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Name Ian Fisk
Date of Birth 7th May, 1960
Nationality New Zealand
Current Address Unit 302, Iona Towers,
140 Abel Smith Street,
Te Aro,
New Zealand.
Telephone 64 4 3857341 (home)
64 4 4961500 (work)
E-mail fiski(REMOVE_THIS}
Marital Status Single
Current Employer Datacom Systems (Wellington) Ltd.,
84 Abel Smith Street,
Te Aro
New Zealand.

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Years Education
1978 to 1981 I completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Physics.
1982 This year I did Honours for my degree passing in Second Class, First Division.
1983 to April 1985 I completed my degree of Master of Science (Physics).
This was by thesis, the subject of which was the calculation of the properties of certain types of metals and alloys. As well as the theoretical work, this involved 6 months of programming in FORTRAN on an IBM system under VM, the use of the HARTWELL mathematical subroutine package and using TELLAGRAF for graphics and plotting results.

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In August 1985, I joined the Bank of New Zealand and started work at their Computer Centre.

Duration Position Activity
August to December 1985 Trainee Programmer Training in MVS (Job Control Language, COBOL, etc.) and familiarisation with the BNZ systems.
January 1985 to March 1986 Programmer
  • Various small batch COBOL programs.
  • Moving data from a VM system to MVS for a Group Accounting System written in RAMIS.
  • A small RAMIS application (Computer Centre office inventory system)
April to November 1986 Programmer
  • Programming, testing and installing a CICS COBOL interface collecting data sent during the day from a remote mainframe for the BNZ foreign exchange accounting system (Kapiti).
  • General maintenance tasks for Kapiti and the BNZ reconciliation package (CORONA).
December 1986 to February 1988 Analyst/Programmer I was in charge of application development in the Foreign Exchange area -
  • Installation of a new version of Kapiti.
  • Addition of a Kapiti to SWIFT package.
  • Supervising the programming of an interface to send SWIFT messages to a remote mainframe to be sent into the SWIFT network.
  • Various data extraction programs and on-line enquiries for Kapiti.
  • Supervision of 2 junior staff.
I also participated in -
  • A RAMIS application to report on EFTPOST card transactions.
  • Various batch COBOL reports on a DB2 database for a personnel system.
March to December 1988 Senior Analyst/Programmer Analysis, design and most of the programming for a problem management system implemented in RAMIS using a DB2 database. The analysis and design was largely done via the Information Engineering Workbench CASE tool.
January to July 1989 Senior Analyst/Programmer
  • Implementation of a new version of CORONA.
  • Supporting the problem management system.
  • Assisting in the creation of a mortgage loans package on a network of PCs using a database server (running SQLBase) and the SQLWindow application tool.

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In August 1989, I travelled overseas to London, Great Britain. After looking around London and Britain for a while for a job, I found one at Northdoor Systems Limited. Their address (current as of August 1993) is:

Northdoor Systems Limited,
Barbican Citygate,
1-3 Dufferin Street,
London EC1Y 8NA
Telephone: 071 920 9409
Fax: 071 920 9407

Most of the work I did at Northdoor was with the Gupta family of products: SQLWindows, SQLBase, ReportWindows and Quest.

Duration Activity
December 1989 to May 1990 Contract Data EXchange (CDEX) pilot project
This was an electronic trading interface between insurance brokers and underwriters. It was designed to supplement the normal face-to-face trading. Each broker kept their own information in a database of the contracts that they wished to put on the market and invited underwriters to partake in them. This was via messages placed in an underwriter database using a wide-area network. The underwriters could then reply to the messages and write lines against the business, ie.. take part of the risk.
I wrote programs for both ends of this process. The database and language used were SQLBase and SQLWindows.
June to August 1990 Lapwing and Reuters Prototypes.
These were two systems to provide extra functionality to CDEX. Lapwing allowed an underwriter to look at their own additional information associated with a risk while the Reuters prototype showed how an underwriter could access the Reuters news network from the same PC as the CDEX system.
September 1990 to September 1991 Branch Processing System.
A system to allow branches of a major life insurance company to process proposals for new business locally with updates to and from head office. This included an application to allow insurance agents to track the progress of proposals that they had submitted to the company.
October 1991 to May 1992 PC Installation and Maintenance System.
An application to allow the tracking and scheduling of equipment and software installations within a large company.
June to December 1992 Chemical Abstract Index System.
A system to generate chemical abstract indexes for a major publishing company. This involved implementing particularly complex sorting rules for the names of chemical compounds.
January to May 1993 Aviation Underwriting System.
An application to implement an existing System 38 underwriting system (used to process aviation underwriting) to PCs.

During the period I worked for Northdoor, I was responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the Common Code System - an in-house SQLWindows library containing functions to ease the effort of creating applications. This included:

I also created a Windows help file to document CCS and experimented with turning some of the functions into C functions in a Windows Dynamic Link Library.

Part of my responsibility at Northdoor was to evaluate tools for creating applications. Thus I looked at PowerBuilder and a language called IS/2.

After I left Northdoor in May 1992, I spent 2 months walking around Britain before returning to New Zealand.

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Duration Activity
August 1993 to September 1994 Maximo Accounting Interface
The Maximo package is a maintenance planning and stock control system that was installed by the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand. Maximo is written in SQLWindows for a SQLBase database (running under Unix for ECNZ). Datacom was subcontracted to another company (WorkTech) to provide an interface for accounting information between Maximo and an accounting package on a mainframe. This was implemented as a batch program (implementing some complex business rules) that used the Maximo database and our own tables to extract the relevant data to files. The files were then automatically sent to the accounting system. Some returned files were then used to update the interface tables. A separate interface allowed reports on the status of current and previous uploads to be run.
I also provided technical support to the Worktech personnel.
October 1994 to April 1995 Track & Trace System (TTS)
New Zealand Post keep track of international parcels (in NZ) and couriered parcels by attaching barcodes to the parcels. The barcodes provide a unique id which can be scanned, passed to a PC and then uploaded (with other data) to a Sun Unix box at Datacom. There TTS is used for various reports and an online query facility. TTS is based on Oracle products: runs on an Oracle database, has a front-end written in Forms, runs reports written in SQL*Reports usually with some pre-processing in SQL*Plus and interfaces with the uploaded data via Pro*C programs.
I was in a maintenance and enhancement role providing changes to the front-end and reports along with new screens and reports. I also maintained some of the back-end Pro*C programs.
March 1995 to March 1997 PostLink II
I worked on another NZ Post project for these 2 years. This involved working with the latest in Oracle products at the time- starting with Forms 4.5, Reports 2.0, SQL Plus 3.0, Oracle 7.0, etc. and now using Developer/2000 with Oracle 7.1. We were the sixth site in the world to start to develop Oracle applications in Windows under OS/2.
The application is a retail support system for the 800 PostShops that NZ Post run around the country. In production now, the system supports
  • * Over the counter sales (stamps, envelopes, etc.).
  • * Interaction with a mainframe run by the Land Transport and Safety Authority to provide motor vehicle registration (MVR) transactions.
  • Interaction with the mainframe run by LTSA to provide road user charges transactions.
  • The payment of bills for other agencies.
In development are
  • * Enhanced MVR transactions.
  • Integration with the cash register and postal scales.
  • Support for payments by ETPOS and credit card.
  • Stock management.
The areas I have been involved in are marked with an *.
March 1997 to July 1999 Back to the Track & Trace System (TTS)
  • Implemented the CRD interface into TTS (loading details of courier jobs).
  • Developed the Status Enquiry interface for enquiries on the status of couriered items (via phone, an NZ Post application or a customers own system.
  • Developed the Data Upload interface for loading courier manifests (batches, jobs and items) into TTS.
  • Developed the Change Log interface for the sending of reference data back to online applications.
  • Helped in the Year 2000 testing of the system, including conversion to Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5.
  • Developed the FaxBack interface where the signatures collected for signature-required items are faxed to the senders.
I also developed a couple of Microsoft Access applications, maintained a Pro*C program for billing of Postshop items and gave general technical support to the rest of the TTS project team.
July 1999 to September 1999 I was on loan to another development team for a large project for Quotable Value (the old Valuation New Zealand). The application was for the recording of property sales, assessments, valuations and revisions for all of New Zealand. Developed as a SQL Server database accessed by browsers (either intranet or internet) via Microsoft Transaction Server. My area was the development of reports - firstly database procedures to get the data and then Crystal Reports programs to display the data to the user.

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I am currently working for Work Technology Limited as a permanent employee.

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This a list of the languages and databases that I have used and under what environment (operating system) I used them. The experience column is the overall length of time during which I used the language or database.

Languages/Databases Environment Experience
Gupta SQLWindows (versions 1.1 to 5.0) Microsoft Windows 6.5 years
Gupta SQLBase versions 3.6 to 5.4 Microsoft Windows, Novel Netware, Sun Unix 6.5 years
Oracle Forms 4.5, Developer/2000, SQLPlus OS/2, Microsoft Windows 4.5 years
Gupta ReportWindows Microsoft Windows 3.5 years
RAMIS MVS/XA, DB2 2 years
Oracle Forms 3.0, Sql*ReportWriter 1, etc. Unix 2 years
Microsoft Software Development Kit Microsoft Windows 1.5 years
SQL Server Microsoft Windows 9 months
Visual Basic 3.0 Microsoft Windows 6 months
C Microsoft Windows 6 months
Gupta Quest Microsoft Windows 6 months
PowerBuilder 3.0 Microsoft Windows 6 months
SAS MVS/XA 6 months