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    1. What kind of apricot did Dr. Grant discuss with Mrs. Norris and what was the price of it ?

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    2. (a) What were the Christian names of ---
    Lady Middleton, Mr. Woodhouse, Mrs. Clay, Mr. Morland, Mrs. Weston, Miss Bates, Bingley,Mr. Collins, Mr. Elton, Mr. Smith, Willoughby ?

    (b) What leading characters have no Christian name given ?

    (c) What were the maiden names of ---
    Mrs. Smith, Lady Bertram, Mrs. Elton, Lady Middleton, Lady Catherine de Bourgh ?

    (d) Mention two or more characters called ---
    Anne, Jane, Charles, Maria, Elizabeth, Anna, William, Henry, --- and what did Admiral Croft say all young ladies should be called to avoid confusion ?

    (e) Give the name of the shop where the Camden Place ladies sheltered the rain --- where Harriet and Frank Churchill are separately described shopping --- where Elinor and Marianne Dashwood met their half-brother ?

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    3. Give three occasions on which Fanny Price unwittingly scores over her Aunt Norris ?

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    4. What do we know about ---
    (a) Miss Grantley,
    (b) Mrs. Speed,
    (c) Miss Pope,
    (d) Charlotte Davis,
    (e) Miss King,
    (f) Biddy Henshawe,
    (g) Lady Stonoway,
    (h) the Lady Frasers,
    (i) the Tupmans,
    (f) Lady Mary Grierson ?

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    5. Give context of quotations of Chapters 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. For those who do not have the book the quotations follow.
    (3) "All the New Poems and States of the Nation"
    (5) "As Careless on Such Subjects as Most People"
    (7) "The Sweets of Housekeeping in a Country Village"
    (8) "Her Mind Improved"
    (9) "Perfectly Compatible with the Profession of a Clergyman"
    (10)"Addicted to Letter Writing"
    (11)"You Must Not Expect a Prodigy"
    (12)"Sometimes One Conjectures"
    (13)"A Bond or Two, but Nothing of Consequence"

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    6. By whom and in what capacity were the following servants employed:
    (a) Baddeley,
    (b) James,
    (c) Hill,
    (d) Nichols,
    (e) Dorothy,
    (f) Thomas,
    (g) Wright,
    (h) Rebecca,
    (i) Dawson,
    (j) Serle,
    (k) Mrs. Hodges,
    (l) Mrs. Chapman,
    (m) Patty,
    (n) Christopher Jackson,
    (o) Jemima,
    (p) Harry,
    (q) Robert

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    7. What, according to Charles Musgove, were Charles Hayter's prospects ?

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    8. By whom and by what methods of transport were the following journeys undertaken ?
    (a) From Bath to Clifton,
    (b) from Highbury to Box Hill,
    (c) from Uppercross to Lyme,
    (d) from Bath to Northanger,
    (e) from Northanger to Fullerton,
    (f) from Barton to Portland Street, London,
    (g) from Mansfield Park to Sotherton,
    (h) from Exeter to Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn,
    (i) from Longbourn to Netherfield (three trips within a week),
    (j) from Mansfield Park to Mansfield Common

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    9. In which of Jane Austen's novels are the following cited and by whom ?---
    (a) Cowper's "Oh, ye Avenues, etc.,"
    (b) "the inimitable Miss Larolles,"
    (c) "the lady of Branxholm Hall,"
    (d) a book about "nothing but an old man and his seesaw,"
    (e) Mdme. Genalis and her Adelaide,"

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    10. Of whom, by whom, and to whom was the following said ? ---
    (a) Last time I saw her she had a red nose,"
    (b) I fancy he is very unlike his brother --- silly, and a great coxcomb,"
    (c) " she is the sort of elegant creature one cannot keep one's eyes from and I do pity her from my heart,"
    (d) "It seems to me to show an abominable independence, and a most country town indifference to decorum,"
    (e) "No one can call such an undersized man handsome. He is not five foot nine.,"
    (f) the fairness of your friend was an open attraction, her firmness, you know, could only be understood by yourself."

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    11.Where in what connection does Jane Austen particularly introduce --- horses, dogs, poultry ?

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    12. In "Emma" there are two characters only, besides Emma herself, who were present at the three dinner parties, at Randalls, at Hartfield, and at Mr.Coles.
    (1) Who were they ?
    (2) Who (four) attended two ?
    (3) Who (six) one only ?

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