Changes between the US and international versions


This list has been created by creating a shot-by-shot storyboard of the US version, and comparing both that and the continuity script with the international version. Some changes (such as the doctor's visit, Durkin's scene, and the TV scenes) are obvious, some are easily missed (such as the missing Thursday title card), and some are well into trainspotting territory (such as the shorter shot of Jack pulling components from the radio). Something for everyone!

Some of the less significant edits appear partly technical: if a scene that's in both versions dissolves into one that's cut from the international version, the earlier scene is generally cut short for that version. (Such as the very first edit, where Wendy's "Well, let's just wait and see. We're all gonna have a real good time" is cut.)

The continuity script is a nearly-perfect record of the US cut. The shot list is very nearly complete (an EXT. L.S. of the snowcat followed by an EXT. M.S. of Jack are missing from page 146), and only a few lines of dialogue differ between film and script.

But those differences are for another page...

Cut scenes, shots and dialogue: