Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film The Shining is available in two versions: a 142-minute US domestic version released 23/5/1980 (available on zone 1 DVD) and a 119-minute international version released in September 1980 (as available in all other zones). This has mystified many European and international viewers, who have no idea why two actors are credited in the title crawl who aren't even in the film, and even some US viewers (who may simply wonder about the different lengths of the film they hear about).

The changes can be summarised easily enough, and while they could simply be detailed with extracts from the script this misses one of the main points of the film: being a Kubrick film, it's intensely visual. So, this page attempts to illustrate these differences with a storyboard of the entire (US) film, arranged scene-by-scene and matched against a continuity script of the US version.

Each scene links to a page storyboarding that scene shot by shot. An additional sequence of Ullman ingratiating himself to Wendy (recovering in a hospital bed), removed by Kubrick from the US version shortly after its premiere, is outlined separately.

More can be read about these differences at the alt.movies.kubrick Shining FAQ, and the Monthly Film Bulletin article of November 1980.

Of course, if you're really interested in comparative film study, there's no substitute for the real thing. Get yourself a multiregion DVD player and a PAL/NTSC-capable television (or better yet a projector, a DAMN big screen, and an in-your-face surround system), and order in the copy you don't have from Amazon US or Amazon UK (or the online retailer of your choice) as appropriate.


About the storyboard layout

The storyboard on this page is broken into four columns:

  1. Section names, taken from the title cards that break the film up.
  2. Arbitrary-yet-hopefully-descriptive sequence descriptions.
  3. Representative images from each sequence. These images link to the scene storyboards.
  4. Representative dialogue from each sequence, where appropriate. Silent sequences are given short descriptions.

The scene storyboards present the entire script scene-for-scene, and match thumbnails for every shot.

Edited scenes are shown in italics with a grey background (with notes reading either "Omitted" or "Shorter"), and with a solid border down the left-hand side of the script for the scene.

A small number of shots are marked N.I.S., for "Not in script." These are shots that appear to have been omitted from the continuity script.

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Drive to the Overlook

The Interview

"Have any problem finding us?"

"Do you really want to go and live in that hotel for the winter?"

Quite a story
"Bill, I'd like you to meet Jack Torrence"

"Tony, do you think Daddy will get the job?"

Calling home
"Sounds like you got the job?"

Bloody vision
"Tony, why don't you want to go to the hotel?"

The doctor's questions
"Does Tony ever tell you to do things?"

Family history
"My husband had, oh, been drinking..."

Closing Day

Family drive
"I know all about cannibalism, I saw it on TV."

The tour
"... my son's discovered the games room."

Colorado Lounge
"All the best people."

The Grady Girls

The Apartment
"Perfect for a child."

The Maze/Snowcat
"The site is supposed to be located on an Indian burial ground."

The Gold Room
"We always remove all the booze from the premises when we shut down."

The Kitchen
"Now are you a Winnie or a Freddie?"

The Freezer
"Do you like lamb, Doc?"

"Well, I guess I probably heard you call him that."

Doc gets the message
"How'd you like some ice cream, Doc?"

The Kitchen (cont)
"You folks don't mind if I give Danny some ice cream, while we're waiting for you?"

Green Corridor
"Just like a ghost ship, huh?"

Talk of shining—and Room 237
"You're scared of Room 237, ain'tcha?"

A Month Later

Bouncing and exploring
Serving trolley.

The Big Wheel

"When I came up here for my interview, it was as though I had been here before."

Tennis ball.

The Maze
"The loser has to keep America clean, how's that?"

The Maze (cont)
"Here's a dead end."

Maze Overlook
"I didn't think it was going to be this big, did you?"


Preparing breakfast
"It's hard to believe a snowstorm could be that close."

Curiosity for Danny

Rules for Wendy
"Fine.  Now we're going to make a new rule."




Slipping out of touch
Jack typing.

Phones out
"I think it might be an idea if you leave your radio on all the time now."

Come and play
"It's just like pictures in a book, Danny.  It isn't real."


Watching TV
"I won't make a sound, I promise.  I'll tip-toe."

"I love you, Danny"
"I wish we could stay here for ever, and ever... ever."


Room 237 beckons
Danny in room 237.

Nightmares and neck wounds
"I dreamed that I... that I killed you and Danny."
"You did this to him, didn't you?  You son of a bitch!  You did this to him."

The Gold Room; Words of wisdom
"God, I'd give anything for a drink.  My goddamned soul, just a glass of beer."

Crazy woman
"There's a crazy woman in one of the rooms.  She tried to strangle Danny."

Halloran shines
"Miami continues to swelter in a record winter heatwave..."

Room 237 spooks

Lines out
"Your call cannot be completed as dialed."

Danny shines...

"Wendy, I have let you fuck up my life so far, but I'm not going to let you fuck this up!"

... Jack rages
Balloons and streamers.

Forest service
"There's a family up there all by themselves with a young kid."

Fish and Goose Soiree
"No charge to you, Mr Torrence."

Delbert Grady
"You... uh... chopped your wife and daughters up into little bits, and uh... and you blew your brains out."
"I corrected them, sir."

"Danny's not here, Mrs Torrence."

"This is KDK 1 calling KDK 12.  Are you receiving me?"

No answer
"Maybe they've got their radio turned off or they're in a place where they can't hear it."

8 am

Halloran flies in
"We're due to arrive at 8:20, sir."



Durkin's Garage
"We've got a very serious problem with the people who are taking care of the place."

"... and the chain law is in effect..."

Road Runner
"I'm just going to go and talk to Daddy for a few minutes..."

All work and no play

What should be done with Danny

"How do you like it?"
"You've had your whole fucking life to think things over - what good's a few minutes more going to do you now?"

Jack in storage
"Hey, wait a minute...  What are you doing?  What are you doing?"

In the Storeroom
"You're not going anywhere.  Go check the Snowcat and the radio and see what I mean.  Go check it out!"

Wendy in a frenzy



Grady intervenes
"I fear that you will have to deal with this matter in the harshest possible way, Mr Torrence."

Halloran en route

"Red rum!  Red rum!  Red rum!"

"Here's Johnny!"

"... Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in!"

On the prowl
Halloran's arrival

Danny hiding

Hunting Halloran #1

Wendy and Halloran

Hunting Halloran #2

Halloran killed

Private function

Into the maze

Tracking Danny #1
"Great party, isn't it?"

Halloran's body; party guest
"Great party, isn't it?"

Tracking Danny #2
"You can't get away!  I'm right behind you."





Wendy and Danny escape


Jack lost


The Overlook claims Jack


Midnight, the Stars, and You

End credits