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Western Warrior's Rugby - Photos

Versus the Massey Livewires, 27 April 2002

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Above - The all important toss, sometimes we wish this was all we did before retiring to the warmth and comaraderie of the clubrooms.

Right - First injury of the day, and the lonely walk to the sideline suffered by Harry, an ankle injury that didn't slow him down for too long.  He was back in the thick of it soon after, trying to throw a few intercepts again!
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Forwards in action, soaring above the crowd, then arse up head down chasing after the ball.  As usual the backs have to sit back and watch them play their silly little games before the real excitement starts!!  Although Simon, our halfback today, doesn't seem too convinced the forwards are going to share the ball.

Image of mouse try.jpg
First of the many tries that Mouse was to score today.  This was a stroll across the line with our very own referee, Malake, ensuring the placement of the ball is correct.  It was to be a day of many tries, and as Malake hasn't yet learnt how to count to ten, the final score was any ones guess!

Image of halftime.jpg
Above - The halftime break and the boys are awaiting the awe inspiring, emotionally charged, dynamic and straight shooting BULLSHIT about to be spouted by our good captain, Soljy!

Below - the many varied running styles of our team, our lock Duane rumbling towards the line, he off-loaded in time to let Hec in for the try.  Mouse doing his Lomu impression, without dropping the pill.  Alistair, who was lucky enough to play for the opposition, and get hammered by Rod.  Final shot is the flying form of Rikki as he sprints for one of his many tries of the day.

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The After match Photo's

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