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Welcome to our website and this introductory page. From here you will be able to navigate to our business sites.
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Changes in technology and distribution systems along with our focus on family has been the driving force to restructure our business making the workflow more efficient. We now operate completely from our home as we no longer need the space we required in the past. Most of what we do now can be carried out by use of smart phones, social media, electronic communication and online presentations. We do come out to visit our clients on request and prefer to do this when computer training is required as it is best to work with you on your own computer as you already know your way around your own computer. It also means we teach you with software familiar to you.

This website is under radical revision. In the next few days we will upload our new sections including Health and Family, Remote or Distance Learning Info, Education, Health and Fitness, Sexuality and Relationships, and Culture.

We also have an opportunity for individuals wanting to SAVE MONEY on their personal purchases, and for the really switched on people a chance to EARN MONEY everytime someone purchases on a referral basis.

While our main focus will remain in business ventures and computer IT we do plan to offer information and resources to help people and families. PLEASE Note some of the links below have not been updated yet and may not work

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