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Guestbook to 2000

(Copied from the now defunct Geocities)


Welcome to my Guestbook! I hope that you take the time to let me know you were here.


Murray Reid - 10/17/00 07:56:35
My Email:mhhr@ihug.co.nz
Location: Howick NZ


Failed to get through to Sue Courtneys site, but overall enjoyed the browse. My reason for surfing was an attempt to get advice on a computer based record of my cellar inventory, and comments on quaffing so I may base future purchases and selection on past likes rather than a failing memory. Can you advise please. Thanks

Robert Way - 08/28/99 06:58:49
My Email:RobertJWay@xtra.co.nz
Location: Wellington

Great resource page

Lee-Ann Kendall - 08/24/99 21:02:22
My Email:lakend@xtra.co.nz
Location: Auckland


Awesome site, full of relevant and interesting information

Danny de Hek - 08/23/99 07:36:03
My URL:http://www.newzealandnz.co.nz/coffee/index.html
My Email:danny@danny.co.nz
Location: New Zealand! and it Rocks!!

I love wine!! and if you love wine like me you may love Coffee http://www.newzealandnz.co.nz/coffee/ Nice site dudess and keep up the hard work!! If you would like great free New Zealand Screensaver check this out http://www.newzealandnz.co.nz/screensaver/

Donella Vercoe - 08/19/99 00:50:48
My Email:donella.vercoe@telecom.co.nz
Location: Auckland

Very informative - well done love

harchia - 08/17/99 22:54:15
My Email:harchaia Xtran.z.co
Location: dunedin

very up to informtion Well Done

jamie gillies - 08/15/99 06:42:16
My Email:jamiegillies@hotmail
Location: new zealand

I am conducting a mock analysys of the nz wine industry as part of a university paper and found your site, links, infomation and lay out a pleasure to use, thanks alot.

Dave Sansom - 08/09/99 20:48:21
My URL:http://www.tawnyswinebar.co.uk
My Email:beauxsam@aol.com
Location: Swanage, Dorset, UK

Great fan of your whites (Cloudy Bay latest vintage disappointing) get to work on your Pinot Noir and they could be worls beaters.

Damon - 08/03/99 21:54:38
My URL:http://www.greatelk.com
My Email:damon.r@greatelk.com
Location: Auckland

Great work, keep it up

Carrine (Reeny Kins) - 08/03/99 09:39:46
Location: New Zealand

It was very, very helpful to me, and so eye catching and interesting too!!

08/02/99 21:36:28

hi, just looking through for information on an assignment i'm doing at school. Found some very interesting stuff thankx.

Lisa Reti - 07/29/99 05:03:13
My Email:lisa@advintage.co.nz
Location: Wellington

I have just found your website and have thoroughly enjoyed surfing it. Loads of information on wines - excellent!! I currently work for a wine distribution company called Advintage based in the Hawkes Bay. We have the agencies for Revington Vineyard in Gisborne, De Redcliffe Estate, Unison Vineyard, Craggy Range and Lucknow Estate which is new and owned by the Winema er for Kemblefield (Bruce Nimmon), we also have the agencies for Huia, Mudhouse and Le Grys and Wither Hills in Marlborough along with Peregrine in Otago. It's a very small yet colourful boutique portfolio. I would appreciate any info you have on any of these wineries and any feedback you may receive about the wines. Great stuff Lisa

Jonelle Rasmusen - 07/16/99 23:54:37
My Email:raz99@xtra.co.nz
Location: Dannevirke

Great infomation really enjoyed your site

Janna - 07/15/99 05:13:20
Location: Christchurch

Fantastic information on variety's and regions, however I was looking for more information on the economic side of things, hopefully your links will help. Thank you, Janna.

Lance McKinnon - 07/14/99 21:52:57
My Email:lancem@gamemeats.co.nz
Location: Auckland


Bruce Christenson - 07/02/99 10:02:20
My Email:piwakawaka@xtra.co.nz
Location: Taupo

Nice site!

Kate - 07/02/99 05:13:36
My Email:the.shukers@xtra.co.nz
Location: Napier

really really interesting

Mark Laithwaite - 07/02/99 00:45:27
My Email:plaith@ihug.co.nz
Location: Auckland

Good site. A group of us have just started a regular wine appreciation gathering. Information on this site shold help a lot. Thanks

Sean Hennessy - 05/14/99 04:11:37
My Email:sphennessy@hotmail.com
Location: Auckland

Most enjoyable site. I am a Food and Beverage Lecturer here in Auckland and have just started a wine course pertaining to The New Zealand Wine Industry, with my students. Have found the site to be of benefit Sites such as yours are brilliant reference for students who have access to the internet. Well laid out and easy to understand. Well done!

Colin Giddy - 03/02/99 05:34:46
My Email:colinj@xtra.co.nz
Location: Auckland. New Zealand

very informative. There is one other Grape Variety that is just starting in New Zealand and that is Zinfandel. Currently produced in a very limited qty by Stonecroft Vineyard in Napier

Roger Gibson - 02/03/99 22:35:09
My URL:http://www.otagowine.com
My Email:otagowine@nzsouth.co.nz
Location: Central Otago

Great site and descriptions of New Zealand wines - to keep up with the latest in Central Otago Wine industry check out http://www.otagowine.com/

Sue Courtney - 02/03/99 05:09:02
My URL:http://www.wineoftheweek.com

This is one of the best NZ Web sites. Comprehensive in its listing of varieties, regions, wineries and winery hyperlinks where they exist. I love the music. Great to listen to while the graphics download.

Tony & Raewyn Lancaster - 12/06/98 00:41:59
My Email:tony@waipoualodge.co.nz
Location: Waipoua Lodge, southern entrance to Waipoua Forest, Northland

We operate a small restaurant/accommodation lodge. Being so isolated we struggle to familarise ourselves with wine/food trends - you are now on my address list for good, down-to-earth information. I anticipate many more visits!

Sue Courtney - 10/01/98 07:39:02
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/NapaValley/vineyard/1153
My Email:winetaster@reocities.com
Location: New Zealand

Excellent Web site. Catchy music that makes me thirsty for a glass of great red red wine. Have placed a link in my geoguide.

Nicola Johansson - 09/09/98 03:59:17
My Email:nic_tony@dbworld.net.au
Location: Sydney

Really well done web site. very informative but not stuffy.

Peter May - 07/06/98 11:46:53
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/NapaValley/8383
My Email:pinotage@reocities.com
Location: St Albans, Hertfordshire, England

This is a great resource site for New Zealand Wines, and has a place on my Bookmark list! I think New Zealand makes the worlds best Sauvignon Blanc, and the only problem is so many other people agree with me that the price of the wines just keeps going up It is hard work to maintain a web-site. Well done, and keep up the good work.


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