Does your site qualify?

1 - Is it Regency?
To join the ring your site, or parts of it, must relate to the Regency or Georgian era's. - approximately 1745-1830
2 - Is it Free
Your site must be free for people to visit - no password protected sites please.
3 - Do you Maintain?
Because a webring with dead-end sites showing "no such URL" error pages will defeat the purpose of a Ring. Users will become disillusioned and try something else - remember there is a short attention span out there, we don't need to shorten it any further!

Important note
Before joining the web ring, remember that it is up to individual members to maintain their sites to an acceptable standard.

4 - Responsibility
By joining this Ring, you promise to show consideration for all our Ringmembers by: Placing prominent links back to the page where you have your Ring code -- ringtravellers must be able to easily find their way back to the Ring after their visit to your site -- and

Keeping your site's information current. If you change your URL please make sure you either change your site at Web Ring or contact me There will be no broken links in the Regency Ring! - (you will be out of the Ring completely and your Site ID number will no longer be yours.) You can apply to rejoin, but it is much easier to stay current.

If your site meets these criteria then Join the Ring by filling out the Yellow shaded form in the next column