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Liberty and Occupation


The period before liberty;

In 1521 the Spanish period started with the arrival of a small fleet in the coastal waters of Cebu island. After a period of struggle,  the organized resistance of the locals was definitely broken in 1565. 

A long period of Spanish influence followed. Colonial buildings and religious places gave the Philippines, at that time called  'Las Islas Felipinas', more and more a Spanish and Catholic character.  

Liberty,  brought by the Americans?

After 327 years under Spanish rule, the Spanish-American War ended the Spanish colonial period. The Filipinos thought that they won independence in 1898.  But that was a wishful thinking! The Philippines was controlled by the Americans from 1900-1942. Then a short Japanese occupation period 1942-1945 followed, before  the Americans defeated the Japanese army. Freedom at last! In 1946 the people of the Philippines attained their independence, 148 years later than the freedom which was written down by Julian Felipe in the "Lupang Hinirang". 

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