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The Waipu Scots
On this page you will find links to passengers lists for the Nova Scotian Scots who travelled to New Zealand in the mid 1800's with the Rev Norman McLeod. Many of these hardy pioneers were victims of the Highland Clearances, who were forced to start a new life in Nova Scotia. Under the leadership of the Rev Norman McLeod they set sail once more to search for a better life in Australia and New Zealand
This list contains the names of the head of the household, sorted by ship, and details where the family was living in Nova Scotia; and the number of family members that traveled onboard. Please note that the family number inculdes the husband and wife.
The following lists, are sorted by the Vessel name. They show the name of the Husband, and the name of his wife. Whether they were married in Nova Scotia or New Zealand, the number of their children; and where they settled in New Zealand
This list contains the names of the Nova Scotian Scots women who did not marry Nova Scotian Gaels. It is probably not quite complete.
This list contains names of other settlers in the Waipu area who came from Scotland direct and joined the community at Waipu.
Waipu, in New Zealand's sunny north,is still very much a Scot's town. The Waipu Caledonian Society was formed in 1870 to run the newly instituted Highland Games in 1871. There had been sports days in 1869 and 1870 and these were the inspiration to have such an annual event. These gatherings have continued to the present day and people travel the lenght of the country to celebrate their Scot's heritage.