Callaghans Creek Miocene macrofossils - J32

Callery Gorge - H35

Cameron Valley moraine loop - J35

Camp Bay mylonite and schistose Tangihuas - P04

Campbells Beach Oligocene hardground fossils unconformities - J42

Campbells Park School Oligocene molluscan fossils - I40

Canaan Downs polje, Takaka Hill - N26

Canaan Valley hornfels - N26

Canaan Valley scheelite - N26

Canaan Valley skarn - N26

Canterbury prehnite-pumpellyite facies - L35

Canterbury Provincial Buildings - M35

Canyon Creek glacial stairway - G38

Cape Farewell to Nguroa coastal arches - M24

Cape Foulwind granite - K29

Cape Foulwind granodiorite - K29

Cape Foulwind mid-Tertiary strata - K29

Cape Jackson drowned ridge crest - Q26

Cape Kidnappers conjugate shears - W21

Cape Kidnappers Pleistocene sedimentary rocks and sea cliffs - W21

Cape Kidnappers stack - W21

Cape Palliser pillow lavas - S28

Cape Providence graptolite-rich Ordovician black shales - A45

Cape Runaway pillow lavas - Y14

Cape Stephens wind-funnelled sand dune, D'Urville Island - P25

Cape Turnagain Pliocene limestone - V24

Cape Wanbrow Pleistocene fossil bird bones - J41

Cape Wanbrow wave-cut notch and fossil beach - J41

Cardiff Walkway tephra section - Q20

Cardigan Ridge fault trace (Fowlers Fault) - N31

Carneys Creek Triassic Torlesse macrofossils - I35

Caroline cutting Triassic fossils - E44

Carrads lava cave - R11

Carriage Drive alluvial fan - O30

Carriage Drive fault trace - K35

Carrick water race, Bannockburn - F42

Carrington Peak moraine - K33

Carterton Fault, Blairlogie Road trace - T26

Cascade Falls - Q11

Cascade Gorge carbonates - CH

Cascade morainic Plateau - E38

Cascade Point Pleistocene fossils - E38

Cascade River mouth dune system and spit - E38

Cass-Harper fault system - K34

Castlecliff prograding coastal plain - R22

Castle Craig bluffs, Marokopa - R16

Castle Hill Basin karst - K34

Castlepoint coastal features - U26

Castlepoint marine terrace - U26

Castlepoint Pleistocene sediments - U26

Castle Rock karst, Dipton - E44

Castle Rock trachyte intrusion, Lyttelton Volcano - M36

Castle Rock volcanic plug - T11

Cathedral Caves - G47

Cathedral Cove, Hahei - T11

Cathedrals Rock pillars - O33

Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch - M35

Catlins Lake - H47

Catlins Lake Holocene highstand terrace - H47

Cave of a Thousand Press-ups - R11

Cave Stream sediments, Waihou Valley - P05

Cave Terrace karst and caves, Kumara - J32

Cavern Cave (Runanga Cave / Dunollie Cave / Dragon Cave) - J31

Celmisia Flat moraine wall - H36

Chaffeys Creek ridge Ordovician fossils, Cobb Valley - M26

Chalky Island shore platform - A45

Chalky Island submarine canyon and fan deposits - A45

Champion Creek hydrogrossular - O27

Champion Mine copper and Smelter, Roding Valley - O27

Chancet Rocks Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary - P29

Charleston beryl - K30

Charleston coastal section - K29

Charleston fossil beach gold mining - K30

Charleston mica-rich granite/tonalite - K29

Charming Creek coal mine and tramway - L28

Charwell River faulted terraces (Hope Fault) - O31

Chatham Island schist - CH

Chatham Island southern cliffs - CH

Chatham Islands petroglyphs - CH

Cheviot coast pillow lava - O33

Chimney Peaks ridge pillow lava - D44

Chimp ignimbrite section - T16

Christchurch's first water supply well - M35

Christchurch State Insurance building - M35

Chrystalls Beach melange - H45

Church of the Good Shepherd, Tekapo - I37

Circular Head gabbro, Auckland Islands - AK

Clarence River delta and ventifacts - P30

Clarence River dikes and sills - O30

Clarence Valley Cretaceous fossil Trigonid beds - O31

Clarendon phosphatic sandstone - H45

Clark Bluff folds - G37

Clarke slip, Rees River - E40

Clark's brickyard, Hobsonville - R11

Claude Stream basal Waitemata Group sediments, Whitford - R11

Cleddau Chasm - D40

Clent Hills Jurassic macroflora - J36

Clifden limestone bluffs - D45

Clifden Miocene sediments - D45

Clifton Fault trace - G45

Clifton sea cliffs and Shag Rock stack - M36

Clinton district porcellanite - G45

Clyde ultramafic pod - G42

Coal Creek Triassic fossils - D45

Coal River mouth sand spit, southern Fiordland - B43

Cobb glacial valley - M26

Cobb Valley Cambrian volcanics - M26

Cobb Valley roche moutonnee - M27

Cobb Valley slate (Leslie Formation) - M26

Cobb Valley talc magnesite - M26

Cobden quarry Oligocene echinoids - J31

Cochranes Gap accretionary lapilli - R12

Cochrane's Gap Quaternary sands - R12

Coleridge Creek Oligocene molluscan fossils - K34

Colonial Knob uplifted peneplain - R27

Complex Point sedimentary sequence, Campbell Island - CA

Cone Rock, Far North - P04

Conical Hill Jurassic brachiopod fossils - E45

Conical Hill rhyolite columns - M36

Constitution Hill former shore line - R11

Conway coast Holocene fossil forest - O32

Conway coast Pleistocene fan delta sediments and trace fossils - O32

Conway coastal mouth marine terraces - O32

Cook River mouth lateral moraines, Fox Glacier - H35

Cooks Beach blowhole - T11

Cooks Head taranakite - H45

Cooks Horn rock pillar - U20

Cookson dolerite feeder - O31

Coonoor karst, Puketoi Range - U24

Copland Pass schist section - H36

Copland River (Welcome Flats) Springs - H36

Coppermine Island copper mineralisation - R07

Coppermine Island diorite intrusion - R07

Coppermine Island hornfels - R07

Copperstain Creek porphyry and skarn - M25

Coral Point, Hukatere Miocene mass flow deposits - Q08

Corbies Creek Triassic macrofossils - H40

Cormacks Siding Eocene diatomite - J41

Cornish Head rock slump - J43

Cornish Point alluvial tailings - G41

Cornwallis Peninsula - R11

Cornwallis Peninsula cave sandstone fill - R11

Cornwallis Peninsula proximal volcanic-rich flysch - R11

Counting Stream basanitoid - N32

Coverham Cretaceous fossils - P30

Cowan Creek daqingshanite carbonatite - F37

Cow and Calf Point gabbro intrusion, Stewart Island - E48

Cow Stream Springs - M31

Cox River rockslide - L33

Crab Bay intrusions, Auckland Islands - AK

Craigieburn pinnacles - K34

Crater Bay scoria cone, Antipodes Island - AP

Crater Bay collapsed blowhole, Slipper Island, Coromandel Peninsula - U12

Crater Hill quarry exposures - R11

Crater Hill tuff ring and crater - R11

Crater Road proximal pyroclastic section, Tarawera - V16

Cray Bay boulders - W22

Cromwell Gorge biotite-bearing schist - G42

Cromwell Gorge Caples-Torlesse boundary - G41

Cromwell Gorge hematitic metachert - G41

Crooked Spur moraines - J36

Crown battery, Karangahake - T13

Crown Range superimposed folds - F41

Crows Nest Quarry melange - Q06

Croydon clinker - F45

Crucible Lake moraine dammed lake - F38

Cudlip Point Waitemata structures - R10

Curio Bay Jurassic fossil forest - G47

Curiosity Shop fossiliferous sequence and unconformities - K36

Curtis Island volcano - KE

Cutter Rock abandoned islet, Whatipu - Q11

Cuvier Island tourmalinised rocks - T09