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Makarewa Weather
Invercargill, New Zealand

Important notice the weather station will be shut down on the 18th of December thank you for your support over the years of operation

DATE: 15 January 2012 at 1:30 PM ....next update: 1:45 p.m.

Current weather

Light rain
Humidity: 78 %





Current: 12.7°C
Min: 7.1°C at 12:41 AM
Max: 15.6°C at 12:38 PM
Change in the last hour: ( -2.7°C/last hr )

Today: 1.0 mm
This month: 55.0 mm
This year: 55.0 mm
Days without: 0


Current: 5.1 kts from 267 ° ( W )
Average:Max 12.4 kts at 12:50 PM
Gusts: Max 20.2 kts at 9:51 AM

Current: 1002.0 mb
Rising ( +1.0 mb/hr )
Min: 995.0 mb at 2:42 AM
Max: 1002.0 mb at 12:57 PM


Tunnel House

Current: 9.1°C
Min: 9.1°C   Max: 9.1°C

Soil Temp
Current: -20.0°C
Min: -20.0°C°C   Max: -20.0°C°C


The data is logged at two minute intervals, but there is data recorded every minute.
On the graph, the Blue line represents the average windspeed, the Red line is the maximum gust for that interval and
the Green line is what the wind has dropped off to in the same interval. Fuschia is the Barometer, and the dew point and Blue is humidity.

Use the RELOAD facility on your browser to retrieve the latest data.

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