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I've been IT manager of the Elliott Technologies group in Pukekohe (Elliott Chemicals Ltd, Elliott Technologies Ltd, Pukekohe Growers Supplies Ltd, Seed & Field Services Ltd, Seed Enhancements Ltd, and others) since 2001, which has involved:

Before that I was a developer at Mindbow Software, also in Pukekohe, which largely involved more design, VB, and user documention (with some Bison/Flex/C++ to keep things interesting).

Before that I was working on a post-graduate thesis on applications of film theory to HCI (which was unfortunately never completed), working in C++, Paradox and HTML on the side.

From 1992 to 1994 I was a C developer at the now-sadly-defunct Apothecary Computers in Hamilton.

And before that we're into my undergrad years and a bunch of things that truly are of historical interest only, and faint interest at that.

A full CV is available on request.