A loving look at everything that's not quite right with Red Dwarf. Initially created in 1995 by Damone, I discovered the file and wanted to continue it. So now it's edited by Doc. I've e-mailed the original author many times, searched out possible hyperlinks for them, and none of the addresses exist anymore. I took this file as a tribute to both the show and the people who created this concept, so if *you* know them, please e-mail to let me know, at
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All new additions from last version are marked with a:
  • 0.5 Updates and New Stuff.
  • 1.0 What is the Plot Inconsistencies Project (PIP)?
  • 2.0 What are the Plot Inconsistencies?
  • 3.0 What are the Production Errors?
  • 4.0 Additions, Corrections, or Contributions to PIP.
  • 5.0 Acknowledgements.
  • 6.0 Conclusion.


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    Doc: 7.50a- (1st - 12th July 2002). Doc 8.0 (5 July 2007). Doc 9.0 (19 March 2017).

    1.0 WHAT IS THE PLOT INCONSISTENCIES PROJECT (PIP)? - Long answer: The Plot Inconsistencies Project (PIP) is an attempt to compile, record, and resolve all of the various plot inconsistencies for the British television show, Red Dwarf. The writers, Grant Naylor, are famous for changing established facts when it suited their plots. Through fan efforts, we are attempting to go through all the available episodes and make this list of plot holes and problems, and then fix them ourselves. Any blatant contradiction, minor flub, disappearing plot lines, or any solutions to any of the above are welcomed. See section 4.0 on how to contribute. Short answer: It was a post I made to the Red Dwarf Newsgroup about an idea I had, and it got out of hand. Way out of hand.

    2.0 WHAT ARE THE PLOT INCONSISTENCIES? - Some extra explanation has been added into this section due to the new divisions, as more stringent definitions are required. A Plot Inconsistency (PI) is a part of the plot (facts, technology, etc) which contradicts or does not fit with that which came before it, or it is a part of an episode which cannot be explained within the information in the episode itself. It can also be a hypothetical question that was not actually part of the episode, or a question that arises from actions not consistent with the normal functioning of a crewmember. For example, information in two episodes which says that Lister had more than one appendix is an inconsistency.

    The main feature of PIs is that, with proper application of dubious logic, they can be explained away rather nicely within the confines of believability through suspension of disbelief. The inconsistency should actually require some sort of explanation, and events of obvious exaggeration and intended misdirection are not included.

    Some Production Errors can also be PIs if there is an explanation for them that fits into the plot of the series. The door-opening panels that activate before they are touched are an example of this. They are listed in both sections. There is a full description of Production Errors (PEs) at the beginning of section 3.0.

    The PIs will be listed by series, by episode. Each inconsistency will be listed, and if a resolution exists for it, it will be included below it.


    This is a section to deal with the obvious divisions between mess-ups on the show. What is a Production Error (PE)? I'm glad you asked. A Production Error is something that was done wrong with a technical aspect of the show. This can include continuity errors during filming, special effects devices visible in the shots, cast members doing unscripted actions, or complete incompetence during the research stage of the show that makes glaring and unforgivable (as well as unexplainable) errors in the show. If they screwed up so bad we couldn't explain it away, it ends up here. Given the choice between some sort of cheesy explanation ('Well, the Captain's office was completely redesigned during this time period, and then redesigned again, and again...') or listing it as a PE, it will be listed as a PE. The PIs are for legitimate plot screw-ups that we can explain away. The cable line dragging Rimmer out of the SB in Backwards (3-1) is an example of a PE.

    If there are obvious PEs that can be explained away in the context of the show, they are listed in both sections, but their explanations are not included here. PEs have no explanation except the universally accepted, 'Someone goofed up, and the editors didn't earn their pay that day.' Also, if the PI that was made was so basic and stupid that any explanation wouldn't be any fun even as an exercise in semantics, it ends up here.

    The PEs are listed by series, by episode, as in the previous section.

    4.0 ADDITIONS, CORRECTIONS, OR CONTRIBUTIONS TO PIP says - I doubt this list can ever be comprehensive.
    If you have an inconsistency, resolution, or other input about the PIP, please address your e-mail at the moment to:

    When you write your e-mail, please contain 'PIP' as the subject line. Include as much information as possible about the episode in which the inconsistency occurs, as well as other episodes you may refer to in your post (i.e. use episode numbers PLEASE). If you'd like to e-mail Damone, please do, I'd like to be able to find out the status of the PIP as far as he's concerned, so if you discover what's happening, please tell Doc.

    Do not be offended if I do not write back to you, as my mail volume is pretty high. If I use anything, you will be included in the Acknowledgements section. - All book/series references are gone. They are too much completely different entities to be included together. While Grant Naylor may have forgotten which plot they were working with at the time, this project will not, and will stay only with series/series contradictions. If any foolish person wishes to do book/series, I've got some stuff you could probably use. For those looking for book/book inconsistencies, please see the Book Plot Inconsistencies Project (BPIP), by El Skutto (if you can find it).

    5.0 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - First and foremost to:
    *** El Skutto ***

    ...who pretty much did all of the research and writing for the first version and got this thing off the ground and hopelessly lost in space. (Thanks Damone for putting up with my nagging so well -- El Skutto.)

    She is also the author of the Book Plot Inconsistencies Project (BPIP), the Red Dwarf References List (RDRL), and the Red Dwarf Fishlist. Check them out on an internet near you. And you thought you had too much free time?

    Honorable mention as 'Annoying Aussie Of The Year' goes to:

    *** Matt Dawson ***

    ...who pretty much sent me volumes and volumes of plot errors from all of the episodes whether I wanted them or not, in a coordinated attempt with another Aussie (who shall remain nameless) to drive me completely insane.

    The 'Iron-Man Awards For HTML Conversion' go to:

    *** Michael Nagy ***
    *** Dave Williamson ***
    *** Friday ***

    ... who convert all the new versions into HTML format at their wonderful little web pages and save me more nightmares and heartaches.

    Without the help of these wonderful people, this never would have been:

    (Those bound in stars were dedicated workers for this project, viewing entire series to find inconsistencies, and helping with the beta-ing of the PIP for Damone. Thanks to everybody)

    Ben Paddon - Thank you for outstanding help. Helen Bates, Beorahood, BertGordon, Andrew Blume, Edward Buckley, The Cat, CherStrand, *Cma*, Miffy Coghill, David Coombes, Oliver A. Corrigan, Charles Daniels, Brenda Daverin, Dion, John Doyle, Elliedra, Ben Erickson, Gareth Evans, Vicky Evans, Fraser, Friday, Jackie Fuchs, David L. Gilbert, Theodore Graham, Richard Greene, Eric Haas, Holly 512, *Nick Honeywell*, Steve Howell, Graeme Jefferis, Coran Jones, Paul Jones, JJ Flash, Jonathan Kallay, Kevin, Martin King, Jason Kingston, Christopher M. Kribs, Chris Kuan, Legion, *Lizbeth*, Bette Llewellyn, Lisa Manekofsky, Ned Martell, Tony Martin, Tom Marwede, Dave McRae, Yossef Mendelssohn, Michael Micallef, Sami Mikhail, Mark Moir, Glen Montgomery, *Craig O'Neil*, Chris Nielsen, Boris Pelakh, James Peterson, Will A. Phillips, Todd Pinarchick, Raz, Jill Rhodes, Jim Richards, Eric Rochkind, Alan Salt, Jeremy Schroeder, Barny Shergold, Nick Sim, Daniel Snyder, Cheryl Strand, Charles Sundt, Eddie Talbut, *Maggie Thomas*, John Tudek, Daniel Vasconcelos, Jamie Watson, Lee Weinert, Dean White, Craig Young, Zanndraa

    ... and to all I may have missed. Please e-mail me so I may rectify the error.

    ... and of course, to Grant Naylor, who really made it all possible (and who now have a copy of this thing apparently). Not only that, they put El Skutto and myself in the credits of the 'Smeg Outs' video. To wit:



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