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 Photos of Recent Happenings - August 2005

Photos of Global Task Mission Dec 2004

24-7 Prayer Week
In the month of July, around 60 people of all ages participated in a  week of prayer for our church community, nation and other nations. The prayer time went all day and all night over the one week, with a roster of people taking one or two hours at a time. On most occasions there were small or large groups praying together. But some people enjoyed the experience of praying alone. A prayer room was set up in such a way as to inspire people to connect with God in ways they had never thought of before. The response from people was great. 24-7 prayer is an international movement and many churches are taking part in this in NZ.

Because of the sucess of this week we plan to hold another one from Saturday night the 1st of October to Saturday the 8th of October.

A Vision For Men
Recently we held the second menís breakfast for this year. Twenty five men attended, and we had a great meal prepared for us by members of the Women at the Well.  The vision of the Menís Breakfast is that we can share with each other more, support each other and encourage each other to be strong in our faith and service for the Lord.

Ross Robertson, MP for Manukau East spoke on how the church can influence society. He encouraged us to be not afraid to share our Christian faith and values in whatever we are involved in to the community. Above all he explained how we can always serve the Lord in any situation we are in. Ross explained how he had been a Christian since he was 10 years old, and that he currently worships at the Papatoetoe Baptist Church.

Menís Breakfast would like to encourage men to register to attend the next Auckland Promise Keepers Conference (Oct 7-8). Registrations need to be in to us by 14th September to get cheaper rates.

There is one more Menís Breakfast planned for this year on Saturday the 5th of November.

Telephone Prayer Chain
We now have a Prayer Chain operating. Anyone at anytime who would appreciate prayer support (with or without your name being given out) please let us know.

If you would like to pass on prayer items or be a part of this prayer chain, via telephone, please contact

Aileen Nicolson ph 278-6583
Or Dilys Robinson ph 278-6288
Or any Pathfinders Ministry Team member.

ďDo not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds.Ē [Phillipians 4:6-7 NIV]

The Lord's My Organist
A music guest service was being planned for the 3rd of July. Gresham Poole had been invited as our guest organist, and when he came to practise the organ on the Friday before the service, he noticed smoke coming from the on/off keyhole and immediately pulled the plug. The smell of smoke went through the whole church. Immediately I thought that we would have to use the piano for the service, which would be a great disappointment to me and the congregation.

Help Lord! Gresham suggested that we contact the organ repair people, but realised that with it being so late in the week it would be unlikely that we could get help then. When I rang them I was told that their organ repair specialist was away all day in Whangarei. There seemed to be no chance for repairs to be done before Sunday. But half an hour later they rang back again to say that someone else would come. Fortunately we were able to tell them where we thought the problem was centred.

The repairman came just a few hours later that day with the right part and was able to replace it. What could have been a disaster for the service, the Lord helped us so that it was able to happen and be a blessing to all of us who attended. The mind boggles at what may have happened if Gresham had not come for a practice when he did, or if the organ had gone during the service itself!

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