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    Discussion varies in intensity over time, but we talk about his life, his works, various critical works and biographies. We are happy to welcome new members to the group at any time.

    Currently under discussion
    November 200-March 2001 Don Juan - and also in conjunction with this we are discussing Peter Graham's book Don Juan in Regency England.

    If you are a big fan of Byron - or looking for more information - you should make sure you visit these two sites at some time;
    The Byron Journal - Lord Byron Homepage - The Byron Society

    You should also purchase a copy of the Byron Concordance - Ione Young offers her _Concordance to the Poetry of Byron_ in 4 volumes, cloth bound. The total cost of these volumes is very reasonable:
    $12 post-paid [including postage] for Anyone in the USA
    $18 post-paid [including postage to canada or uk or europe or asia] This does not cover the cost by any means.

    Ione will take checks in dollars addressed to her at:

    Mrs. Ione Young
    4107 Wildwood Road
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    This is a very reasonable offer--those not from the USA are being charged more to cover the postage. Any orders from abroad should be in dollars.

    Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
    Some helpful references on line for Childe Harold -
    Read it on line
    Byron's Dedication

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