New Zealand Arboricultural Association

The New Zealand Arboricultural Association represents Arborists throughout New Zealand. In 1996 the New Zealand Arboricultural Association formed a Chapter with the International Society of Arboriculture.


What is Arboriculture?

Arboriculture is recognised as the complete care, management and maintenance of amenity trees. Amenity trees are those in parks and reserves, streets and residential gardens.

Trees bring natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban surroundings, all of which increase the quality of life for residents in the community.

Arboriculture is distinct from silviculture, which is the care and management of commercial forest trees for timber production and economic return.

The Arborist

Competent Arborists are both qualified and experienced and provide a wide range of tree care services. These include local authority tree management, residential tree care, maintenance of trees near overhead wires, and consultancy services.

Arborists undertake tree planting, pruning, removal, transplanting, fertilising, pest and disease diagnosis and treatment, tree inspections, surveys and reports.

The Association

The New Zealand Arboricultural Association was formed in response to a growing demand for a professional body to represent the arboricultural industry.

The New Zealand Arboricultural Association holds an annual conference with national and international speakers. Each year two technical seminars are held, social events, and field trips.

The New Zealand Arboricultural Association runs an Approved Contractors Scheme.

Aims and Objectives

The goal of the NZAA is to encourage, foster, improve and educate in all aspects of arboriculture throughout New Zealand.

Some of the objectives are:


Membership is open to professional Arborists and tree managers in private industry and local authorities, scientists, students and any person or group interested in amenity trees.

Approved Contractors

NZAA Operates an Approved Contractor Scheme that ensures that the customer will receive the highest standard of tree work.

NZAA encourages you to ask specifically for NZAA Approved Contractors.


Arbor Care, phone 07 543 1775, fax 07 543 1775. RD 3, Pyes Pa, TAURANGA.

Aspen Ltd, phone 07 571 8867, fax 07 578 8303. PO Box 147, TAURANGA.

Bark Ltd, phone 0800 429 092, fax 04 382 0834. PO Box 40323, UPPER HUTT.

Cadzow Tree Services, phone 03 466 7557 50. Greenhill Avenue, DUNEDIN.

Claxton Tree Services, phone 09 418 4326, fax 09 418 0166. 12 Palmerston Road, Birkenhead, AUCKLAND.

Freelance Tree Surgeons, phone 09 422 0525, fax 09 422 0528. PO Box Puhoi Post Office, PUHOI.

NelMac Tree Services, phone 03 546 0910, fax 09 546 0917. PO Box 5077 NELSON.

Premier Tree Surgeons, phone 04 476 3663, fax 04 476 3663. PO Box 1879, WELLINGTON.

Southern Tree Surgeons, phone 03 473 9119, fax 03 473 6134. PO Box 8042, DUNEDIN.

Treescape Ltd, phone 09 276 2846, fax 09 276 2899. PO Box 35 642, AUCKLAND.

Tree Doctors, phone 06 877 2398, fax 06 877 2398. PO Box 8125, HAVELOCK NORTH.

Tree Tech, phone 07 552 4087, fax 07 552 4318. RD 6, Station Road, TAURANGA.

Wellington City, phone 04 801 3891, fax 04 801 3199. PO Box 2199, WELLINGTON .

Contacting the New Zealand Arboricultural Association

For enquiries to the New Zealand Arboricultural Association, contact the Adminstration Officer at PO Box 5596, Wellesley Street, Auckland, New Zealand. Telephone 021 212 7397. Email

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