006)
Deaths Dec 1908
WHORLTON Sarah Jane 64 Stokesley 9d 443

~NBI (2nd Edition)

~1861 (Apr 2005)
Hilton, Yorkshire, England
Jane Dodsworth Serv U F 18 Yorks Ayton

44. Robert Watson Proud

On 18 Dec 1858 he was a witness at his brother Thomas's wedding.

On 15 Feb 1879 he was in attendance and informant for the death of his father Thomas Proud.

On 24 Jun 1879 he was in attendance and informant for the death of his mother-in-law Hannah Archer (nee Barron).

From Carol Taylor:
He was baptised at Stanhope in Weardale Co Durham on 14 Apr 1832 while his parents were living at Buckler Dale in Stanhope parish.

His father was Thomas was a lead smelter baptised 28 June 1804 at Stanhope St Thomas, and his mother was named Jane and she was born in Muggleswick in 1804. Thomas died at Elia which is in Merrington parish, and was buried at Stanhope St Thomas on 15 Feb 1878. His wife Jane was buried 15 July 1862 at Stanhope St Thomas also.

Robert had eight brothers and sisters; Catherine, Thomas, WIlliam, Hannah, John Gedling, Elizabeth, Anthony and Jane and they were all born between 1832 and 1847.

The family moved to Bollihope near Frosterley by 1847 when the youngest was born and before that lived at Hill End, Frosterley. The middle child Hannah was born at White Kirkley House at White Kirkley near Bishopley.

Robert Watson Proud b.1832 was a miner when he married Mary Barron who was living at Crawleyside in Stanhope parish when the marriage took place on 5 July 1862, but I see from my database notes that this marriage is also entered into the Haltwhistle register so perhaps the banns were called in that church also.

Robert Watson Proud was buried on 11 Nov 1884 at Stanhope and was a limestone quarryman as were nearly all the men and boys who lived in the Frosterley and Hill End area of Weardale. He and Mary had seven children, Jane, Hannah, Thomas, Henry, William, Bob and Elizabeth between 1864 and 1880.

The father of Thomas Proud b. 1801 is Robert Proud b.1781 at Edmundbyers, and his mother is Hannah Gedling also born 1781 at Middleton in Teesdale. This generation were lead miners. Robert and Hannah were married at 26 July 1797 at Stanhope St Thomas and they had four children that I know of between 1798 and 1806 at Stanhope; John, Thomas, Mary and Hannah.

45. Mary Barron

Roughside is the modern Ruffside near Edmundbyers which was spelt Roughside in the 1861 map from
In the 1901 census Mary was a widow and born in Stanhope Durham.

The fact that her father is not on the certificate from her marriage to Robert Watson Proud suggests that she is illegitimate. This in turn suggests that her mother is Hannah Barron who was in the 1841 census with her and next door to her in 1851 (a single, 40 year old schoolmistress). However I need her baptism record to be sure. Her birth date comes from a family Bible of Robert Watson Proud (held by Donald Proud).

A Mary Proud was present at the death of John Barron on 9 December 1889 in Roughside. This is probably her uncle since there was a John Barron in the household in 1841 and she was a few houses from him in 1851.

~Free BMD (Oct 2004)

~NBI (2nd Edition)

Roughside, Edmondbyers, Durham, England
Matthew Winter Head Widower M 46 Lead Mine Agent Yorks Arkeudale
Hannah " Daur U F 17 Housekeeper Durham Edmondbyers
Joseph " Son M 14 Lead Miner " "
Annie " Daur F 8 Scholar " "
Edward Fairlight Son M 5 " " "
John " Son M 10 " " "
Mary Barron Serv F 16 House Servant " "
and next door:
Roughside, Edmondbyers, Durham, England
Hannah Barron Head U F 40 School Mistress Northd Ridway
and next door:
Joseph Barron Head U M 31 Lead Miner Northd Shotley
John " Brother U M 28 " " "
Matthew " Brother U M 25 " " "
William " Brother U M 19 " Durham Edmondbyers
John Hutchinson Visitor M M 25 Ag Lab " "
Elizabeth " Visitor M F 23 Wife " "
Could the other Barrons be related to Mary (an aunt and uncles)?

~There is no sign of Elizabeth Barron in the 1851 census index for Edmondbyers.

~Her father was not recorded in her marriage to Robert in 1862 (deceased, unknown or just not recorded). There are a few Barron's in Roughside and Edmundbyers in the 1861 census, some of whom seem to have moved from Northumberland. There are a couple of matches for John Barron (see above), one a smelter born in Shotley Northumberland and the other in Bywell Northumberland.

~GENUKI has the following in the Edmundbyers burial index (1813-1837): BARRON, Robert of Ruffside aged 72 yrs - 21 Sep 1837.

~1841 census has a Robson & Mary Barron (60 & 50) in Blanchland, Northumberland.

~Maybe I should look for other Barron's born in the Weardale district (includes Edmondbyers), e.g. could this be a sister?
Births Dec 1837
Barron Hannah Weardale 24 231

~GENUKI (, Edmundbyers Burials 1813-1837:
BARRON, Robert of Ruffside aged 72 yrs - 21 Sep 1837

This entry could be Mary born in Blanchland but the 1841 census has her still with Henry.
Christening: 07 OCT 1837 Blanchland, Northumberland, England

46. Frederick Cave

In 1904 he was a witness at his daughter Janet's wedding along with Alice Cave, Arthur Cave, Annie S Cave (her siblings). He made his mark.

From the Durham Mining Museum at
At Rogerley Quarry:
Cave, Fred, 09 Jul 1914, aged 69, Borer, deceased was walking over a bridge or gearing used for conveying rubbish to the tip; in passing a tub at a place where the fencing was incomplete, he lost his footing and fell 41 feet, receiving fatal injuries; the accident revealed a breach of Quarry Special Rule 6, in regard to the fencing.

~NBI (2nd Edition)

47. Ruth Bitchener

On 4th December 1866 she was a witness at her brother Abraham's wedding to Mary Musgrove.

~Free BMD (Oct 2005)
Births Jun 1849
Bichener Ruth Bedford 6 37

~NBI (2nd Edition)