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5. X configuration

Possibly this section should be called XFree86 configuration, as I have not tested any of the commercial X servers with the LTE Lite 4/25.

5.1 Problems setting up XFree86

Please be aware that the XFree86 SVGA server support for the Compaq AVGA video chip, can mess up the display, so that when you return to text mode, you cannot read the screen. At least this is true with XFree86 3.3 from the Debian GNU/Linux 1.3.1 distribution.

This means that if you are are in the middle of installing and configuring your machine and the install script asks if you would like to try configuring X now, say no. Otherwise you may find yourself with 20 more packages to configure, but unable to read the screen.

I have been told that this has not been a problem with a Red Hat 5.0 system which uses XFree86 3.3.1. This system was running Red Hat 5.0 and kernel 2.0.33 with the following packages:


Still, regardless of the XFree86 version, it's generally safer to configure X after you have completed installing and configuring the main Linux distribution.

If you need to restore the screen after running X, you should install the SVGATextMode package. The following script can be used to automatically restore the screen after running X. Make sure your PATH environment variable includes /usr/local/bin and that the path search order will find /usr/local/bin/startx before /usr/X11R6/bin/startx.

#! /bin/sh
# /usr/local/bin/startx
# script to run svgatextmode after leaving X.

This script requires SVGATextMode to be installed setuid root. Please read the man page and consider the potential security issues first.

5.2 XF86Config

The following lines from my XF86Config file may save you a lot of work. The Pointer section is for the integrated trackball, but also works fine with an external Microsoft 2-button serial mouse.

The Monitor section, works with the LTE Lite 4/25E TFT screen and several external VGA monitors. If you use XF86Config and select one of the standard monitor options, you may have no usable video modes and you can't run the X server. If you use these HorizSync, VertRefresh and Modelines, you should end up with a usable system with SVGA at 640x480.

Of course if you have an external monitor, then use the horizontal sync and vertical refresh data from your monitor handbook.

Section "Pointer"
   Protocol        "Microsoft"
   Device          "/dev/mouse"
   BaudRate        1200
   Emulate3Timeout 50
   SampleRate      12

Section "Monitor"
   Identifier      "Primary Monitor"
   VendorName      "Unknown"
   ModelName       "Unknown"
   HorizSync       29.0-38.0
   VertRefresh     47-100
   Modeline  "640x480"    28.32 640 664 760 800 480 491 493 525

Section "Device"
   Identifier      "Primary Card"
   VendorName      "Compaq"
   BoardName       "None"
   Chipset         "cpq_avga"
   Clocks          28.32 28.32 28.32 28.32

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