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  Master Time Factor DVD      The WD Gann Timing System

Updated  : 9 January 2015

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Master Time Factor
- The Astrological Method -

 The WD Gann Timing System
- How To Time The Big Moves For Maximum Profit -

WD Ganns Forecasting Key
- How The Annual Forecasts
Were Made -


WD Ganns Law Of Vibration
- Solving The Ticker Interview Trades -

WD Ganns Forecasting Key 
  -How The Annual Forecasts Were Made-

The most important book on WD Gann ever published. Once and for all solves the secret of how Gann made his trading predictions, Annual Forecasts and Market Curve charts.
“WD Ganns Forecasting Key” is elegantly simple.
The absolute and irrefutable proof is finally revealed.

What you are about to learn applies to all of the markets that Gann traded but I have focused on the Stock Market Forecasts as the Dow data is readily available, unlike the Grains and Cotton market.
You may think that you know how Gann made his Annual Forecasts, based on the sections in his courses where he explained the composition of making a forecast but naturally Gann left out several key factors.
This is the only course in existence that teaches you how he really did it.
After following the instructions in “WD Ganns Forecasting Key” you will be able to make forecast charts like this yourself.

Contents include :

The Forecasting Key explained.
The Polarity Key.
Market Curve Charts.
The Forecasting Key Applied to The Annual Forecasts for 1922, 1929, 1934, 1935 and 1939.
Minor Market Curve Charts.
A Step-By-Step Demonstration of Making an Annual Forecast and Market Curve Chart.

WD Ganns Forecasting Key reveals a  deeper insight into WD Ganns other trading methods and philosophy and will enable you to read Ganns books and courses with a  new understanding.

Please Note :

Due to the widespread piracy of all forms of educational material, each course is made individually and watermarked.The text also contains one unique phrase to identify each buyer.
Current copyright allows damages for willful infringement of up to $150,000.

This book is a must have for anyone who wants to know how the Annual Forecasts were really made!!



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