Generation No.1

  1. John Sutherland was born C. 1710 in Skelbo, Sutherland, Scotland.

children of John Sutherland are:
    i. John (2) Sutherland b. 26 October 1739, Skelbo. Sutherland, Scotland.
    ii. Elspet Sutherland b. 24 October 1734; m. Robert McKenzie, 10 december 1756, Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland.
    iii. Annabella Sutherland b. 21 September 1732
    iv. William Sutherland b. 1730. m. Barbara Leslie, 17 October 1754, Cyderhall, Sutherland.
    v.  Hellen Sutherland b. 1730

Generation No.2

2. John (2) Sutherland b. 26 October 1739 in Skelbo, Sutherland, Scotland. He married Elizabeth Campbell 2 July 1755 in Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland.

children of John Sutherland and Elizabeth campbell are:
   i. Angus Sutherland b. 25 April 1756, Skelbo, Sutherland, Scotland.
   ii. Neil Sutherland b. 29 January 1757
   iii. John Sutherland b. 25 November 1759
   iv. Isobel Sutherland b. 1 March 1755
   v. Elizabeth Sutherland b. 3 November 1754

Generation No.3

3. Angus Sutherland was born 25 April 1756, in Skelbo, Sutherland, Scotland. He married Elizabeth Matheson* 25 January 1784 in Dornoch Sutherland.

children of Angus Sutherland and Elizabeth Matheson are:
   i. Angus Sutherland b. 1775, Proncy, Sutherland Scotland. d. 21 April 1841, Plainfield, Pictou Co.Nova Scotia Canada
   ii Helen Sutherland b. 6 November 1784, Proncy, Sutherland.
   iii.Donald Sutherland, b. 13 July 1792, Proncy, Sutherland
   iv.Jean Sutherland b. 7 Novemebr 1794, Proncy, Sutherland.
   v. Wemyss Sutherland b. 5 July 1801, Proncy, Sutherland.
   vi. George Sutherland, *

  *Elizabeth Matheson and her son George Sutherland were both drowned in the Meikle Ferry disaster on 16 August 1809.

Generation No.4

   4.  Angus Sutherland was born1775 in Proncy, Sutherland, Scotland. and died 21 April 1841 in Plainfield, Pictou Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. He married Isabella Gordon 14 June 1811 in Dornoch, Sutherland, daughter of Robert Gordon and Margaret McKay.

children of Angus Sutherland and Isabella Gordon are :
    i. Margaret Sutherland b. 17 March 1811, Dornoch, Sutherland. d. 1889 Antigonish, Nova              Scotia, Canada
   ii.Robert Sutherland, b. 1825, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia
   iii. John Sutherland b. Pictou Co., Nova Scotia
   iv. Mary Helen Sutherland b. Pictou Co. Nova Scotia. m. Alexander McKay
   v. Christy Sutherland. b. Pictou Co. Nova Scotia. M. James Gordon
   vi. Betsy Sutherland, b. Pictou Co. Nova Scotia.
   vii Jane Sutherland, b. Pictou Co, Nova Scotia
   viii Christian Sutherland b. Pictou Co. Nova Scotia
   ix.  Catherine (Kitty) Sutherland b. 1824 Plainfield, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia. d. 26 November            1918 West Branch, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia.
   x.  Angus Sutherland b. May 1820, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia.
   xi   Alexander Sutherland b. 1827, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia
   xii Jean Sutherland b. Pictou Co. Nova Scotia.
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My Sutherland Genealogy
Angus Sutherland and his wife Isabella Gordon are buried here at St Johns cemetery, Scotsburn, Nova Scotia. The inscription on the grave reads:
Interred here are the remains of Angus Sutherland, a native of Dornoch, who emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1812 and resided at the Meadows till he died in the year 1841, aged 67 years. He left a widow and twelve children and a loved circle of friends to lament the loss of an adored husband and patient parent and a good friend and kind neighbour. Also his wife, Isabella Gordon born Dornoch Scotland, died at the Meadows March 4, 1884 aged 99 years and 6 months. "Oir a ta fhios agam co ann a chreidmi"
Generation No.5

Robert Sutherland was born 1825 in Pictou Co. Nova Scotia. he Married Mary Ann Walker 7 dec 1858 in St Andrews Church, Melbourne Australia, daughter of John Walker and Isabella Randels.

Children of Robert Sutherland and Mary Ann Walker are:
   i. John Sutherland b. 17 August 1862, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia
   ii. Angus Sutherland b. October 1860, Collingwood, melbourne, Australia

Margaret Sutherland was born 17 March 1812 in Dornoch, Sutherland Scotland, and died 1889 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She married Alexander Robert Sutherland in 1830.

Children of Margaret Sutherland and Alexander Sutherland are:
i. George Sutherland b. 22 May 1831, Nova Scotia.
ii Isabel Sutherland b. 20 June 1833, Nova Scotia
iii Marion Sutherland b. 2 April 1835, Nova Scotia
iv Elizabeth Sutherland b. 22 May 1837, Nova Scotia.
v. Christy Sutherland b. 17 March 1845, Nova Scotia
vi.Robert Sutherland b. 29 March, 1847, Nova Scotia
vii Isabell Sutherland b. 4 Novemeber 1849, Nova Scotia
viii Catherine Sutherland b. 11 June 1854, Nova Scotia.

Catherine (Kitty) Sutherland was born 1824 in Plainfield, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia and died 26 November 1918 in West Branch, Nova Scotia. She married Duncan Murray, son of William Murray and catherine Ross.

Children of Catherine (Kitty) Sutherland and Duncan Murray are:
  i. Angus Murray, b. 1854, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia
  ii William (Billy the Sheep) Murray, b. 1856, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia. M. Margaret Murray
  iii  John Robert Murray b. 1858, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia.
  iv Catherine Murray b. 1861, pictou Co. Nova Scotia. D. West Branch, Nova Scotia.
  v. Isabella Murray b. 1865, pistou Co. Nova Scotia.
  vi Alexander Murray b. 1867 Pictou Co. Nova Scotia. D. Blackbore, Idaho. U.S.A
  vii  Thomas george Murray b. 1869, pictou Co. Nova Scotia. D. 1929 Four Mile Brook, Nova Scotia.

Angus Sutherland was born May 1820 in Pictou Co. Nova Scotia, he married Annie Hatch, 13 August 1864 in Pictou co. Nova Scotia.

Alexander Sutherland was born 1827 in Pistou Co. Nova Scotia. He married Christy Sutherland, 24 May 1866 in Rogers Hill, Pictou Co. daughter of George Sutherland and Margaret Murray.

Children of Alexander sutherland and Christy Sutherland are:
   i. Angus H Sutherland b, 1867, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia
   ii. George R Sutherland b. 1869, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia
   iii. Isabella Sutherland b. 1871, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia
   iv. Catherine Sutherlan b. 1871, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia
   v. Daniel W Sutherland b. 1873, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia.
   vi. Margaret Sutherland b. 1859, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia.

Generation No.6

John Sutherland was born 17 August 1862 in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia and died 30 August 1927, in Mamaku, New Zealand. he married Elizabeth Jane Drew 15 september 1887 in Makotuku, New Zealand, daughter of George Drew and Mary Warden.

Children of John Sutherland and Elizabeth Drew are :
i. Ethel May Sutherland b. 20 October 1888, Makotuku, New Zealand, d. 31 January 1964, Te Aroha, New Zealand.
m. Frederick King, 15 August 1906, Masterton, New Zealand.
ii. Jessie Emma Sutherland b. 28 February 1892, Woodville New Zealand. d. 1962, Wellington, New  Zealand. m. Harry Stanley Louden, 11 September 1912, Taihape, New Zealand.
iii. Robert Alexander Sutherland, b. 23 december 1896, Dannevirke, New Zealand. d. 7 March 1957, Auckland, New Zealand. m. Phyllis Mabel Winchester, 13 March 1919, Birmingham, England.
iv. William George Sutherland, b. 24 March 1901, Dannevirke, New Zealand. d. Tauranga, New Zealand. m. Elizabeth Anne Karl, 22 October 1928, Mamaku, New Zealand.
v. Clarence John Sutherland. b. 21 September 1903, Dannevirke, New Zealand. d. 6 June 1922, Mamaku, New Zealand.
vi. Dorothy Sutherland . 1894, Dannevirke, New Zealand. m. Robert Alexander Morrison, 1916.
vii. Ngira Jean Sutherland b. 17 October 1911, Masterton, new Zealand, d. 9 February 1986, Gisborne, New Zealand. m. Norman James Anderson.
viii. Elizabeth Mary Sutherland b. 20 October 1890, Matamata, New Zealand m. Alexander Nichol.
ix. Angus Fred Sutherland b. Masterton, New Zealand. d. Gisborne, New Zealand. m. Evelyn Theresa Rose Amundsen, 1928.
A few old photographs of my Great Great Grandfather, John Sutherland.