Fairchild's Garden scoria cone, Auckland Islands - AK

Fairfield quarry Cretaceous-Paleocene sequence - I44

Fairy Falls and dikes - Q11

Fairy Springs - U16

Falcon Cave, Mt Arthur - M27

Falling Mountain complex landslide - K33

False Islet stacks - H47

Fan Creek Moonlight Fault exposure - E41

Fan Rock, Whakaipo Bay, Lake Taupo - T18

Fantail Bay, Paritu hornfels - S10

Fanthams Peak parasitic cone - P20

Farewell Spit - N24

Farewell Spit tidal flats and channels - N24

Farm Cove ignimbrite - R11

Favona shell spit, Manukau Harbour - R11

Fern Flat granite - L29

Ferry Hill roche moutonnee - F41

Fishermens Rock high-tide platform, Muriwai - Q11

Fighting Bay Torlesse schist - Q27

Fiordland fiords - A44, A45, B41-B46, C40-C43, D40

Fitzroy Bay marine caves - R27

Five Mile Bay old lake edge and pumice blocks - U18

Five Mile dredge tailings - H35

Flagstaff Peak patterned ground - I44

Flat Rock, Tangoio, Hawkes Bay - V20

Flat Top Hill Tangihua structure, Kaukapakapa - Q10

Flaxbourne River folds and thrusts - P29

Fleming Plateau lava flows, Auckland Island - AK

Fletchers Bay Waitemata Group sediments, northern Coromandel Peninsula - S09

Flock Hill box syncline - K34

Flock Hill solifluction features - K34

Folgers slip - U22

Forest Hill karst, Winton - E46

Forestry road ignimbrite section, off Old Waiotapu Road - U17

Fort Hill andesitic breccia - S10

Fortification Hill - J41

Fortification Peak olivine - I44

Fossil Bay Miocene transgressive sequence, Waiheke Island - R11

Fourteen to Seventeen Mile Bluffs folding - J31

Foveran sarsen stones - I40

Fowlers Hut fault trace (Fowlers Fault) - N31

Fox glacier - H35

Fox Glacier glacierised surface - H35

Fox Glacier rockfall - H35

Fox River Cave/Armageddon Cave - K30

Fox River gorge, northern Westland - K30

Fox River mouth Hawks Crag Breccia - K30

Fox River mouth sea arch - K30

Fox River Springs - H35

Fox's Peak Fault, Dobson skifield to Firewood Stream - I37

Fox's Peak Fault, Tasman Ski Club - J37

Foxton Beach parabolic dunes - S24

Frankton Arm lacustrine sediment - F41

Frankton block field - F41

Franz Josef glacier - H35

Franz Josef glacierised surfaces - H35

Freestone Hill limestone bluff, Manapouri - D43

Frenchmans Cap, Pakatoa - S11

Frenchmans Cap old hat islet, Coromandel Peninsula - S10

Freshwater River estuary, Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island - D48

French Pass submerged ridgeline - P26