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Bushcraft is the skill of tramping in the bush and more importantly returning from the trip. It covers such topics as:
gr_ball.gif (182 bytes) Planning the tramping trip.
gr_ball.gif (182 bytes) What to take.
gr_ball.gif (182 bytes) Food.
gr_ball.gif (182 bytes) Navigation in the bush.
gr_ball.gif (182 bytes) Crossing rivers
gr_ball.gif (182 bytes) Creating shelter
gr_ball.gif (182 bytes) Survival

These pages cover a few of the topics based partly on my own experience but mainly on the fine book, "Bushcraft, Outdoor Skills for the NZ Bush" published by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council Inc. Nothing in my pages should be taken as set in stone. They are instead a guide to some ways of enhancing your tramping experience in the bush.

There really is no substitution for practical experience so get out into the bush!

The best way to gain good bushcraft skills is to attend the courses that most tramping, hunting and mountain clubs offer. They allow you to profit from the knowledge of others with the maximum of safety (and a minimum of expense).

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