Historic Stockcar Club of New Zealand Inc
PO Box 24609 Royal Oak, Auckland

President :Laurie Brunt 07 862-3822 email lbrunt@xtra.co.nz
Secretary: Linda Brunt  07 862-3822 email lbrunt@xtra.co.nz
Treasurer: John Farndon  09 636-8201 email jiffy_1952@hotmail.com
All enquiries to Laurie, Linda or John.
Club Newsletter, John Farndon email jiffy_1952@hotmail.com
The Historic Stockcar Club was founded in 1993 by a group of like minded individuals whose intention was to locate, restore, and
demonstrate old NZ stockcars, particularly those from the 1955 to 1970 era. Gary Wike, the club's first president, had  already located
and restored his Father's old car, #88 that had been built in 1958 for competition at the Epsom Showground's track in Auckland.

Since the formation of the club nearly twenty cars have been restored or replicas of old cars have been built. These now cover a period
from the Fifties to the mid Eighties. These cars are run at club events and in demonstration runs at various tracks.

Preserving the History of the sport and the collection of items of importance has also become a priority of the club.
A large photographic archive along with many programs and articles are constantly being added to.
A bi - monthly newsletter, ' Siderail ', is published for club members, covering not only club news, but also historic articles and
photographs on contact stockcar racing history from around the world.

A lot of interesting material from times past
can be found on the Racecars Missing In Action  board


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