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Kerr And Poole Continue Sidecar Dominance. The Russell Cunningham Oreti Park Speedway served up yet another helping of action packed, wheel to wheel racing on Saturday night as the club hosted Southland Championships for both A and B grade Solos along with the Malcom Officer Memorial for Sidecars.
With rain most of the week it left the Oreti Park track wet under the top on

Some of the unofficial results from a weekend when the weather wasn't kind to all tracks.
Battle of the Stocks (individual)
Woodford Glen
Simon Joblin 72p
Thomas Stanaway 87b
Peter Bengston 2nz
Battle of the Stocks (pairs)
Woodford Glen
Dale Robertson 89w
Malcom Ngatai 19c
Peter Bengston 2nz
Alex Bright 10n
Simon Joblin 72p
Noel Inns 94c
Canterbury Super Saloon Champs
Woodford Glen
Richie Taylor 58c
Mark Osborne 16m
Mark Grocott 2nz
Under 23 Stockcar Champs
Asher Rees 1nz
Jayden Ward 2nz
Luke Dillworth 631r
Fredrikson Stockcar Memorial
Ryan Hunt 29m
Caitlin Hayward 94m
James Kirk 31g

Tregoning Eyes 8th Southland Title. Its true that records are made to be broken, but a record that one would imagine is here to stay is the impressive record of Grant Tregoning who will be the favorite to win his 8th consecutive Southland Speedway Championship at the Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway this Saturday night.
Tregoning is the first to admit that so far this season nothing has gone his on

Mountney Makes His Mark. Gore teenager Dylan Mountney is turning heads, usually the heads that are turning are those of his competitors as he passes them in his production saloon.
The sixteen year old has only been competing at The Rock Riverside Speedway for less than two years, and has accomplished more than some drivers will in a on

Latest results (unofficial)
Manawatu Superstock Champs
Palmerston Nth
William Humphries 94p
Shaun Pearson 112p
Wayne Hemi 591p
Taranaki Superstock Champs
Carl Shearer 75s
Bruce Williams 41s
Blair Johnson 53s
Wellington Superstock Champs
Quin Ryan 46b
Paul Fairbrother 52w
Allen Levien 46w
BK Super Saloon Series
Mark Osborne 16m
Grant Flynn 6b
Lance Jennings 96a
BK Super Saloon Series
Waikaraka Park
Mark Osborne 16m
Lance Jennings 96a
Chris Cowling 27m
Elf Super Saloon Cup
Gavin Hill 48c
Josh Boulton 891c
Mark Grocott 2nz

Seamount Racing Aquires Aaron Drever Motorsport. Midget car racing in New Zealand is about to get a huge boost with the announcement that Seamount Racing will return to the local racing scene with a two car team for the 2015/2016 season.
Brett Morris said "I feel the time is right to again become involved in the sport and even though it's in the early stages of putting the team together some key decisions have been made" on

Rosewarne Dominates South Island Stockcars
A massive crowd
attended at The Rock FM Riverside Speedway on Saturday night to witness the first major Stockcar title to be run at the Southern track in the last decade. With Cromwell Speedway giving up the rights to the event, Riverside's resurgence in the Stockar grade saw them awarded the rights to run the on
Some results from this weekend past(unofficial)
NZ Sidecar Champs
Mike Zachan/
Jason McKinley 97p
Andrew Buchanan/
Denny Cox 39p
Richard Horne/
Alastair Horne 2nz
Nth Island Midget Champs
Brad Mosen 1nz
Hayden Williams 27a
Brock Maskovich 2nz
Sth Island Stockcar Champs
Brad Rosewarne 59c
Kirk Page 58c
Shane Steer 36c
Stockcar Teams
Palmerston Nth
Stockcar Teams
Stratford Stormers
Nth Island Select
Waikato Raiders
Under 25 Superstock Champs
Thomas Stanaway 87b
Quin Ryan 46b
Rebecca Barr 34p
Wellington Modified Champs
John Jackson 71s
Blair McPhee 9m
Jonas England 17w
Saloon Battle of the Sexes
Girls 204 pts
Boys 202pts

Some results from this past weather affected weekend
Superstock Teams Nationals
Waikaraka Park
Nelson Tigers
Palmerston Nth Panthers
Stratford Scrappers
Sth Island Saloon Champs
Woodford Glen
Paddy North 2nz
Peter Schouten 72c
Lloyd Phillips 47i
Auckland Modified Champs
Waikaraka Park
Jamie Fox 2nz
Brian Jesen 6a
Brad Lane 119a
Barry Butterworth Midget 40 laps
Western Springs
Brad Mosen 1nz
Hayden Williams 27a
Brock Maskovich 5a
Modified Sprint Clay Cup
Ben Gilmore 83c
Raymond Phillips 97i
Michael Jackson 54i

Kerr, Poole And Oreti Park Dominate South Island Championship.The team at The Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway have reason to celebrate after what was an extremely difficult night as the club hosted the Xtreme Karts South Island Sidecar Championship in front of a packed house.
Overnight rain left the track greasy under the top surface and in the early practice rounds conditions proved dangerous with two combinations being involved in minor on

Some results from the past weekend(unofficial),
NZ Stockcar Teams
Gisborne Gladiators
Wellington Young Guns
Canterbury Crushers
NZ Midget G.P.
Western Springs
Brad Mosen 1nz
Hayden Williams 27a
Chris Gwilliam 71a
Sth Island Superstock Champs
Woodford Glen
Malcom Ngatai 19c
Shane Harwood 18n
Dale McKenzie 85n
Sth Island Modified Champs
Woodford Glen
Luke Keegan 1nz
Mike Gourley 4c
Dan Rae 24c
Sth Island Sidecar Champs
Oreti Park
Shaun Kerr/
Robin Poole 48i
James Douglas/
Ricky Pubben 44i
Craig McMaster/
James Dawson 43i
Nth Island Super Saloon Champs
Waikaraka Park
Ben Harding 24a
Brent Emerson 7m
Lance Jennings 96a
Nth Island Sprintcar Champs
Western Springs
Jonathon Allard 0usa
Dean Brindle 22a
Michael Pickens 54a
Nth Island TQ Champs
Western Springs
Thomas McLean 73a
Ryan Baker 15a
Danny Keene 3nz

Oreti Park Primed For South Island Title, A packed house is all but guaranteed this Saturday at The Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway as the club hosts its biggest meeting of the season, the Xtreme Karts sponsored South Island Sidecar Championships. Twenty seven teams from as far away as Nelson will make the journey South to Oreti Park, a track quickly becoming the cornerstone of sidecar racing in New on

Dickson The Real Deal , Southland Modified Sprint driver Peter Dickson must be pinching himself after making such an impact in the sport in a very short space of time, winning championships, and breaking lap records the now Cromwell based engineer finds himself without a race car but for very good on

A round up of some of the latest results(unofficial)
NZ Sprintcar Champs
Palmerston Nth
Jamie Duff 19a
Ricky Logan 18p
Daniel Eggleton 78a
NZ Midget Champs
Brad Mosen 7a Brock Maskovich 5a David Kerr 99c
Nth Island Saloon Champs
Dan Corrin 24m
Chris Cowling 3nz
Steve Cowling 1nz
Sth Island Super Saloon Champs
Richie Taylor 58c
Ian Burson 2nz
Shane McIntyre 26t
Pro Dirt Super Saloons
Ben Harding 24a
Mark Osborne 16m
Steve Flynn 1nz

Speedway's Pink Ladies Earn Respect. Whoever said sidecar racing was just for blokes must have forgotten to tell Clare Hartnell and Tracy Davidson as the pair known as "The Pink Ladies" have proved themselves in up against some of New Zealand's top Speedway talent in what is their first year as a combination.
Hartnell who works as a leading hand in cattle yards in Mataura has always loved the thrill of speed, from the tender age of just nine while living in England she was trial riding on motorbikes on

Some of the results from the more major meetings this past weekend
NZ TQ Champs
Matthew Leversedge  97c
Duanne Todd 1nz
Danny Keene 71a
NZ Streetstock Champs
Woodford Glen
Dave McSherry 62c Steve Petersen 2nz
Tony Mclenaghan
Nth Island Modified champs
Jamie Fox 2nz
Richard Pierce 67s
Farron Lowry 31s
Ministocks in Paradise
Joshua Patterson 31w
Regan Penn 5b
James Wong 22r

Speedway fans will bid farewell to a champion this Saturday night at the Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway as 21 year James Sarjeant heads back to the United Kingdom to embark on a busy season at home.
Sarjeant came to New Zealand last year as a contracted rider to the Oreti Park Club, no one knew too much about him apart from the fact he was a good young talent, he had strung together some good results overseas and he was the perfect fit to the Southland Outlaws team to contest the National Solo on

He may only be eight but Cormac Buchanan showed experience and talent well beyond his years to claim his maiden Southland Peewee Solo title at the Russell Cunningham Oreti Park Speedway on Saturday night.
The massive crowd were treated to some action packed racing across all the classes as they basked in the sunshine, but it was on the small inner oval that Buchanan was showing his on

In Form Youngster Has Championship In Sight. While most 8 year olds are starting to get excited knowing the new school year is only a few days away, Waverly Park student Cormac Buchanan is more interested in claiming his first ever Southland Peewee Solo Title this Saturday night at the Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park on

New Southland Sidecar Champs Crowned. A packed house at the Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway witnessed history in the making as the club crowned James Douglas and Ricky Pubben the 2015 Southland Sidecar Champions for the very first time. The popular Southland duo have been threatening all season, winning a number of races but not being able to win a final, they were the dark horse in the 23 strong field for the Southland on


When it's going to go wrong predictable outcome doesn't enter the equation as this moment of devastation at Nelson demonstrates. Who would have predicted this sort of mayhem that resulted from a simple spin. Probably a good part of the reason fans continue to watch the greatest show on dirt whenever they can.
To see the video click here.

Some unofficial results from the weekend.
NZ Superstock G.P.
Dale Robertson 89w
Scott Joblin 52p
Graeme Barr 3nz
Sth Island Streetstock
Daryl Richards 76d
Mitchell Lavender 555d
Chris Kergozou 86i
Stock Shock
Cody Teece 21n
Brad Frost 65n
Keightley Teece 217n
Waikato Stockcar Champs
Aaron Alderton 218h
Anthony Mc Neil 44h
Brett Atken 27h

Limited edition Stockcar racing memorabilia book of rare press cuttings & personal artifacts from the collection of Charlie Berntsen. Charlie's 21-year career ended 30 years ago but with eight championship wins & a colourful character the name of Big Bad Charlie still provokes cheers and excitement from fans. 72 glossy pages (many full colour) and available by clicking here. Or by emailing

Oreti Park Crowns New Classic Solo Champion
Rain threatened to once again put a dampener on proceedings at the Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway on Saturday night, but the Southland club managed to push the evenings races through much to the delight of the large crowd in attendance, even after lengthy hold ups getting the greasy track to a safe rideable standard took on

Abreu and Hagen Return to NZ
Newly crowned 2014 USAC Midget Champion Rico Abreu, and 2012 USAC Midget Champion Darren Hagen will both make their way back to New Zealand this month to contest the 14/15 POWRi World Midget Series driving for the Terry Lines owned Team Vernon and Vazey Motorsport. Both were crowd favourites during their first time in New Zealand last on

Daniel Shuttleworth in full slide at the Burt Munro Challenge. Competitors at Oreti Park Speedway could be forgiven for thinking Mother Nature just does not like speedway. Just last weekend Burt Munro Speedway Spectacular was rained out before a third of the races were even run. This Saturday night the Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway will erupt into life again as the club hosts the Southland Classic Solo Championships and Round 1 of the Sidecar Teams Challenge along with full fields of support on

Reigning Burt Munro Champion Dale Finch wants nothing more than to be back to back champion when he takes on some of the countries top solo riders at The Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway this Saturday night in the Burt Munro Speedway Spectacular.
The young Cantabrian  could well have been going for three in a row after leading the final in 2012 before mechanical failure cost him the on

Southland Sidecars Dominate Canterbury Championships , Oreti Park Speedway was well represented at last Sundays Canterbury Sidecar Championship with thirteen teams making the journey North to Christchurch,and they certainly made their presence felt with a dominant effort, claiming the top five spots in the on

Picture - 8 year old Kobi Harpur helps her dad Jason Harpur with a few last minute adjustments before this weekends opening meeting at Oreti Park.
This Saturday night 15-11-2014 sees the Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway roar into life for the first time this season and sidecar rider Jason Harpur is chomping at the bit to get back on track and get wheel to wheel with his opposition, in what will be one of the biggest seasons for the on

Ready steady G.............opps hang on it's only Friday
. Settle down for a moment but get your speedway watching gear ready as it's going to be all Go at Palmerston Nth Speedway tomorrow night as the first Saturday night meeting of the new season fires into life. Be aware that because of high competitor interest the meeting has the earlier start time of 6.30pm. Practices have been well attended with much attention focussed on the great looking new Superstock that 79p Kerry Humphrey(image by GoSlideways) has put together over the off season . How is it going to go on opening night? ...well the best way to find out is by putting yourself in a seat track side.

Huge Crowd Celebrates Anniversary Meeting
Fans packed the Russell Cunningham Oreti Park Speedway on Saturday night to be part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations, and no one left disappointed with action pack battles across all the competitive classes, and plenty of fun to be had in the demonstration classes.
It came as no surprise that Grant Tregoning dominated the Solos winning all but one race which was won by Paul Hayes, this is Tregonings last outing before........Read on

Oreti Park Toasts 40 Years
This weekend marks a milestone in the history books for the worlds southern most speedway track, and the Oreti Park Speedway Club. The club was the vision of motorcycle enthusiasts Harry Robinson and Brian Mitchell back in the 1960's, the pair went on the search for a suitable piece of land which they found south of Teretonga, towards Oreti Beach, they had it surveyed, set a boundary and negotiated a lease with the council.....Read on

 Aussie speedway star Troy Batchelor admits his life has been “turned upside down” after being called up to compete in the 2014 FIM Speedway Grand Prix series, which opens with the Auckland round at Western Springs on April 5.
The 26-year-old former Australian champion qualified as first reserve for this year’s series but has been promoted to the elite list of riders following the withdrawal of Russian Emil Sayfutdinov for fitness and financial reasons.......Read on

Epic Battle Predicted For Reed Memorial
Oreti Park Speedway will pay honor to one of its own legends this Saturday night March 1st when the Brian Reed Memorial Solo trophy goes up for grabs in what will be an epic battle within the ranks of the local riders.
The favorite without a doubt would have to be New Zealand Grand Prix winner Grant Tregoning, while he struggled early in the season with injury and mechanical issues, the Christchurch based Southland rider has been in blistering form as of late, claiming 2nd at the New Zealand Championship at Oreti Park, winning the New Zealand Grand Prix a week later in Christchurch and just last week being announced as a reserve rider at the New Zealand round of the World Speedway Grand Prix at Western Springs in Auckland......Read on

 Kiwi duo Andrew Aldridge and Grant Tregoning have been named as track reserves for the New Zealand FIM Speedway Grand Prix (NZSGP) at Auckland’s Western Springs on April 5.
The Christchurch-based pair earned their spots at the opening round of the world championship FIM Speedway Grand Prix series (SGP) after reaching the last four in the New Zealand Championship Final at Invercargill’s Oreti Park on February 8.....Read on

Local Riders Keeping Busy. While the organisers at Oreti Park Speedway are having a well deserved break, hosting four race meetings including a National title since the New Year, their riders are still as busy as ever contesting events elsewhere.
The Southland crowd witnessed a heart stopping battle at the New Zealand Solo Championships when Jason Bunyan claimed a record equaling 9th National title over local hopeful Grant Tregoning by just a wheel length, but Tregoning's fortunes changed in Christchurch at Moore Park on Saturday night....Read on

Champ Has To Work For Title. A massive Southern crowd were treated to some of the best Solo racing ever witnessed at the Russell Cunningham Oreti Park Speedway on Saturday night, it was a night that promised so much for so many but at the end of the day there could only be one winner and that was now 9 time champion Jason Bunyan who had to pull out all of his international experience to claim the record equaling title. The Southern Bolts And Fasteners New Zealand Solo Champs started with 20 of the country's top Solo riders all aiming for a spot in the top 8 to contest the semi finals..... Read on

Champ has more hunger than ever....The Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway will come alive this Saturday night as 20 of New Zealands top Solo riders go head to head in what will be an epic battle in the Southern Bolts And Fasteners New Zealand Solo Championship, and one rider in particular has more hunger to claim the title than anyone else.
Reigning New Zealand Champion Jason Bunyan wants this title as much as any of the 8 New Zealand titles he has won in the past.....Read on

NO BRAKES, NO GEARS, NO FEAR... Speedway World Champion Tai Woffinden is primed and confident he can become only the third rider in history to mount a successful defence of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix title, which opens in Auckland on April 5 with the first round of the 2014 series. The British rider, who defied the bookies as a 500-1 outsider to win the 2013 crown, is relishing the prospect of opening his quest to secure back-to-back title at Western Springs and was not fazed by the thought of playing the role of the hunted rather than the hunter....Read on

Tregoning Makes It Seven In A Row
A huge crowd at The Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway was treated to a commanding display of riding from Grant Tregoning in the Southland Solo Championship, making this title his seventh Southland title in a row.
The Christchurch based rider who is contracted to the Southland club won all four heats and the final, it was the perfect lead up to the New Zealand Championship being held at Oreti Park in two weeks....Read on

Southland Outlaws Stage Comeback Win at Oreti Park.
In what looked like a case of deja vu, the Southland Outlaw Solo team seemed destined to finish the Inter-provincial Solos in last place without claiming a win in the series, and with five heats to go the Canterbury Comets had a convincing five point lead and looked like they were going to hand the Southland team defeat once again, but Grant Tregoning and his team consisting of Jeremy Godfrey, Paul Hayes, Jack McRae and Hayden Sims were not about to give up lightly. In the Southland Sidecar Championships it was Kevin McDonald and Karl Hosie who made up for their start line infringement last weekend to dominate the night.........Read on

Major Upset At Oreti Park
When you look to the form books the names Bradley Sharp and Neville Chalmers names would be nowhere to be seen but they had a night to remember at the Peter Blick Memorial Sidecar meeting at the Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway on Saturday night...... Read on


Champions Unstoppable At Burt Munro
A hearty crowd filled The Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway on Saturday night, they braved the wind and the odd heavy shower of rain, but they were witness to some of the most closely contested racing seen at the Southern circuit. National Sidecar Champions Paul Humphrey and Ben Franklin were unstoppable and showed why they are the best in the country by winning all three heats and the semi final by easy on

Reserved Seats for the NZ Stockcar Champs and NZ Stockcar Teams Champs at Palmerston Nth
A reserved block of seats in the Grandstand and another just before the start / finish line on the Embankment have gone on sale for the NZ Stockcar Champs and NZ Stockcar Teams Champs so get over to Ticket Direct and get them while they're hot.


Action Packed Season Opener At Oreti Park.
A massive crowed filled The Russell Cunningham Properties Oreti Park Speedway for their opening meeting on Saturday night, and they were entertained by almost as many spills as there was thrills. Steady rain threatened to slow proceedings just before the start of racing but once the rain cleared it was business as usual on track and the crowd was eager to see The Southland Outlaws take on the Auckland Rhinos in the Inter-provincial Solo Match, Auckland were hurting after a narrow loss last weekend to the Canterbury Comets in Christchurch and they made their intentions very well know from the start of heat one when they scored maximum on


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Perry Kyte chalks up yet another win with his recent award of the Queens Service Medal for his services to the Welcome Bay Community and the Spinal Cord Society. Perry and his unique looking 3m Stockcar are etched in the memories of long time speedway followers despite his racing career being cut short by a non racing accident that left him confined to a wheelchair. A video of his investiture is here .
Congratulations and well done Perry.
Another season is fast approaching with some tracks already running practice seasons and while this page has been pretty static for some time I have almost completed a new calendar covering most tracks. Rosebank has the honour of being first SNZ track to green flag the season on the 6th of October with their King of Rosebank meeting. The following weekend on the 12th Palmerston North fires up and from there on it's all on for another summer of competition, celebration, drama, disaster, intrigue, rumours, and whatever else a mix of humans and machines can summon up.
If you are thinking about getting involved in Speedway racing jumping in the deep end by purchasing a car is not always the best option. A lot can be learnt by attaching yourself to an existing team as a crew member. To assist I have a page dedicated to filling or finding suitable positions check it out. The new team being assembled by Terry Brown in Blenheim could offer all sorts of opportunities for both dirt and sealed track experience. Seems the team already has 4 spaceframe Stockcars plus a Rees tanks along with various Saloons. and are up for grabs, make a decent offer and you could be collecting coins in no time.

The Annual Modified Invasion is always a greatly anticipated meeting at Woodford Glen even though it does signal the demise of the track's current season. This Easter's edition had the extra bait of a face-off between current dual 1nz's Luke Keegan and Jamie Fox on the card. The 22 car field of Modifieds came to wow the crowd and wow they did. All heat races were action packed with great competition between Keegan and Fox along with 13c and 7c for top positions. The weekend ended on finals night with Christchurch local Luke Keegan bringing home the Modified Invasion Series Trophy with 13c David Thompson and 7c Hayden McKay taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. A great way to polish off the season at Woodford Glen.
Full results on the Woodford Glen site and images are available from SR Photography.

30-12-2012(images above by
The 41 Car field came to entertain the generous crowd at Ocean View Speedway last night which saw speedster 3nz Shane Penn in his Hartley power machine take two wins and be the class of the field, The other stand out was the brand new car of 19c/v Malcom Nagtai hot on the pace. 4p Chad ace was unlucky to be rolled in heat one after leading the first two laps but still managed to get some good results to make it through to the top 26.
With rain today finals night has been set for 4pm Monday 31-12-12
A full write up and points can be found at
Qualifiers by track:-
Palmerston North - 9, Hawkes Bay - 4, Wellington - 3, Wanganui - 3, Stratford - 3, Rotorua - 3, Huntly - 1.

As depicted by the
Sportsweb Photography images above the Huntly TWS Stockcar Teams event that ran Friday and Sunday this past weekend was an absolute spectacle for all the right reasons. Stunning is the only word I can garner to describe the massive hits and resulting carnage. Particularly impressive was the semifinal between the Auckland Alleycats and the Waikato Raiders. Both teams of drivers going at it until the death or serious maiming of their cars. Winner of that match had to face the Manawatu Steelers in the final and sadly for the Alleycats they fell at the final hurdle.The Manawatu Steelers are the deserved champions and masters of their game, that's the cool dudes with the fancy trophy above, and best of all they did it without using confusing team numbers on their cars.There were no dud teams at this event , every team and every driver acquitted themselves well and did their followers proud.
This teams event at Huntly has really cemented itself as a signature event now so if you weren't there make sure you don't make the same mistake next year. 
In other teams events this weekend in Wellington the Nelson Tigers Superstock team tamed the Wellington Wildcats and in retribution the Wellington Young Guns dispatched the Tasman Thunder Stockcar team.
In Christchurch and involving more Stockcar teams it was Ken's Cowboys on the loosing end of the match against the Canterbury Crushers.


This season the Christchurch TQ Midget Club are celebrating 25 years and are running a 'Tri Nations' series around the South Island with meeting's at Ruapuna, Ellesmere, Greymouth, Invercargill and Dunedin. They race at 8 meeting's in 12 days. The ChCh TQ club are bringing over 4 USA and 4 Australian top drivers to race in the series in local cars. With 1,2,3 NZ all confirmed to compete plus other North Island and South Island drivers a field of around 30-40 car's will race in the series.
Dates for the biggest series involving the smallest of the traditional speedway classes , some driver profiles and an order form for commemorative T Shirts can be found by clicking here .


WOW! The Bay Park Busters are back ! for 2013 thanks to the support of Rex Pollock and Pollock Cranes & others. The team will consist of 6a Kerry Remnant , 38r Ross Ashby , 87r David Elsworth, 92r Kyle Fraser , 99r Mark Decke. Rodney Wood is 6th driver and coach. The rebirth of the Baypark Busters is sure to delight fans of the famous team and breath even more interest into the Superstock teams meetings at both the Palmerston North and Auckland events especially as the team consists of such high achieving cars and drivers.
image courtesy of SportsWeb Photography

The Palmerston North season opener is always keenly anticipated. It signals to the whole country that the new season is well and truly here and ready to roll. It also is often a pointer to the state of the nation with regards competitor numbers particularly in the Superstock and Stockcar classes . This season would seem to be about to deliver a bumper crop of bumpers to the Robertson Holden International Speedway with 30 Superstocks and 90 Stockcars signed up to carry the 'P' after their number. Promoter Bruce Robertson is understandably hopeful the 90 Stockcars won't all turn up on the same night. Stockcar fans will no doubt be hoping they do. Word is the fastest Superstock at practices so far has been 2nz Kerry Humphrey in a car that is 7 or 8 years old but looking brand new.
Also encouraging is the fact that 30 new drivers have to go through the mentor program before they can race. Spare a thought for the scrutineers who have had to greensheet 200 race vehicles and the volunteers organising the whole show . Speedway is definitely alive and well in the Manawatu so get yourself trackside at FMG Stadium Palmerston North this Saturday night at 7pm and see for yourself.

Palmerston North opens this coming weekend (weather allowing) and I'm not ready. With most of the more keenly followed championships being in the 'other' Island this season it's been a tad harder to get enthused. That said there are plenty of likely good meetings to be had in the North so best get stuck into them thus I have been working on my version of a Season Calendar to assist my/your planning. Still a few dates to be added but most of them are there. If I've missed yours then email them to me.
Macgors NZ Speedway is well pleased to have secured the naming rights for the Nth Island Modified Champs set to happen at Rotorua on the 27th & 28th of December. Whether it runs one or two nights will be decided by entry numbers so come on chaps if you've got a Modified get your entry sorted now.
The Macgor's Saloon Series will also be happening at Rotorua again this season. The series is designed to offer incentive for cars that turn up regularly and race sensibly. All credit to the Rotorua club for running the Series .
I'm not sure how busy this page will be this season but major event results will be published when available and there is a real danger I might get carried away with some opinionated dribble from time to time. I'm also happy to publish press release type info should it be sent my way. As always the Discussion Board will without doubt offer plenty of info and entertainment as the season progresses.

Don't forget the Speedway Ads section , times are tough so bag yourself a bargain

Note ! : The  Archives is a good place to look for the older items that used to be on this page


2014 - 2015
NZ Champions
1nz:Peter Rees 10p
2nz:Peter Bengston 58p
3nz:Graeme Barr 3nz

1nz:Asher Rees 126p
2nz: Jayden Ward 1nz
3nz: Chevron Taniwha 2nz

Super Saloons
1nz:Steve Flynn 3nz
2nz:Mark Grocott 73c
3nz: Ian Burson 2nz

1nz:Steve Cowling 271m
2nz:Paddy North 46e
3nz:Chris Cowling 1nz
1nz:Jamie Duff 19a
2nz:Ricky Logan 18p
3nz:Daniel Eggleton 78a
1nz:Brad Mosen 7a
2nz:Brock Maskovich 5a
3nz:David Kerr 99c
1nz:Luke Keegan 1nz
2nz:Jamie Fox 99a
3nz:Hayden McKay 3nz

T.Q Midgets
1nz:Matthew Leversedge97c
2nz:Duane Todd 1nz
3nz:Danny Keene 71a
1nz:Sean Rice 3nz
2nz:Christian Hermansen48p
3nz:Jamie Larsen 2nz

1nz:DaveMcSherry 62c
2nz:Steve Petersen 2nz
3nz:Tony Mclenaghan 4c

1nz:Mike Zachan/
Jason McKinley 97p

2nz:Andrew Buchanan/
Denny Cox 39p

3nz:Richard Horne/
Alastair Horne 2nz

2013 - 2014
NZ Champions
1nz:Shane Penn 1nz
2nz:Jordan Dare 581p
3nz:Graeme Barr 32p
1nz:Jayden Ward 971p
2nz:Chevron Taniwha 74p
3nz:Dale Robertson 89w
Super Saloons
1nz:Mark Osborne 1nz
2nz:Ian Bursan 3nz
3nz:Steve Flynn 5b
1nz:Chris Cowling 272m
2nz:Brent McClymont 3nz
3nz:Nigel Ross 46a
1nz:Rodney Wood 51m
2nz:Dean Brindle 2nz
3nz:Jamie McDonald 71a
1nz:Michael Pickens 1nz
2nz:Scott Buckly 25a
3nz:Hayden Williams 27a
T.Q Midgets
1nz:Duane Todd 61b
2nz:Scott Baker 98a
3nz:Jeremy Webb 8c
1nz:Luke Keegan 1nz=
2nz:Mike Gourlay 4c
3nz::Hayden McKay 7c
1nz:Shaun Cooke 18h
2nz:Jamie Larsen 1nz
3nz:Sean Rice 3nz
1nz:Paul Simon 57d
2nz:Steve Petersen 28c
3nz:Chris Shingleton 91s
Solo Bikes 
1nz:Jason Bunyan 1nz
2nz:Grant Tregoning 5i
3nz:Sean Mason 3nz
1nz:Paul Humphrey/ Ben Franklin 1nz
2nz:Richard Horne/ Alastair Horne 2nz
3nz:Keiran Payne/ Stu Elston 5p

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