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Welcome to Cyberguy’s Atheist Resources Page.


These resources (and this deliberately simple web page) are slowly being added to as time permits.  I hope you find them useful.





Please note, these pamphlets are not intended to be handed out on street corners, but are an information resource meant to support a face-to-face conversation when you perhaps don't have the time to do the subject justice, or the other person is becoming entrenched, illogical, aggressive, etc. Then you can move the discussion to the appropriate brochure, to let it do some of the arguing for you. Or you might want to put a few in the local library (or school library!)


Basically they are just an atheist resource to copy and use however you wish, but are not really intended to be handed out ‘cold’.


When printing, print double-sided, and if your printer can do it for you, set it to flip on the short edge. Then fold in the traditional way.

·         Pamphlet 01 - What is Atheism.pdf

A brief overview of atheism, describing how atheists come to understand reality.  It shows how atheism compares with agnosticism, and clarifies a few misconceptions that believers seem to have regarding atheism.


Version Française (French):

Pamphlet 01 - Qu'est ce que l'Atheisme-5.doc


Deutsch Version (German):

Was ist Atheismus.pdf


New! Versión en Español (Spanish):

Triptico 01 – Qué es el ateísmo.pdf



·         Pamphlet 02 - Evolution in a Nutshell.pdf

A concise explanation of evolution starting from the easy-to-understand practice of artificial selection.  Covers natural selection, niches, micro- vs. macro-evolution and deep time.  Refutes some of the commonest misunderstandings.  All in plain non-technical language.


Version Française (French):

Pamphlet 02 - L'Évolution en bref-5.doc



·         Pamphlet 03 - Scientific Method and the Burden of Proof.pdf.

Who has to provide evidence for their case – atheists or believers?  This pamphlet summarises how science works, and how we understand if something exists or not. Covers the scientific method, the burden of proof, default axioms, hypotheses, Occam’s razor, objectivity, falsifiability, peer-review, the meaning of ‘scientific theory’, and how this applies to religion. All in plain non-technical language.


Version Française (French):

Pamphlet 03 - Méthode scientifique et fardeau-5.doc



·         Pamphlet 04 - Planet of the Hats.pdf.

A lesson for us all – the Planet of the Hats – not at all like our Planet Earth. Or is it? From a blog by Dr. PZ Myers, used with permission.


·         Pamphlet 05 - The Wall - A Sunday Morning Story.pdf.

Another charming metaphorical tale by the multi-talented Dr. PZ Myers.


·         Pamphlet 06 - Dear Emma.pdf.

A response to a published letter from 9-year-old Emma B. to Ken Ham. Used by permission of PZ Myers.





·         Poster 01 - This I Believe.pdf

A wonderful encapsulation of the kind of things atheists take to be true.  From a Pharyngula blog post by Christopher H. Tucker, used with permission.


·         Poster 02 - Warty Bliggens the Toad.pdf

Here is "Warty Bliggens, the toad" as "told" to Don Marquis by a cockroach called Archy. For those who don't know, Archy was a poet reincarnated as a cockroach, and could type by throwing himself at the keys of a typewriter, but could not work the caps lock, hence all lowercase. Enjoy....


·         Poster 03 – The Hole Left by the Christian Dark Ages.pdf

A classic!  A decent-sized copy of the original is not easily found on the web, so it was re-created for your use.  (Thanks Jon).


·          Poster 04 – DIY Lobotomy.pdf

Jesus said if your eye offends you, to pluck it out, or if your hand offends you, cut it off (Matthew 5:29-30). But what to do if your brain contains items of unwanted information? This may be the answer!


·         Poster 05 - No God - Sistine_Chapel.pdf

Here is my take on the Sistine Chapel’s “Adam”.  Feel the serenity!


·         Poster 06 - Jail the Pope.pdf

This poster is inspired by the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”, due to the fact that Ratzinger ordered the silencing of his Church’s victims.


·         Poster 07 - Jailed Pope.pdf

It speaks for itself.


·         Poster 08 - Reality has an Atheist Bias.pdf

When religious apologists speak, it doesn’t take long for reality to contradict them. Sometime even as the words are being uttered.



Books and Miscellaneous


·         The Complete Encyclopaedia of the Evidence for God v2.pdf

A satirical volume - and a valuable and thoughtful gift to present to anyone of a religious perspective. If they disagree with its conclusions, please ask them to detail which section is wrong, and exactly how.


·         Kirk and Ray - Bananamania!

You will have all seen the infamous banana-man video on Youtube (see it, or refresh your memory of it here) starring Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.  Of course, that was just the edited version. Here is the way it really went...



Contact Me

If you have an atheist resource you would like to offer, or you see a need that no-one has addressed yet (c’mon – get creative!) send me your work to share with the world!


I would be looking for simple 1-2 page pamphlets or mini-posters that you think would be generally useful or inspiring.  But any concise resource that would be generally useful to atheists is welcome.


Use the following email address - stephen dot minhinnick at gmail dot com.


I am based in Auckland, New Zealand.