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We are indeed fortunate to live on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges in west Auckland. This area was once covered in kauri (Agathis australis ) forest and although most of it has been milled many remnants remain including some fine trees on our own section. There is also plenty of kauri regeneration now that much of the area is protected as the Centennial Memorial Park.

Below are photos of some of the interesting native plants that grow in the kauri forest on our property.
The area is quite rich in orchids including the curious hooded orchids or Pterostylis species which grow in the leaf litter on the forest floor :
Pterostylis trullifolia
Ferns are everywhere, from the noble tree ferns to the diminutive ground ferns. One of the most extraordinary is the kidney fern, Trichomanes reniforme. Dr John Braggins from the School of Biological Sciences at Auckland University, has kindly provided the information about this beautiful fern:
Trichomanes reniforme
Trichomanes reniforme is an endemic species found throughout most of New Zealand. Some authorities would place it in its own genus Cardiomanes which would also be endemic to New Zealand. It is distinguished by the unusual frond (leaf) structure that forms a kidney shaped undivided lamina on the end of a long stalk. This has many apparently dichotomously divided veins which may bear a sorus at the tip of each on fertile fronds. The lamina is a few cells thick, distinctly thicker than many filmy ferns but still relatively thin and translucent. In dry conditions the lamina rolls in from the edges reducing the exposed area. This fern is conspicuous on trees and rocks in most forest types. It is especially prominent on Rangitoto Island, Auckland.
A perfectly lovely little fern that inhabits the heavily shaded parts of our bush. Difficult to cultivate we are content to enjoy it in it's natural habitat.