Couples married before Migrating
The numbers appearing after the couples names represent the number of their children.
where the couple were married before migration, the first number refers to the number of children on the ship with the parents. the second number refers to the number of children born in New Zealand.

Settled at Waipu               
John Finlayson Mary McLean  3,7
Roderick Finlayson Catherine McLean 4,8
Donald McDonald Margaret Mckenzie 10,3
Neil McGregor Catherine Mckenzie 2,5
Duncan McKay ("Ian Ruadh") Elizabeth McKay 5,4
Duncan McKay ("Ban") Mary McRae 12,0
Capt Duncan Mckenzie Jessie Mckenzie 7,4
Hector McKenzie Mary Campbell 4
William McKenzie ("Beag") Annabella McKenzie 3,6
Capt Murdoch Mckenzie Elizabeth Campbell 7,3
Donald McLean Catherine McGregor 10,0
John McLennan Christina McKenzie 7,4

Settled at Whangarei Heads
Kenneth Stuart (or Stewart) Margaret McGregor 10,0

married in New Zealand

Settled in Waipu 
Murdoch, son of Donald McDonald    1st Margaret Cameron 4
                                                       2nd Kate McGregor 0
Kenneth, son of Donald McDonald, Mary McAuley 11
William, son of Donald McDonald, Isabella Fraser 9
Donald, son of Duncan Mckay, Flora Stewart 7
Alexander son of Duncan McKay, Maria Ross                    9
Duncan, son of Duncan McKay, Mary Campbell 7
Norman, son of Capt D. McKenzie, Mary Campbell 8
Murdoch, son of Donald McLean, Mary McLeod 6
Donald, son of Donald McLean, Margaret McLeod 2
John son of Donald McLean, Dolina McLeod 9
Duncan McQuarrie, Christina Campbell ?
Kenneth McLennan, Isabella McAulay 1
Duncan H McKenzie, Mary McKenzie ?
John Durham,  Mary McLennan 13
Johnathan McKay,  Catherine McDonald 2
Hector McKenzie , 1stChristina McKay ?
                             2nd unknown                    5
Alexander Finlayson, Margaret McInnes 8

settled at Whangarei heads
Capt Donald, son of Kenneth Stuart, Ann McLeod 7
Duncan, son of Kenneth Stuart, Isabella Urquhart 6

settled at Cambridge
Margaret, daughter of Capt D. McKenzie, Jas. Anderson 8

settled at Maunu
Kenneth, son of Kenneth Stuart, Jane McMillan 3

settled at Auckland

Roderick, son of Duncan McKay, Elizabeth Murchie 6
kenneth, son of Capt D. Mckenzie, Elizabeth Smith 4
John, son of Capt D. McKenzie, Mary Smith 4
John, son of Capt M. McKenzie, Jane Smith  5

settled at Ohaupo
Norman, son of Donald McDonald, Margaret Morrison 9

settled at Napier

John, son of Duncan McKay, Jessie McKenzie 4

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