The Geopreservation Inventory has been compiled with the generous provision of information from hundreds of New Zealand earth scientists, too numerous to list individually. The financial assistance of NZ Lottery Science and the Department of Conservation is gratefully acknowledged. Compilation was made possible through the logistical support of the former NZ Geological Survey (now Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences), the earth science departments of the Universities of Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington, Landcare Ltd (formerly NZ Soil Bureau) and Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Considerable voluntary contributions have been provided by earth scientists who have supervised the compilation of the different subject categories Les Basher (Christchurch), Mike Crozier (Wellington), Brad Field (Lower Hutt), Bruce Hayward (Auckland), Bruce Houghton (formerly Rotorua), Peter McIntosh (Dunedin), Ian Smith (Auckland), Bernhard Sporli (Auckland), Bob Stewart (Palmerston North), Bill Watters (Lower Hutt), Steve Weaver (Christchurch), Trevor Worthy (Wairarapa), and the late Sarah Beanland (Lower Hutt) and Les Kermode (Auckland).

Younger earth science graduates who undertook the bulk of the compilation for the different subject categories were Joseph Arand (Christchurch), Janet Ashcroft (Auckland), Tasha Black (Wellington), Michael Heads (Dunedin), Barbara Hobden (Christchurch), David Johnston (Palmerston North), Jill Kenny (Auckland), Leah Moore (Auckland), Steve Nowell (Auckland), Rebecca Priestley (Wellington), Rosalind Squire (Wellington), Mark Stirling (Dunedin), Beth Vaughan (Wellington), Barbara Ward (Wellington), John Wardle (Christchurch), Kate Wardle (Christchurch) and Richard Wysocanski (Wellington).