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Includes VirusScan Home Edition 7
Includes the latest version of the award winning VirusScan anti-virus software to protect your system from viruses, Trojans, Internet worms, harmful scripts, and other malware. With automated updates and exclusive H.A.W.K. (Hostile Activity Watch) protections, VirusScan keeps your computing free of even the latest threats.

Includes McAfee Firewall 4
Includes the latest version of McAfee Firewall. McAfee Firewall enables you to control the communications in and out of your PC and helps keep hackers at bay. With powerful Application Control, Intrusion Detection, and easy Home Networking and Custom Rule Creation Wizards, McAfee Firewall provides essential security for your Internet connection.

Spyware/Adware Protection
Helps enhance your privacy by rooting out snooper programs that attempt to track your Web surfing habits. Now you can easily find and shut down these tracking programs that often piggyback on popular freeware utilities and games.

Extended Stealth Program Protection
Helps keep your PC free of hidden key loggers that try to capture and steal your passwords and a whole host of even more insidious programs that may be watching and recording everything you do on your PC. Adds an essential layer of protection against this growing threat to your privacy and security.

Pop-Up Blocker
Puts an end to those pesky and annoying pop-up ads so prevalent on the Internet. Now you'll be able to surf the Internet without these and other ads getting in your way and slowing you down.

Allow/Block Applications Per User
Lets you to control which applications are available to different family members. Parents can readily use installed programs while blocking access to younger family members, protecting the family PC while restricting access to questionable material.

Filtering of Usenet Newsgroups
Usenet is said to exemplify the best and worst of the Internet. Now you can take charge of which newsgroups and content various family members might be exposed to and filter out objectionable material while retaining access to the wealth of information Usenet provides.

MRU Cleaner
Deletes the telltale trail left behind the files you've opened and viewed recently. Enhances your privacy by clearing MRU's (Most Recently Used) of Windows based utilities and many other popular programs.

System Requirements

  • MCD-ROM Drive
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home, XP Pro, 2000 Pro, ME, 98
  • Internet Explorer 4.01, SP 2
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 71 MB Hard Disk Space
  • Pentium 100 MHz or higher processor
  • Internet Access is required for some features.