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Master Time Factor DVD       The WD Gann Timing System

Updated : 31 March 2016

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Master Time Factor
- The Astrological Method -

The WD Gann Timing System
- How To Time The Big Moves For Maximum Profit -

W.D. Ganns Law Of Vibration & Forecasting Key 
(2015 Edition)


"WD. Ganns Master Time Factor DVD"
- The Astrological Method -

It is on DVD with professional Quality sound & vision through out. This course presents many new and important Developments.

Using this information we can structure a Gann style trading campaign for any market. Now you will know if you should be buying dips or selling rallies.

A question that crosses many Traders minds at one time or another is, “ How do I find the cycle for a specific market?” Most markets do have totally different dates as highs and lows.
WD Gann said that he found a Master Time Factor that allowed him to precisely time individual markets highs and lows.

The Master Time Factor is not based on fixed cycles, in fact it appears if you were to just look at the price chart you would not be able to detect these “hidden cycles” That is, until it is pointed out and then you can see how perfect it is.

Rather than reading, I think it’s much easier to watch exactly how it’s done.
Written words can be misinterpreted whereas a video can be played as many times as is necessary.
By watching the videos you can see clearly every little detail in getting the correct time cycles.
There is a tremendous amount of good material that will leave you in no doubt how to find the turning points yourself.
Everything is on the screen so you can follow through as I explain exactly what is happening.
What I show on the videos is exactly how to get the timing points, also how I determine if they should be traded and then how I actually trade them.
After all, the practical application of timing with regard to trading is our whole reason for acquiring this knowledge.

By watching and copying you can master this subject easily.

I believe this is one of the world’s best trading methods because it gets you into trades very close to the absolute turning points and maximizes profits on winning trades.



Chapter1     MTF Introduction

Chapter2     Gann Square of Price and Astrology

Chapter3     The WD Gann Trading Campaign

Chapter4     Fixed Cycles

Chapter5     Repeating Recreating Aspects Simple

Chapter6    Observational plus Hidden Cycles

Chapter7     Repeating Plus Hidden Cycles

Chapter8    Long wave cycles large planets repeating or linked

Chapter9     Astro Tools

Chapter10    Trading patterns mentioned in Videos

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