D.B. & B.W. McCulloch

'Glen Ayr' and 'Gibberslea'

Glenavy, 10 R.D. Waimate
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This South Canterbury sheep farm has Coopworth, Texel, Dorset Down and Border Leicester Rams for sale. All rams are wintered on grass and winter feed crops, with no hay or grain. We are Brucellosis-Ovis Accredited.

The farm is 536 ha and consists of three separate blocks. Two are on the northside of the Waitaki river and the other one is on the southside. The farm is irrigated by the Morven-Glenavy irrigation scheme, with approx. 60% of the total area irrigated. We run Coopworth ewes, breeding all replacements and producing approx. 3000 prime lambs with an average weight of 17 kg.


The Glenlea Coopworth flock was established in 1994 with 51 registered ewes from Scotsburn and Blink Bonnie. Selected commercial ewes were used for grading up with only twin ewe lambs being kept for the stud. Breeding emphasis is on well boned, good conformation sheep, with high fertility and heavy fleece weights. All rams sold are born as twins, eye-muscle scanned and wool is micron tested. The flock consists of approx. 200 ewes and is SIL performance recorded.


The Glenlea Texel appendix flock was registered in 1991, founded on 105 Polled Dorsets, 35 Dorset Horn, 20 Dorset Down, 22 Border Leicester and 115 Coopworth ewes. The stud flock was registered in 1996 on 6 7/8th maiden ewes and 19 7/8th ewe lambs from the appendix flock. We aim to breed well-muscled rams that are sound in the feet, have good eye-muscle and a solid constitution.

Dorset Down

The Gibberslea Dorset Down flock was registered in 1975. The aim is to breed long rams with good eye-muscle, well-muscled hind quarters and sound in the feet. These rams can be used to breed lambs in the 15 to 19 kg carcass range for the chilled export prime lamb market.

Border Leicester

The Glen Ayr Border Leicester flock was registered in 1971. The flock consists of 230 registered ewes, selling up to 60 rams per year. The rams are scanned for eye-muscle and the wool is micron tested. The flock is SIL performance recorded with emphasis on fertility and weight gain, the aim is to breed wool of good quality and soft handling in the 36 to 40 micron range.

The farm also runs a flock of black sheep, natural home-grown wool can be purchased ready to knit or as fleece wool. The wool consists of different shades varying from off-white to black.


The New Zealand Sheepbreeder site:    http://www.nzsheep.co.nz

We welcome inquiries and inspection is available at any time.