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Saturday  1 March  1879
Accidents  -  001
JOHNSON  -  Captain,  of the ketch Alice Jane,   -------  also  Charles  engaged at Messrs Hawkins and Co's works.

Assault  -  004  (1 & 2)
HANNAN  -     Joseph Hannan  was charged with assaulting his wife Rebecca Hannan  on 24 Feb.  -----

Maintenance  -    006
    John Clarkson  was charged with leaving his wife without maintenance  for 4mths.  -----   

Monday 3 March  1879
Buggy  Accident  -  COURAGE  -  007
---  accident  to Mrs F. Courage,  when at the railway station at Amberley ---  the horse she was driving turned  restive -----    the child who was in
the carriage escaped unhurt.

Drowning  -  HARRIS  -  008
---  in Saltwater Creek,  near Timaru,  ------John Harris,  aged 7years,  son of Mr James Harris  of Peeress Town,  with 2 other little boys  were
bathing ----    reported to the police by Mr HALDANE  -----  inquest will be held today.

Failing to provide  -  GILBROW  -  009
Jas. Pilbrow was -----   failing to adequately provide for his 4 children  -------

Inquest & Funeral  -  The Late Sergeant-Major KERR  -  010
---- held at Temuka --  accidental death ---  military honours ----  lots  more  -----   long  column ------

Tuesday  4 March  1879
Hokitika  -  Inquest  -  LEVY  -  011
----  Mary Levy,  aged 10  -------     suffering from burns ------

Obituary  -  WAKEFIELD  -  012  &  013
Mr Edward Jerningham Wakefield,  an old and well-known Colonist,  died yesterday at the Home,  Ashburton ----

Ashburton  -  WAKEFIELD  - 015
The funeral of Edward Jerningham Wakefield will leave the Home,  Ashburton  on Wed.  at 3pm --------

Wednesday  5 March  1879
Inquest  -  McLEAN  -  018
--  Patrick McLean,  whose death ---  on Monday  was held at the Sefton Hotel  -----  accidental death.

Failing to Provide  -  SEDCOLE  -  019
Charles & George Sedcole  were charged by their mother with failing to provide for her ----  she is 69 years of age  and quite unable to work 
another son Richard  -----

Presentation  -  MILNER  -  020
--  Members of the Avonside choir ----- met at Mr J.H.STRINGER's  house  to present Mr John Milner,  the late organist of that church 
-------  more ----

Thursday 6 March  1879
Inquest   -  HOUSTON  -  021
-- held at the Winslow Hotel ---   child age 2 years   ---  parent Mr Houston  ---  accidental death ----

Greymouth  -  HURLEY  -  023
a miner named Dennis Hurley  was killed by a fall of earth in his tail race ---

The Late Mr E.J.WAKEFIELD  -  024
funeral of Mr Edward J. Wakefield  who died on Monday  ------  formerly a member of St Augustine Lodge  ----

The Late Mr RADCLIFFE  -  026
funeral of the late Mr Radcliffe  ------  more than 100 vehicles were included in the procession ----   to Addington Cemetery ----     as licensee
of the Commercial Hotel  as a participator in local affairs ------

Friday  7 March  1879
Wellington  - BROWN  -   027
A Swede named Jan Brown was killed at Porirua  by a tree falling on him.

Saturday 8 March  1879
Maintenance  -  GRIFFITHS  -  033
 a man named W.H.Griffiths  was summoned by his wife  for failing to provide for herself and family --------  lots more  -------

Accident  -  034
--  2 carts,  the property of Messrs G. MILSOM  and J.SANSOM  came into collision ------the shaft of the latter's cart  ran into the chest of the horse
 in Mr Milsom's cart  which was being driven by Fred EAST -----  

Monday  10 March  1879
Greymouth  -  POWELL  -  032
a passenger named Powell,  an hotelkeeper at Ross,  died suddenly on board the steamer Kennedy,  last night.

Tuesday  11 March  1879
Wellington  -  MABAN  -  034
an elderly man  named Mathew Maban,  supposed to have been recently manager of a station in the Wairarapa,  was found dead in his bed -----  

Fatal Accident  -  PERCE  -  035
a fatal accident occurred at ---  at Heathcote Valley by which a man named Henry Perce,  who was a sailor,  had arrived in the Hydaspes -----   was
engaged at Messrs Royse, Stead and Co's  brickworks  with 2 other men named David GRAY  and  John BOON ----------  an inquest  will be held today.

Woodend  -  STONE  -  036
Mr S. Stone, jnr,  while driving a team along the North road,  was thrown from the dray and his arm broken  --------

South Rakaia  -  CAMPBELL  -  037
a curious accident whhich might have resulted fatally  occurred to a young child belonging to Mr Wm Campbell,  blacksmith,  of this township ---  it appears
the child was looking over the top of the pig-sty at 2 pigs when they pulled it into the sty,  and the mother attracted by the cries  ---  the pigs had torn nearly
all the clothes off the child ---------  escaped with a few scratches.

Kumara  -  Inquest  -  ELLIS  -  038
an inquest was held  ----   a miner named David ellis,  who ----  descended into an old shaft  -----  accidental death --  was an old Good Templar  a
nd the Order in full regalia attended his funeral  at which 500 people were present.

Wednesday  12 March  1879
Inquest  -  PERCE  -  039
-----  body of Henry Perce,  who was killed the previous day by a fall of earth.  --- accidental death  ----  no blame was attached to anyone.

Presentation  -  WILLIS  -  041
---  about 40 of Leithfield and Amberley residents assembled at the Crown Hotel,  Amberley  to farewell Sergt. Willis,  who leaves the district for Akaroa ------  accompanying   purse of sovereigns  and tea and coffee service  --------     signed  by 70 persons ---------

Thursday  13 March  1879
Thames  -   043
FLAHERTY  -   Dr Francis Flaherty,  surgeon  of the Thames Hospital,  is dead ------
HOPKROFFT  -  Funeral  of the late editor of the Thames Evening Star  was largely attended,  300  masons were present.

Port Chalmers  -  EVANS  -  045
At Port Chalmers Police Court today  --- loss of the boy David Evans  from the barque Easterhill,  Captain William Taylor  on a voyage from London 
to Port Chalmers   -----

Accident  -  SHIELDS  -  046
accident occurred on the Albury railway  ----  John Shields,  a carpenter,  residing in Timaru,  ----   fatally injured.  ------  he had a wife and 4 children  ----
a very long column -----

Friday  14 March  1879
Ship -   HYDASPES  -   047
the ship took her departure for London  last night  being towed to sea    -- takes 37 passengers ---   17 in the saloon  and 20 in the 2nd saloon  ------

Departure  -  Dr DONALD  -  049
Dr W. Donald,  for many years Resident Magistrate at Lyttelton,  and one of the oldest colonists in the district,  left for England in the Hydaspes  ----  i
ntention to return to New Zealand  --------

Timaru  -  SHIELDS  -  050
Shields,  who was run over by a train,  expired   ---- at the inquest today a verdict  was returned that no blame was atrtachable to the engine-driver, 
leaves a wife and 3 young children ---  provided for.

Kent  -  051
500  Kent labourers  and 200  other emigrants  leave Plymouth  for New Zealand in the steamer Stad Haarlem,  chartered by the New Zealand Government.

Inquest  -  Leeston  -  THIN  -  052
-----   Jessie Thin,  an infant.  ----     died of congestion of the brain  ------ more

Inquest  -  TURNER  -  053
----  Miss Turner -----    of Auckland ------

Hokitika  -  WOODS  -  054
a sailor named Isaac Woods,  belonging to the steamer Waipara,  was washed overboard  whilst entering the river ----  body not yet discovered, 
leaves a wife and 2 children.

Monday 17 March  1879
Kumara  -  HORNSBY  - 059
A West Coast miner,  named David Hornsby,  was killed by a falling tree while felling bush.

Accident  -  SMITH  -  060
William Smith,  the railway engine driver  who was run over by a train some weeks ago,  died at the hospital  yesterday afternoon ------
 an inquest will be held ----

Wednesday  19 March  1879
The Late Sergeant-Major KERR  -  064
Captain Craig's recently published appeal on behalf of the widow and family of  the late  respected Sergeant-Major Kerr,  has been most liberally
responded to by many of our generous residents -----------

Protection Order  -  CONNELL  -  066
a protection order was granted to Caroline Connell,  against her husband James Connell.

Wife Desertion  -  DANN  -  067
Robert Dann was charged with deserting his wife in Auckland. ----   

Inquest  -  SMITH  -  068
---  William Smith  late engine-driver on the Canterbury railways. ----    accidental death  --- the funeral took place immediately after ----   Smith was a
steady young man  aged 24  unmarried  ------  longish column -----

Thursday  20 March  1879
Timaru  -  BARRY  -  069
A seaman named William Barry,  on board the schooner Owake  lying at Timaru  had his left arm fractured -----    

Napier  -  O'NEILL  -  071  &  072
A fatal accident occurred to a man named Michael O'Neill,  while bathing in the surf ---  walking along the beach  with his employer Mr J. HAYDEN.  ----  deceased was 19 years of age   and recently arrived by the ship City of Auckland.  -------

Accident in Port  -  WILSON  -  073
a serious accident happened to Mr T. Wilson,  foreman stevedore for Messrs TALBOT and McCLATCHIE  on board the ship Boyne ----  his escape
from death was a near one ------

Protection Order  -  MITCHELL  -  074
Mary Ann Mitchell  applied to the court for a married woman's protection order  against her husband Isaac Mitchell  ------  

Friday 21 March  1879
Death  -  Prebbleton  -  PREBBLE  -  076
Mrs Anna Maria Prebble,  one of the pilgrims of Canterbury  died ---  at her res.  at Prebbleton.  was 68 years of age,  bedridden for some time ---  

New Plymouth  -  REVELL  -  077
A meeting of creditors  of Henry Revell,  baker and confectioner -----

Saturday  22 March  1879
Inquest  -   Sheffield  -  BEVAN  - 078
----   at Flanagan's Hotel  ----   late William Bevan  of Orchid Flower station,  farmer,  who was killed by a loaded dray  ----  deceased and brother
were carting straw  ---  on Homebush station ---    accidental death ----

Accident  -  BOOTH  -  080
a serious accident occurred on Thursday  to a man named John Booth,  employed on SEALEY Bros' farm.  He was kicked in the face by a horse
 and his jaw badly fractured ----

The Late Sergeant-Major Kerr -  081
The members of the Timaru Artillery Corps  have subscribed 22 pounds among themselves towards the fund now being collected for the widow of the
late  Sergeant-Major Kerr.

Monday  24 March  1879
Presentation  -  FRAME  -  082
On 19 March  Mr J. Frame,  late station master at Lincoln,  was presented with a handsome gold watch,  on his being promoted to Southbridge ------   

Maintenance  -  LYRETT  -  084
George Lyrett was charged with wilfully failing to provide for his wife and child. --------

Wednesday  26 March  1879
Accident  -  JEFFREY  -  086
an extremely painful accident occurred at the Meat Preserving Company's  Works,  near Timaru -----  to a workman named Edward Jeffrey --------  no
t expected to recover ----

Dunedin  -  PAISLEY  -  088
An accident attended with fatal results ---  Andrew Paisley,  18 years old,  and eldest son of Mr Robert Paisley,  farmer,  Upper Junction,  -------  
young woman named Eliza LEMON found his body  --------

Desertion  -  DANN  -  089
Robert Dann,  on remand from 19 March  ----  charged with  leaving his wife ------     seafaring man,  has no family,  only been married 5mths  -------

Thursday  27 March  1879
Accidents -    -  092-1  &  092-2
JEFFREY  -  the man Jeffrey,  who fell into the boiling vat at the meat factory is in a precarious state ------
WINKLE  -  Jacob,  in the employ of Mr Rogers,  Timaru,  was thrown from a cart -------
TAYLOR  -  a woman named Taylor, walking home at Sumner,  slipped  and broke her left arm  ----
BRADY  -    descend froma hayloft of Mr McLean's stables,  Amberley  ------  broke his ankle
McRAE  -  the horse attached to Mr McRae's cab ----  Ashburton

Friday  28 March  1879
Death  -  JEFFREY -  094
The man Jeffrey -----   who was scalded ----  washdyke,  died in hospital -------     his age is 32  and he is unmarried.  an inquest will be held.

Death  -  O'BRIEN  -  095 (1)  &  096 (2)
A man named George O'Brien who had sustained serious injuries at Maheno,  was brought into hospital  where he died immediately afterwards.

Saturday  29 March  1879
Inquest  -  JEFFREY  -  097
an inquest was held this afternoon on Jeffreys,  who was scalded  at the Meat Preserving Works on Tuesday  and who died yesterday  a verdict of
accidental death was returned.

Death  -  CREICHTON  -  099
Constable Creichton,  who has for some 6mths been stationed at Lyttelton,  died -----    was a young man,  unmarried,  ----   more ---

Accident  -  WHEATLEIGH  -  100
-----  Mounted Constable Wheatleigh,  who is stationed at Malvern,  had been thrown from his horse -----  compound fracture of one leg.  ------

Inquest  -  Ashburton  -  GREENAWAY  -  101
an inquest was held -----  death of James Greenaway  who was drowned at Wakanui creek ----  james greenaway,  a farmer  residing at Wakanui  said he was the father of the child.  the creek runs through his property  ----  Jacob MOOR  was the last witness at the time -----  

Presentation  -  WADDELL   - 102
---  Rev R. Waddell  and Mrs Waddell  who are about to leave Canterbury  (Prebbleton)   for Otago,  were presented with a beautiful silver tea and coffee service  and inkstand.  ---  

Monday  31 March  1879
Accidents  -  103
FORWARD  -  Charles,  in the employ of Mr Pilbrow,  temuka, w as kicked by a horse, -- had his leg badly fractured  -----  
HEIGH  -  John --- jaw broken from the kick of a horse -- now in Timaru Hospital ---
FAGAN  -  5yr old daughter of Mr Michael Fagan,  farmer,  of North Rakaia ---------
WHEATLEIGH  -  Sergeant  --- stationed at Malvern --- riding home -- horse became frightened -----  leg broken ----
UDEN  -   man named Uden -- knocked down by a horse ---  ridden by a man named Dyer.  ---  right arm broken at wrist  ----

Death  -  BLACK  -  104
Mr William Black,  an engineer of the lighthouse row ----  at Akaroa -- found dead on the ranges near the town ---

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
20 December  2008

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