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Wednesday  2 May 1860

The following list of passengers per Gananoque,  Captain Morris,  for this port,  is given in the "English Mail"

First Class - 
Charles Knyvett,       Hannah Knyvett,      Hugh Knyvett,      James H. Lloyd,      Gerard Spooner,       James Selfe,      Edward Wilson,      Elizabeth Wilson,   Mark Lindon,    William W.Goodrich,       Wm Walker,        Edward Tucker,       Jas. E.Ferguson,       J.K.Karslake,      Mark Sprott,      Hugh Williams,     Mary Ann Williams,       Walter Congreve,      John Bilton  and   Rowden Paisley

Second Class -
William C.Scully,      Dorothy Scully,      Kate Scully,      Samuel Dyer,      Alfred Davis,      John E. Woodforde,      Andrew Pinwill,      Hugh D.Densham,  and Robt Hogg.

Third Class - 
Richd Amor,      Elizabeth Amor,      Aaron Ayers,      Isabella Ayers,       Mary Densham,      Maria Scully,      John Stevenson,      Sarah Stevenson,   Charles Hertzell,       John Denman,      Mary Denman,        Francis Robertson,       Robert and William Petrie,      Jas. Strailton,      John Cussell, 
William Lorrimer,      Fuesdale B.Pope,      Joseph Stringer  and Francis Smith.

also 166 Government immigrants.

Saturday 12 May 1860

The Gananoque, one of the finest ships of her size  arrived on Wednesday from London  after 85 days from Gravesend.
She left the Downs on 14 February --------

Provincial Government Immigrants  - 

Married Couples  - 
Robert Crooks, gardener and wife,  Lanark;           James Feather, farm labourer, wife and 3 children, Yorkshire;        
John Breakwell, farm labourer,  and wife, Staffordshire;         Samuel Green, oilman, and wife, Middlesex;        
John Perrin, servant, wife and 2 children, Devonshire;       Joseph Hughes, carpenter, and wife, Warwickshire;      Julius Fuller, miller, and wife, Surrey;
Daniel Cairncross, ploughman, wife and 4 children, Forfar;      Thomas Ryan, labourer, wife and child, Leicester;  
Jabez Kitchingman, gardener, wife and 6 children, Middlesex;    Samuel Gigson, farm labourer, and wife, Down;         Jas. Forgan, labourer, and wife, Lanark;
David Hay, ploughman, and wife, Forfarshire;      James McKenzie, ploughman, wife and 2 children, Perth;         Ann Peagram and 3 children, Essex,
Henry Burrows,  farm labourer, wife and child,  Lincolnshire;      William Robert, cabinet maker, wife and 3 childre, Guersney;        
Arthur Campbell, farm labourer, wife and child, Down;         Richard Thompson, farm labourer, wife and 2 children, Down,  
William Humm,  farm labourer, wife and 2 children,  Essex;    Andrew Pepper, labourer, wife and child,  Down;        
John Binnie, ploughman, and wife Larnarkshire;      Duncan Robertson, ploughman, wife and child,  Lanark;     Arthur Street, carpenter, and wife, Middlesex;
Alexander Milne,  farm labourer,  wife and 2 children,  Aberdeen;           William Card, slater, and wife, Middlesex;         
John Sloan,  farm labourer, wife and child, Down;          Geo. Lewis Sands, gardener, and wife, Surrey;        
Thomas Roseingrave, farm labourer, wife and 7 children, Galway.

Single Men -
John Lomas, farm labourer, Derbyshire;         Wm Boycott, miner, Richard Boycott, sadler,  Salop;         Alexander Petrie, farm labourer, Forfar;
F.Walls, labourer, Aberdeen;      Geo. Crampton,  farm labourer, Wicklow;         Joseph Herd, Devonshire;         David Heron, farm labourer, Down;
James Birnie, farm labourer, Aberdeen;      John Olgilvie,  joiner, Forfar;      Patrick Strong, farm labourer, Tipperary;      Archibald Stewart, gardener, Kent;
Edward Tobin, gardener, Kent;         Edward Tobin, farm labourer, Dublin;      James Shaw, blacksmith, Down;   William Gabby, farm labourer, Down;
Wm Cooper, farm labourer, Down;         John Kerr, farm labourer, Down;         John Heron, farm labourer, Down;         James Hogg, farm labourer, Down;
John Stewart, shepherd, Kincardshire;      Wm Trail, blacksmith, Aberdeen;      Hamilton McNeeby, farm labourer, Down; 
John & Charles Peagram, labourers, Essex;       George Leatherdale, farm labourer, Suffolk;         Thomas Atkinson, farm labourer, York;
James Douglas, farm labourer, Down;         James,  Joshua & Alexander Kidd,  and James Kidd, jnr. farm labourers, Perth;        
David Osborn, farm labourer, Down;         John Henry Braun, schoolmaster, Kent;      Lawrence Tooker, farm labourer, King's County; 
Joseph Wellwood, farm labourer, King's County.

Single Women -
Mary Gobey, dom. servant, Gloucestershire;         Jane Dunlop, factory girl, Down;      Kemmy Barrett, dom. servant, Warwickshire;     
Margaret Tobin, dom servant, Dublin;         Sarah Heron, dom servant, Down;         Emma Lorsey & Emma Newnham, dom servants, Middlesex;  
Agnes Canty, cook, Middlesex;         Ellen Warren, nursery governess, Middlesex;         Sabina Gabby & Margaret Dunlop,  needlewomen, Down; 
Isabella Thomson, dom servant, Down;          Mary Stewart, dairymaid, Kincardinshire;   Catherine McGee and child, Forfarshire;
Janet Robertson & Jane Robertson and child,  dairywomen, Perth;         Emily Williams, dom servant, Kent;    Lucy & Angelina Robert, Guernsey;
Hannah Peek and child, Essex;      Ann Abrams, housemaid, Essex;         Eliza Worsfield,  dom. servant, Surrey;         Elizabeth Kidd, Perth;
Mary Ann Riddall, Staffordshire;   Rosanna Jenkins, dom.servant, Warwickshire;         Sarah & Kate Macdonald, dom. servants, King's County;
Eliza Leatherdale, dom. servant, Suffolk;      Sarah Winifred Brown,  Matron.

Summary of Trades  -
Land - farm labs.  32;   general labs,  5; gardeners, 4; ploughmen, 5; miner, 1;
Stock - shepherd, 1; 
Iron - blacksmith, 1;
Wood - cabinet maker, 1;  joiner, 1,  carpenters, 2; 
Leather -  saddler, 1;

Miscellaneous -
Domestic servant 1;  miller, 1;  oilman, 1;  slater, 1;  schoolmaster, 1; 

Single Women  -
Domestic servants - 15;  cook, 1;  dairywomen, 3;  factory girl, 1;  needlewomen 3;  nursery governess, 1.

Summary of passengers  -
Chief cabin -   20
Second Cabin -  9
Steerage -  22.
Provincial Govt. Immigrants   166
total number of souls on board  215.

Births on Board  -
GREEN -  Mrs Samuel  on 18 February  -  a son.
SCULLY -  Mrs W.C.  on 23 april  -  a son.

Deaths on board -
STEVENSON -  Sarah, wife of Mr J.Stevenson,  aged 38  on 3 March.
RYAN -  Robert,  son of Mr Thomas Ryan,  aged 1 yr 9mths  on 5 April

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
7 June 2011
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