Couples married before Migrating
The numbers appearing after the couples names represent the number of their children.
where the couple were married before migration, the first number refers to the number of children on the ship with the parents. the second number refers to the number of children born in New Zealand.

settled in Waipu
Alexander Campbell, Janet Moore 6
Donald Campbell 1stSarah McLeod 5
                         2ndCatherine Campbell 4
James Fraser 1st Catherine Fraser 8
                     2nd Margaret McDonald
Hugh Fraser, Mary Collins 2
John Kempt, Ann McPherson 2
Donald McAulay, Margaret McGregor 6,3
Murdoch McKenzie ("Ban"), Christina McAulay 2,6
Hugh McLeod, Catherine McAulay 4,7
Ewen Campbell, Ann McKinnon 7
Donald McLeod ("Bear"), Ann Morrison 8
Angus McMillan, Mary McLeod 5,6
Archibald McMillan, Ann Campbell 4
Donald McMillan ("Gow"),Christina McLeod 5,6
Roderick McRae, Jane Fraser 3,4
Kenneth McKenzie ("Ruadh"),Ann Kempt  4,6

settled at Waiheke

John Fraser, Mary Kempt 6

settled at Auckland
Peter Fraser, Jessie Fraser 9
Angus McLean, Catherine Mckay 5
John McLean, Mary McLean 6
Murdoch McLeod, Isabella McDonald 9

settled at Omaha
Alexander Kempt ,Margaret H Robertson 7
Duncan Kempt, Mary Morrison 5
Gregor Kempt, Mary McGregor 9

settled at Kauri
John McBeth, Ann McLennan 4,2
Hugh McKenzie, Mary McInnes 4,4
Neil McPhee, Henrietta McLeod 5,8

settled at Whau Valley
John McDonald, Flora McKenzie 4,6

settled at Kamo
Ewen McGregor, ? Matheson   9
John Munro, Catherine Matheson 4,4

settled at Thames
John McIsaac ? 9

settled at Mercury Bay
Hector McKay, Mary McLean 5
Allan Gillies, ? McIsacc                   ?

settled at Devonport
Donald McLean, Isabella Mclean 2

settled at Hikurangi
John McLeod, Mary McDonald 12
Kenneth Matheson, Flora McKenzie 9

settled at Marsden Point
John Munro, Leah Thompson 4,3

settled at Otahuhu
Dr Jos. Elmsley ?                   4?

Married in New Zealand

settled at Waipu
Andrew, son of Hugh McLeod Ann McMillan ?
John, son of Donald McLeod, ("Bear")Margaret Campbell 6
William, sonof Donald McLeod ("Bear")Isabella Mckay 14
Neil H Campbell, Catherine McInnes 7
Alexander D Kempt, Jessie McDonald 6
Daniel M McLeod,Maria Campbell 7
Murdoch McLeod ("Neil") Annabella Matheson 2
Murdoch McAulay, Isabella McLean 4
Roderick McGregor,Jean Kempt 2
Daniel, son of Archibald McMillan, Ann McGregor ?
Norman son of Archibald McMillan, ? Beasley         ?

settled at Napier
Donald, son of Donald McLeod ("Bear") Isabella Coghill 2

settled at Gisborne
Malcolm Mcleod ("Neil") 1st Louisa Brown ?
                                      2nd Mrs Phillips ?

settled at Kauri
Daniel McKenzie, Margaret Whitelaw 1
John McKenzie, Catherine Archibald 4
Murdoch McPhee, Jeannie Whitelaw 3
Malcolm McPhee, Flora Innes  ?
Kenneth Matheson,, Jnr Elizabeth Henry ?

settled at Hikurangi
Alexander McLeod, Kate Davis     1
Donald McLeod Kate mcleod ?

settled at Kaimamaku
Dan Matheson ? Heyber    ?

settled at Auckland
Captain D. H. McKenzie,Margaret Smith 4
Murdoch McLean. Isabella Ratcliffe 9

settled at Whau Valley
Malcolm McDonald, Beatrice Dando 5

settled at Wellington
Neil McLean Hannah Ratcliffe 4

settled at Tutukaka
Hugh Ferguson, Isabella McLean 9

settled at Whangaroa
Hugh McKinnon, Jessie McLeod 7

settled at Mercury Bay
James, son of Hector McKay,Bella Cameron ?

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