Cries of London - Knives/Scissors to grind

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    The picture is called - The grinder of knives, scissors, razors and other cutlery has been a persistent figure in the streets of London for centuries, and he is still to be seen in the metropolis at the present day (well 1950's anyway). It is hardly likely that his charges today would be as low as mentioned in the cury - "three ha'pence a blade". Actually his charges varied from a penny to three halfpence. according to the size of the article and the degree of polish asked.

    Although each call was probably quite individual this is one of them;
    Knives to grind! Knives, Scissors, and Razors to grind... I'll grind your Knives for three ha'pence a blade,... Knives and scissors to grind O!.

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