Couples married before Migrating
The numbers appearing after the couples names represent the number of their children.
where the couple were married before migration, the first number refers to the number of children on the ship with the parents. the second number refers to the number of children born in New Zealand.

Settled at Waipu   
Donald Campbell, Mary McLeod,9,0
John Fraser, Mary McLeod, 8, 0
John McGregor "centre", Elizabeth Matheson,8,0
Roderick McGregor, Mary McGregor, 2, 6
James McGregor, Unknown, 3, 0
John McKay "Ruadh", Ann McRae,14, 0
Roderick McKay "Og", Jessie McRae,3,6
Roderick McKay "seann", Margaret Matheson, 12, 0
Rev Norman McLeod,Mary McLeod, 8, 0
Roderick Ross, Mary McLeod, 9, 3
Hector Sutherland, Jessie Ferguson, 9, 0

setttled at Whangarei Heads
Donald McGregor, Christina McRae, 8, 0
Donald McLeod, ? Munro, 9, 0
John D McLeod, Mary McGregor,10, 0
George McLeod, Ann McGregor,3,0

settled at Melbourne and Auckland
Donald Ross, Sarah E. Hendry,10, 0

Couples married in New Zealand
settled at Waipu
Donald, son of John Fraser, Christina McKenzie, 6
Hugh, son of John Fraser, Margaret McKay, 9
Martha McRae,  John Dingwall, 2
Jessie daughter of John Fraser, Capt John Jacob
Donald, son of John McGregor, Catherine McLeod, 8
Murdoch, son of John McGregor, Jessie McDonald, 2
Donald, son of John McKay, Arabella McRae, 5
Roderick, son of John McKay, Christina McDonald, 7
Alex. son of John McKay, Mary McRae, 10
John, son of John McKay, Alexandrina Stewart, 12
Philip, son of John McKay, Jessie McLean,
Alex. son of Roderick McKay "seann", Margaret Sutherland, 3
Donald son of Roderick McKay "seann", Isabella McKay,6
John M., son of Roderick McKay "seann", Winifred McLennan,6
Murdoch, son of rev Norman McLeod, Margaret Finlayson, 2
John, son of Hector Sutherland, Mrs Mary Mort (nee Breen), 4
Robert Campbell, Isabella McKay, 10
Donald Finlayson, Christina Matheson, 2
Ewen McInnes, Mary McBain, 5
Alex. McInnes, Ann Campbell, 2
Angus McInnes, Jessie McKenzie
John McLeod (McAllister), Annabella Matheson,3

settled at New Plymouth
Murdoch, son of John Fraser, Eleanor McRae,7

settled at Whangarei Heads
Kenneth, son of Donald McGregor, Ann McLean, 6
Donald, son of Donald McGregor,Mary McRae,11
Donald son of John D McLeod, Margaret McDonald,3
John, son of John D McLeod, Frances Wykes,4
Lexy, daughter of John D McLeod,  Alex. Ross,  ?
Jessie daughter of John D McLeod, George Ross, ?
John G, son of Rev Norman McLeod, Mary McGregor, 3
Roderick, son of Don. McLeod, Annie McDonald
George, son of George McLeod, Matilda Drewitt, 6

settled at Auckland
Margaret, daughter of Hector Sutherland, James George, 8
Jessie, daughter of Hector Sutherland, Thomas Shove, 5
Hugh F Anderson,  Margaret McLeod, 4

settled at Clevedon
Hugh, son of Hector Sutherland, Ann Campbell,12
Janet, daughter of Hector Sutherland, George Munro,11
Mary, daughter of Hector Sutherland, Thomas Hyde, 1

settled at Wanganui
Ann, daughter of Hector Sutherland, John Cameron, 5

Married in Melbourne Australia
Donald, son of Rev Norman McLeod, Caroline Hillier.

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