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Updated  : 31 March 2016

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W.D. Ganns Law Of Vibration & Forecasting Key 
(2015 Edition)


The following testimonials are from real traders
who have bought the products.

I can’t Thank You enough Myles. You’ve completely transformed my trading – for both intraday trading as well as longer term. Your books and DVDs are crystal clear, simple to follow and contain only useful and practical information. I finally have trading plans that I can follow with ease and no ambiguity. When I did have questions, your replies were prompt and precise. I’ve sent you at least a dozen charts by now of real trades I’ve taken – and as you can see, I’ve been quite profitable. My only regret is that I didn’t come across your material years ago.

CG N.Y. USA    22 February 2016

PS Sorry for sending yet ANOTHER chart… but I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I am with my trading, ever since learning your material. That trade shown times 5 options equals $500…….. This is the first time I’ve paid for a course – earned my money back – and then started to MAKE A PROFIT.

CG N.Y. USA    24 February 2016

Dear Myles,
Thank you so much for this book.
I had gotten as far as the periodic table………..allow stocks and commodities to be grouped into their ‘rates of vibration’.
Your book shows the relationship between this idea and Ganns trades wonderfully.
Rob C. (UK—WD Ganns Law of Vibration)

Hi Myles,
It is just so fantastic to see these Gann secrets laid bare — I really appreciate what you have done and have shared!
You have truly saved people decades in going down blind alleys.
It is going to be very fascinating to study and apply in conjunction with your other works.
Matt (U.S —WD Ganns Law of Vibration )

Your books are really amazing especially the ticker interview. It solved ganns method clearly.

M.Tse (Hong Kong —WD Ganns Law of Vibration )

Just wanted to send some quick greetings and letting you know I like the courses more with every day.I worked them through and started doing some forecasts which actually produced hits already.
The timing system also shows great results on past data In my opinion you really made two great courses with these (Timing System & Forecasting Key) all the while keeping them reasonably priced.

DK ( Germany---bought Timing System, Forecasting Key )

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to know about your knowledge of Gann. I read many astro books and I find I really like your method, which I think is the most rational.

 DL (China---Has all courses)

Very helpful because what you are teaching – works! Thank goodness there are some [teachers] and I think you are one, that are genuine.

TPE (Aust--Has all courses)

I just cant believe how well your stuff works.[Has all courses] I've picked nearly every major turn on the All Ords since the Nov 2011 low until now. [March 2013]
The "Forecasting Key" you wrote also helped me immensely with the longer term stuff. So thanks, really, thanks!

JC (Aust---Has all courses)

Got the DVD today (amazing how fast that thing traveled from NZ). I went through it today. I'm absolutely stunned and speechless. This stuff is unreal.
The lessons are so terse and to the point. Very well prepared content...

Rahul R (NY, USA---bought DVD)

Hi Myles,
Just a short note to say thank you for sharing this information. I find that it does work in an acurate manner. Attached is a chart of Newmont Mining It worked
perfectly on this chart and on others as well!

Marcus S (PA, USA---bought DVD)

Myles, I’ve got to hand it to you. I’ve studied various Gann methods for many years, but none are as helpful or informative as discoveries revealed in you new Master Time Factor course. You have done some truly amazing work. It is the best Gann astro explanation I have ever seen. You unique concept of the hidden cycles is awesome.
Finally, yours is a course that teaches practical astro techniques coupled with great trading tools. Fabulous! Thanks again.

Raymond J (FL, USA---bought DVD)

My trading has immediately gone from bad to Great.
The DVD is Magic. Thanks.

M Lloyd (NY,USA---bought DVD)

I have all your works in my “Myles Wilson Walker - Collection” and I have noticed the progressive way in which you have introduced the reader to all the elements of your own trading approach. With your latest WD GANN’S MASTER TIME FACTOR you came up with a brilliant original concept and presented it with total clarity. Especially the “hidden pattern” is in my opinion a MAJOR MILESTONE in this field. It is a PRACTICAL TRADING TOOL of superlative quality from the perspective of trading results.

A Kotze (SA---Has all courses)

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