Sabot Creek, Bald Hill Range Thrust - J34

Saddle cone, Ruapehu - T20

Saddle Creek blastomylonite - J33

Saddle Hill - I44

Sail Rock stack - R08

Saltwater Lagoon, South Westland - I34

Sam Creek Ordovician coral fossils - N26

Sams Creek peralkaline granite and minerals - N26

Sandfly Bay lag surface, ventifacts and earth flow - I44

Sandymount lime kiln - I44

Sandymount terracettes - I44

Santoft parabolic dunes - S23

Sapphire (Katikati) Hot Springs - T14

Savage Road Okareka basalt section - V16

Sawyers Creek faulted terrace (Hope Fault) - O31

Saxton River faulted terraces (Awatere Fault) - N30

Scenery Nook Strombolian cone - N37

Scherings Beach fossil forest - V22

Scotlands lava cave - R11

Seagrove Peninsula shell spits, southern Manukau Harbour - R12

Seal Cave, Gorge River - D38

Selbourne Spur uplifted wave cut platforms (Alpine Fault) - F38

Selfs lava cave - R11

Selwyn River birds-foot delta - M36

Separation Point headland - N25

Serpell Road tuff ring - S12

Serpentine Creek landslide - N30

Serpentine Creek talc - M26

Seymour Square War Memorial clock tower - P28

Seymour Stream basalt flows and coal measures - O31

Seymour Stream complex landslides - O31

Seymour Stream dip slope - O31

Shag Point coal pit - J43

Shag Point Cretaceous macroflora - J43

Shag Point plesiosaur fossils - J43

Shag River estuary and salt marsh - J43

Shamrock Creek gold workings - J32

Shantytown gold workings - J32

Sheehan Springs - T14

Sheffield Hill outwash terrace - L35

Shell Gully Oligocene fossils - F45

Shelly Bay flood-tidal delta, northern Tauranga Harbour - U13

Shepards Gully Fault - 1 - Q27

Shepards Gully Fault - 2 - Q27

Shines Falls - V19

Ship Creek basalt - F37

Silver moraine wall - E39

Silver Range hogback - V22

Simpkin's Quarry herschelite - P08

Sisters Creek Oligocene fossils - I40

Skippers alluvial workings - E41

Skull Creek algal limestone - Q07

Skull Creek-Mangawhati Point autochthonous sediments, Whangarei Harbour - Q07

Slater Point fossil sea stack, Kawau Island - R09

Slipper Island boulder barrier - U12

Slipper Island scoria cone - U12

Slippery Rock Alpine Fault exposure - H35

Slope Hill roche moutonnee - F41

Smite River Oligocene fossil shark teeth - J35

Smith Crater, Raoul Island - KE

Smith Gorge, Fraser Complex - J33

Smoky Beach climbing dunes, Stewart Island - D48

Snells-Algies intensely faulted siliceous mudstone - R09

Somes Island uplifted marine terraces - R27

Somes Island sea arch - R27

South Beach sandspit, Wanganui - R22

South Bream Tail arch dome and columnar-jointed reefs - R08

Southdown pahoehoe lava flows - R11

Southern Awakino Gorge Triassic/Miocene unconformity - R18

Southern Fiordland uplifted marine terraces - B46

South Kaheno stack, Rotoroa Island - S11

South Kaikoura coastal features - O31

South Kaipara dune lakes - Q10

South Omapere basalt flow - P06

South Pakatoa shore platform - S11

South Rotoroa Island boxwork weathering - S11

South side Kaikoura Peninsula Marshall Paraconformity - O31

South Taranaki and Wanganui uplifted marine terraces - Q22/R22

South Te Henga sea caves, pillows and hyaloclastites - Q11

South Waiohine fault bulge - S26

Speargrass Creek fault trace (Alpine Fault) - N29

Speargrass Fault Zone - N29

Split Apple Rock - N26

Springfield Hill outwash terrace - L35

Spring Grove cob cottage - N27

Springs Junction Devonian road section - L30

Spyglass Point former sea arch - O32

Spylaw Fault - G44

Squires Creek opencast, Waitewhena Coalfield - R18

Squires Farm Oligocene Marshall Paraconformity - J39

Staircase Falls, Milford Track - D41

Staircase intrusion - O30

St Andrew's Church, Maheno - J42

Stanley Island basalt vents and cone - T10

St Anne Point gneiss - D40

St Anne's Church, Pleasant Valley - J38

Starborough Creek Pliocene fossils - P29

State Highway 1 tephra section - U18

State Highway 30 ignimbrite section - T17

State Highway 5 Taupo eruption sequence - U18

State Highway 5 tephra section A - V19

State Highway 5 tephra section B - U18

Staveley lime kilns - K36

Stewarts lava cave (Mortimer's Cave) - R11

St Heliers explosion crater - R11

St Heliers - Karaka Bay Waitemata Group and shoreline - R11

Stirling Falls, Milford Sound - D40

St James Station fault scarp (Clarence Fault) - N31

St Kentigern cliffs early Pleistocene sediment sequence - R11

St Leonards Beach, Takapuna, flysch and penecontemporaneous slump unit - R11

St Mary's Church, New Plymouth - P19

St Mary's Church, Timaru - K39

Stockton structural detachment - L28

Stoney Knowe basaltic proto-karst, Helena Bay - P07

Stony Batter karstic basalt boulders, Waiheke Island - S10

Stony Creek lime kiln, Reefton - L30

Stony River alluvial terraces - P20

Stour River West Branch U-shaped glacial valley - J36

St Paul's Church, Symonds Street - R11

St Pauls dome-shaped hill, Whangaroa - P04

Stratford Mountain House umus - P20

Strawberry Bay pillow lava - Q08

Strongman Mine - J31

Sugar Loaf Islands, Paritutu and taranakite type locality - P19

Sugar Loaf volcanic sequence, northern Coromandel Peninsula - S09

Sunnyside Miocene conglomerate - S27

Sutherland Sound fiord - C40

Sutherlands Miocene molluscan fossils - J38

Sutton Salt Lake and lowland tors - H43

Sweetwater dune-dammed lakes, Awanui - N04

Swin River alluvial fan - J35