Gable End Foreland - Z17

Gabriels Gully gold discovery site - H44

Gair Loch debris dam - C44

Galatea Mine gold - R27

Galaxy Road, Mamaku, thermally altered ignimbrite - U15

Galpin Fault - S22

Gannet Rock red chert - S10

Gardners Gut Cave, Waitomo - S16

Garvie Mountains glacierised peneplain - F42

Gates of Haast schist deformation - G38

Gaunt Creek Alpine Fault overthrust exposure - I35

Gebbies Pass Cretaceous plant beds - M36

Gebbies Pass obsidian hill - M36

Gees Flat sluiced areas - F41

Gees Point Oligocene molluscan fossils - J42

Gentle Annie Point Oligocene structures - L28

George Sound orthogneiss - C41

German Hill cumulodome - P19

Gethsemane giant collapse doline, lower Fox River - K30

Gibbston landslide - F41

Gibsons Beach unconformity, fossil karst and mushroom rock, Te Akau - R14

Gillespies Beach huttonite - H35

Gillespies Folly bird bones, Makuri - U24

Girdlestone Peak - T20

Gisborne gas seep - Y18

Glenafric Miocene crab fossils - N34

Glenbervie (Maruata) volcanic cones - Q06

Glenburn dike - T28

Glenburn tilted marine benches - T27

Glenfalloch Stream Permian fusulinid locality - J35

Glenmark Limestone Miocene mollusc and bryozoan fossils - M34

Glenmore Station kame - I37

Glen Muick discordant beds - N33

Glenorchy State Mine scheelite - E41

Glenroy buchite with clinoenstatite - M30

Glenroy granulites - M30

Glenroy Road fault traces (Alpine Fault) - M30

Glenstrae Pleistocene fossils - O32

Glentanner Syncline - H37

Goat Island Bay sediments, Leigh - R09

Godley River debris covered glacier - I36

Gog and Magog exfoliation domes, Stewart Island - D49

Golden Point battery, Macraes Flat - I42

Golden Progress Mine poppet head - H41

Golden Springs - U17

Goldney Hill rock avalanche deposit - K35

Goose-Woodhen Isthmus, Resolution Island - A44

Gorge River awaruite - E38

Gorgoroth Cave, Mt Arthur - M27

Gouland Downs - M26

Gouland Range karst - M26

Government Gardens, Rachel Spring - U16

Government Gardens springs - U16

Government Life Insurance building - R27

Graham Valley nickel - N27

Graham Valley pyroxenite - N27

Grand Canyon Cave, Piopio - R17

Granite Knob and Lees Knob exfoliation domes, Stewart Island - D49

Granity coke ovens - L28

Grants Island old hat - R09

Graptolite Hill Ordovician fossils, Cobb Valley - M26

Green Gully metamorphosed pillow lava - I41

Greenhills ventifacts, Bluff - E47

Green Islets wave-cut notches - B46

Green Lake rock avalanche deposit - C44

Greenlane-Ascot roads lava flow front - R11

Greenlink Cave/Riwaka Cave/Middle Earth Cave/Perseverance Cave System, Takaka Hill - N26

Greenstone Valley gold workings - K32

Greenwood Formation Pliocene fossils - N34

Greville Harbour boulder spit - P26

Greville Harbour coastal features - P25

Grey River Eocene sandstone and coal measures - K31

Grey River faulted terraces (Awatere Fault) - O29

Gribblehurst Park lava flows junction - R11

Grotto Street pond - R11

Guillotine/Hunters Cave, Springs Junction - L31