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         This Samoan Language Tuition MP3-Combination CD 
         can be used as follows:-
(1) as an MP3 Audio CD on MP3-Players;
or (2) as an MP3 Audio CD on a MAC computer that has iTunes on board;
or (3) as an interactive Computer CD on an IBM-Compatible computer.

(The interactive Computer CD component of the latest edition of the "Talk Samoan Today!" MP3 Combination CD will run on 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 - as well as on 32-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 - and also on computers with Windows Vista, or earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98, etc.)
Price only:-
AUST$25 in Australia / or £16 STERLING in the U.K. / or NZ$25.00 in New Zealand /
or CAN$25.00 in Canada / or 20 EURO in the Euro Zone Countries of the European Union /
or US$25.00 anywhere else in the world.

For people who would like to use an IBM-compatible-Computer, and a MAC computer with iTunes on board, and an MP3-Player, to help with learning the Samoan Language, this Combination CD offers all three opportunities on one disc - which costs only half of what it would cost to buy the ordinary MP3 disc and the Computer CD as two separate items.

Put this Combination CD in your IBM-compatible computer, and - provided your computer is in full working order and has a fully operational internal disc drive - your computer will then enable you to access the interactive programs of the "Talk Samoan Today" Computer CD, with all their interactive practice exercises.

Put this Combination CD in a fully functional MAC computer with iTunes on board, and the CD will play as the "Talk Samoan Today" Audio CD.

Similarly, when the CD's "mp3" files are loaded onto an MP3-Player, they will play as the "Talk Samoan Today" Audio CD.

However - please note - the booklet that is available with the ordinary MP3 Audio CD is NOT included in the price of this special MP3 Combination CD, because the Samoan words, phrases and sentences used (and their English equivalents) are readily viewable on screen when the Computer CD component of this combination CD is run on an IBM-Compatible computer.

The version of the "Talk Samoan Today" Audio CD on this MP3 Combination CD presents the re-edited sound track of the "Talk Samoan Today!" computer CD, including the explanation and commentary on various points of linguistic structure and expression relevant to a good understanding of the Samoan Language, in "mp3" file-format, for ease of loading onto MP3-players, or MAC computers with iTunes on board - and most reasonably recent MAC computers do have iTunes on board ...

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